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www yookos com n.
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  1. www.yookos.com

  2. www.yookos.com The Yookos (YOur Own KOSmos) Homepage offers us a wide range of possibilities which this unique social networking/micro blogging website avails us. From here you can sign up to use this tool, post pictures, create a profile for yourself, see notifications, and access alerts and advertisements, chats, projects, discussions, space and lots more and post your comments just as you can do on facebook.

  3. www.yookos.com

  4. www.yookos.com My profile on yookos permits you to add pictures and images, edit profile and privacy policies, edit preferences which enables you select format of comments, languages and time zones, manage connections and passwords etc. One important thing to note is that you create and advertise your blog from your profile page. Blogs are very important because it makes you an active participant in a discussion group created by you or others.

  5. Yookos Bookmarks

  6. Yookos.com Yookos bookmarks is a powerful resource where books, ebooks, posts and archives are stored for easy access to all. Here you will receive sermons from different churches and notes from different groups that apply to you as a person. You can download, move or copy these documents to any location of your choice. The bookmarks legend covers all formats such word, excel, MP3, MP4, mpeg, jpeg etc. You can also post your write ups in your bookmark and make them public for access. You may also go to see all bookmarks where you may watch free of charge Video of week as may be specified by our man of god or your cell leader.

  7. Yookos/connections

  8. Yookos.com In connections, you can search and connect to people you want to follow and people can also find you to connect to you. This tool is very needful for building your group or adding people to your blog. The higher your connections, the wider your reach with any information you want to pass across or receive. As a student, you can build your discussion group here, as a network marketer, you can encourage your friends to register or look for such people with the tags. As such you can do so much by widening your reach in search of information or dissemination of information. You can have all cell members connected to each other so that you will have access to each other in split second.

  9. Yookos/event

  10. Yookos.com Events app is for creation and searching for events that might interest you. You can create events for your weddings, naming ceremonies, baby dedications, house warming, Cell meetings, End of year parties, family invites to lunch, etc. Example, you may have Couples Classique event with dates and you can notify directly from yookos all those you want to invite. You class discussion groups can use his tool so well for students and managers in all fields. Your company can get on yookos and take advantage of it.

  11. Yookos/Discussions

  12. Yookos.com Discussions is where you raise issues that you want to talk about and make your opinion known. You would have your connections or group or bloggers access your opinion just as you can access their and comment on whatever it is you want to discuss. For example, we can discuss couples classique and hype it so much that everyone that hears it will ensure to be there. Checkout what is already going on since last night, millions are discussing the word for year 2012 and you can gain different instructions on how to ensure to be at best from this.

  13. Yookos/Groups

  14. Yookos.com Group has all the features of yookos in it, you may chose what features you want to have in your group. Actually the aim of a group is give you yookos entirely to run in your own world, there you can do whatever you want. We have our church group CE CHICAGO, where Pastor reaches members with instructions and information, emails etc. Ensure to check yookos daily for instructions from Pastor Anuli. We have just created a group named THE WORDED. This group aims to have all members ready the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in 2012. Join us today.

  15. Yookos/Projects

  16. Yookos/other features IDEAS: here you publish your ideas and find people to buy into it. You may create a business idea and find others with like minds, you may create evangelism idea, family management idea, Example, UNIC-united nations intercessors for christ, is an idea created to pull people all over the world to fast and pray for warring nations, ensuring to stand in the ga for peace. You can create yours. Photos: you upload photos. Videos: you upload and shae videos of your event of clips of Pastors teaching especially video of the week. Polls: you set opinion polls about anything of your choice. Tasks and Space and Projects. I would like to talk about projects. Project is a definite activity with start an finish dates. It has tasks and measures that are carefully monitored and managed to ensure to achieve the scope. It must have a scope that is well defined. Yookos affords you to create a project, assign tasks, call for reports, set goals, etc. Once you create a group, you may add a project and create daily tasks that your assigned resources can or must follow. You fix checkpoints as a measure of milestone success. This is the most powerful tool a church can use, even a company or individual can use to manage his life’s affairs. You and your spouse can use this to run your family, remember you can make it secret or public or set different rights. There is more on yookos.

  17. Yookos.com Conclusion: This day is the beginning of the yr, it is important for you to position yourself right. Get yourself signed up and attached to all features delivered to you. You must make it a duty to logon to yookos daily, receive daily alerts in your e-mail and follow pastor Chris. Join the church group, join your cell group and function. Your commitment is a proof of effectiveness. After service, please fill the forms handed to you and we will ensure on get you on board. Please include all details Thank you and God Bless you. Have a glorious 2012.