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Ruthy’s PebblePad Presentation. Experience of PebblePad as a Student. Video Presentation. When Did I first use PebblePad?. I first found out about PebblePad when I was doing a module at uni called Working Towards the Future.

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Presentation Transcript
ruthy s pebblepad presentation
Ruthy’s PebblePad Presentation

Experience of PebblePad as a Student

when did i first use pebblepad
When Did I first use PebblePad?
  • I first found out about PebblePad when I was doing a module at uni called Working Towards the Future.
  • The aim of the module was to encourage students to understand the skills they have and to think about what they may need to do to make themselves as employable as possible.
what did i do for the module
What did I do for the module?
  • For this module we were asked to make a webfolio on PebblePad which contained:
    • Personal reflections from each lecture
    • Evidence of personal research outside of the lectures
    • Copies of our certificates and qualifications
    • A current CV and a personal reference
    • A Personal Development Plan
what did i like during the module
What did I like during the module?
  • I really enjoyed working on PebblePad as I could include things like:
    • Photos of my art
    • Videos which I found inspirational
    • A link to my blog
    • My goals for the future
    • And so much more!
experience of personalisation
Experience of Personalisation
  • I think the ability to have all these elements in one place, and the potential to personalise my webfolio through colour schemes, fonts, layouts and pictures helped my tutor to better understand who I am.
  • Being able to personalise my PebblePad homepage made it feel like PebblePad was my own.
pebblepad compared to essay
PebblePad compared to essay
  • As an artist, I find it easier to express myself visually than through just words alone.
  • I feel PebblePad enabled me to create something that was far more visually effective and more interesting than a bog standard essay.
experience of wizard prompts
Experience of Wizard Prompts
  • The wizard prompts contained within PebblePad were really useful as they reminded and encouraged me to reflect upon the work I was doing, or the files I was uploading.
  • This helped me to gain a deeper understanding from my learning and to “connect the dots”, as it were, as to how I might apply it in the future.
  • It also allowed my tutors to understand the thought processes behind my work to a greater extent.
experience of an umbrella webfolio
Experience of anumbrella webfolio
  • It was really helpful that files could be linked together from one central umbrella webfolio and access to links to the webfolioswithin that could be individually set to different users.
experience of an umbrella webfolio1
Experience of anumbrella webfolio
  • For example with this webfolio I have the main webfolio, which allows full access to all the webfolios within it.
  • I also have my university module webfolio, which would allow access to the two webfolios within the university module webfolio but not to anything within my main webfolio.
  • Lastly, I also have my evidence building webfolio, which allows access to purely this webfolio and nothing else.
  • This enabled me to give people access to just the files relevant to them, but at the same time keeping them all together for myself. This helped me maintain my confidentiality within my work.
my continued usage of pebblepad
My continued usage of PebblePad
  • I believe PebblePad is a great resource for students.
  • By being based online it is more environmentally friendly than traditional portfolio methods as it uses no paper or ink.
  • It is also more cost efficient as I don’t need to print anything off or buy expensive portfolio case to present things in.
my continued usage of pebblepad1
My continued usage of PebblePad
  • Even though I finished my uni module in December I have continued to use PebblePad.
  • It has been especially useful to me as, due to a medical condition I have (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) I often find it more difficult to travel to drop off my CV or portfolio, where as with PebblePad I can just send it online.
  • Even though I could send a bog standard CV via email, I feel that being able to share an online webfolio helps employers to get a better understanding of who I am as a person and not just the words and facts I can put down on a sheet of paper.
my continued usage of pebblepad2
My continued usage of PebblePad
  • Since using PebblePad I have successfully applied and been accepted for a temporary job in the area of field in which I hope to work.
  • Before I used PebblePad I don’t think I would have had the confidence to apply for the job, as I felt that I did not have enough experience or qualifications.
  • I think that by reflecting on my various certificates and experience, I have begun to understand the different qualities which I possess. This has helped me view myself in a new light and given me the confidence to apply for things I would not previously applied for.
helping my peers
Helping my peers
  • As I’m doing my course part time this year I’ve been doing a mixture of both Stage 1 and Stage 2 modules.
  • This meant I had already begun to use PebblePad and when a Stage 1 tutor decided to introduce them to it in the first year, she asked me to show my fellow Stage 1 course mates what I had found helpful.
helping my peers1
Helping my peers
  • Some students were afraid of trying to use PebblePad as they felt that their IT skills may not be up to it.
  • I was able to encourage them that they could work at different levels and that they could just use just the basic features to begin with.
  • However PebblePad offers the opportunity to add extra things, personalize it, as they became more confident with the software, e.g. incorporating pictures
helping my peers2
Helping my peers
  • Students fed back that they really benefited from me helping them in a hands on manner, giving them opportunities to have a go, rather than just giving verbal instructions.
  • With my Stage 1 tutor, we also produced a short hand-out, with written instructions explaining the basics, so that they had something to take away to remind them of what I’d covered.