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Racco Consultant Office

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Racco Consultant Office - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Racco Consultant Office
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  1. Racco Consultant Office

  2. Racco Consultant Office Racco industrial consulting working according to investment law to prepare Engineering, Economic, Technology, Environmental Studies for industrial projects. :

  3. Racco Services • Technology transfer management • Engineering and Economic Studies • Research and Development Management • Energy Saving and management • Engineering Design • Vocational and technical training • Man power supply(chemical Engineers&chemists) • Chemicals supply

  4. Modeling and simulation • Chemical Solutions • Chemical and hazards materials management

  5. Technology transfer • Technology plays a major role in the firm’s competitiveness through innovation or performance improvement. Technology is defined as the practical implementation of knowledge and experiences in production of goods or in providing services. • Racco provides studies related to new and advanced technologies in order to produce new products as well as improving existing products. • Racco can assist clients in technology identification and selection, technology assessment, negotiation of licensing contracts and technology acquisition.

  6. Currently Racco focus on: • Chemical Manufacturing Technologies • Petrochemical Manufacturing Technologies • Catalytic Technologies for all Sectors • Environment friendly technologies • Air pollution control technologies • Waste water treatment technologies • Remediation Technologies

  7. Racco Catalytic Services • Assistance for identification and selection of innovative clean technologies into the process cycle • Assistance for identification and selection of new catalysts to give better kinetics of critical process reactions, thereby improving process and product efficiency as well as environmental quality of the waste by-product • Assistance for identification and selection of right catalysts in small and medium-sized enterprises

  8. Techno-Economic and Engineering Studies • Feasibility Studies [techno-economic] • Market Research and strategic • Basic Engineering Design • Chemical Engineering Consultancy Services • Project Management • Turnkey Project • Preparing Technical Documents for Projects Tender

  9. Process Equipment Specification • Equipment Sizing • Process Flow Diagram • Energy and Material Balance • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram • Equipment and Facility Layout • Equipment/Mechanical Description • Instrumentation/Control Description • Operating Procedures & Manuals Development • Supervision on Startup

  10. Project First Stage Project definition 1-market study 2-selection of the location 3-feasilibty study profitability analysis 4-selection of the technology 5-financing of the project

  11. Stage twoproject Execution 1-project management 2-basic engineering 3-detail engineering 4-infrastructural measures / an cillaries and off sites 5-procurement / inspection / shipping 6-civil works and erection commissioning

  12. Stage threeplant operation • Training of operation personal • Operation of the plant • Maintenance of the plant • Technical management • Commercial management • Development of marketing concepts

  13. Research project Managemet • Preparation and formulation research projects proposal • Experimental design and data analysis • Literature and patent searching • Project planning and scheduling, operation support, commercial development. • Research projects needs financial support • Research selection and team building for specific research project.

  14. Technical Training .

  15. Chemical Engineering • For non chemical Engineering

  16. Training program designed for new gradate Racco designed specific programs in cooperation with Industrial Companies to prepare new graduate and new employments to work efficiently at important industrial sectors. This type of program can assist new graduate to find similar job with high salary after training program.

  17. In-House Short Courses • Most of the courses listed in our calendar are available for on-site training. If you have 10 or more employees who can benefit from our courses, an in-house session can be cost effective. In house short courses features the same high quality instructors, the same in-depth coverage, customized to your needs.

  18. Central Training for Individuals • New courses are being constantly developed, and if you are interested in a specific course please contact us to discuss your requirements

  19. Courses designed for different industrial Sectors • Chemical &Petrochemical Sector • Oil, Gas ,Petroleum &Refining industry • Paint Industry • Plastic Industry • Paper Industry • Food and Beverages industry • Engineering Industry

  20. Courses designed for different industrial Sectors • Fertilizers industry • Ceramics industry • Cement industry • Metal industry • We provide Environmental, quality, Safety, test -analysis programs to all sectors

  21. Master Certification Management-Arab Students • Racco provides Master in Engineering and chemistry Subjects for Arab Countries students they whish to study in Egypt. • Racco Manage all scientific issues • Racco assist in selection subject, university, practical site to conduct practical part of the thesis

  22. Modeling and simulation Steady state model is capable of providing information to be used for the following: Tuning and troubleshooting of any equipment Plant performance monitoring Planning and scheduling Optimization to run the plant safely and economically

  23. Man power supply • Rocco can offers man power supply services by a contracts with companies as(chemical engineers & chemists)

  24. Chemicals supply • Rocco can supply companies with all kinds of chemicals

  25. Tel/fax: 038513999 Qatif: 31911 – P.O.Box:650 – KSA Email: