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Innovation in Education Conference Mike Hollings PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovation in Education Conference Mike Hollings

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Innovation in Education Conference Mike Hollings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovation in Education Conference Mike Hollings

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  1. Innovation in Education Conference Mike Hollings

  2. Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu • New Zealand’s largest state school. • Almost 27,000 students. • Early childhood to Year 13. • 478 staff (2013): 343 teachers, 135 specialist and support staff. • Regional offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch; smaller offices in Whangarei, Rotorua, Nelson. • Increasing number of teaching staff in communities with clusters of students. • Big Picture-style authentic learning advisories.

  3. Enrolments (2012 data)

  4. Enrolment Gateways

  5. Enrolment Gateways…cont’d

  6. Enrolment Gateways…cont’d

  7. How did we come to Big Picture Big Bang conference Big Picture Australia My Kids Jen McCutcheon Board strategy Professional Development Toolbox development

  8. Personalised, authentic learning

  9. Authentic learning continuum

  10. Adapted from a Big Picture Australia resource

  11. Adapted from a Big Picture Australia resource

  12. Advisories Te Kura runs Big Picture-style advisories in Tauranga and in Taranaki, supported by Origin Energy’s philanthropic arm. Tauranga – led by a kaitautoko (guide) who works alongside the students, whanau and in partnership with subject teachers in Hamilton and Wellington Taranaki – led by a kaiako (learning advisor/teacher) who works alongside the students, whanau and in partnership with subject teachers in Wellington. A range of other advisories throughout New Zealand.

  13. Huarahi Trades Academy • Senior secondary students can gain Level 2 NCEA through Te Kura as well as a national certificate in a vocational trade at Level 2 or above. • Top of the South Trades Academy, Nelson/Marlborough • NTA Land-based Training (National Trades Academy), Christchurch • Canterbury Tertiary College, part of CPIT, Christchurch • G and H Training (across the North Island) • Bay of Plenty Polytechnic) Tauranga • USKILLs (part of UCOL), Central South sites • Western Institute of Technology, Taranaki • Taratahi (Primary Industry Training) cross the North Island • West Coast Trades Academy, Greymouth • Waikato Institute of Technology, Hawke’s Bay/Gisborne • Waiariki (Waikato) • Training for You (cross-NZ) • Open Polytechnic of NZ • UNITEC (Auckland)

  14. New advisories $2.7m for up to 80 at-risk students in West Auckland, Hastings, Palmerston North and Christchurch. A four year initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of an authentic learning-based programme for at-risk students in Years 9 to 11. Students will be chosen from the non-enrolled, excluded/expelled and psychological/psycho-social gateways. Students will complete their schooling with Te Kura.

  15. Partnering with schools Help providing personalisedprogrammes. Te Aute College. http://www.Te Kura Courses

  16. Next steps Focus on developing authentic assessment. Continue to work with NZQA and MOE. Continue to establish partnerships with ITOs and other providers.

  17. Authentic learning at Te Kura

  18. Keep Moving Te Kura’s first school production – a music video and song called Keep Moving

  19. Wanaka Skatepark extension My client is Cheapskates Wanaka, Stockholders

  20. Wanaka skatepark has a reasonable population using it at the moment and the youth is ever growing. The size of the skate park needs to be increased as the population rises. Because of the location of Wanaka it could become a very popular place to hold comps for skateboarding and biking as long as the skatepark was up to standard. It could possibly encourage the youth to be more involved with the skate/bike society instead of constantly driving their cars round. Why does Wanaka need a skatepark extension?

  21. While the Z-Boys didn't have skateparks to skate they made use of what they had and snuck into rich peoples houses in the mid 1970s when the Southern Californian drought hit. They would find empty pools and skate them as often as they could. Pools.

  22. Street features came to be when skating was first invented. The 'Z-Boys' from Venice Beach AKA 'Dog Town' were the initial innovators of mostly all skateboarding aspects. In 1971 Skip Engblom, Craig Stecyk and Jeff Ho started up a Surfboard shop named 'Zephyr Surfshop' and the Z-boys were born. They made a surf team which then lead to skate team consisting of Stacey Paralta(award winning film producer and CEO of 'Bones Brigade Skate Company), Jay Adams (washed up surfer and skater. He has many criminal convictions over his lifetime), Tony Alva (A highly acclaimed washed up skater and CEO of 'Alva Skateboards) and many others. They all skated the streets jumping stars doing wall rides and so on. They didn't have skateparks to ride back the. it was surfing or skating the streets until they started building skateparks built on different urban features. It started as just different plat forms with a couple ramps surrounding it but as the years have gone by the progression of the sport has built up allowing different features to be built. Street features.

  23. Dear Raph, Hi I enjoyed this and it has got me thinking...dangerous or what!! Do you mind if I ask a few questions. We need to try to get a few answers I think What are we trying to design here...a skate park, the ultimate competition spec park to be used by...? Or a community facility to get kids off the street! Who is it for and who will build it and why would they want to build it? What's the payoff Reading your PP it sounds to me that driving cars is a problem in your area, why, because the kids don’t have anything to do! Or any place to go! There is no community stuff to keep them entertained, Is your project about producing an argument/document/portfolio that will persuade a local authority to investigate the need for an alternative youth facility and...hey, just by chance you have designed it, produced a model of it so that they can visualise it, priced it all up looked into the construction details etc etc. All to help their decision making. The kids and the council will be your stakeholders and clients. I think I have tried to describe the structure of and reason for your project. What do you think? This should give you some ideas about what your key factors might be, but we can discuss those when you have read this. Call me. Cheers Raph, good job Take care Peter

  24. Simon Jellyman’s Technology Project A safe storage device for roofers/builders

  25. Tauranga advisory students