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Ring Around The Rosies

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Ring Around The Rosies. By: Disnie Thambugala Jennifer Grohowski Ashley Dugasz Sarah Kusnirak. What is the Black Death?. One of the most devastating pandemics in human history 75 to 200 million deaths; almost 1/3 of the continents population Peaking in Europe during 1348-1350.

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ring around the rosies

Ring Around The Rosies

By: Disnie Thambugala

Jennifer Grohowski

Ashley Dugasz

Sarah Kusnirak

what is the black death
What is the Black Death?
  • One of the most devastating pandemics in human history
  • 75 to 200 million deaths; almost 1/3 of the continents population
  • Peaking in Europe during 1348-1350
  • Arrived October 1438 by sea
  • 12 Genoese ships traveled through the Black Sea back from Central Asia
  • Docked at the Sicilian port, Messina
  • Most sailors were dead or gravely ill
bacteria originated
Bacteria Originated
  • Cause was the bacteria, yersinapestis
  • Originated from rats; rats developed an immunity but not the fleas
  • Yersinapestis produces a toxin that blocks the abdomen
  • Jumps onto human and bites victim, vomiting blood
  • Chills, Fever, Exhaustion
  • Nausea, Vomiting, Soreness
  • Swellings appeared; hard, painful burning lumps on neck and underarms
  • Swellings turned black, oozed pus and blood
  • Bleed internally, blood in pee, blood in poo, blood puddled under skin = black boils and spots all over (STINKY!)
plague spreads
Plague Spreads
  • Airborne disease
  • Spread by cough
  • Families spread disease to each other very quickly
types of plagues
Types of Plagues
  • Bubonic Plague - black lumps
  • Pneumonic Plague - settles in lungs, lung liquefy, cough them up = DEATH
  • Septicemic Plague – Poisons victims bloodstream, stops bodies ability to clot, bleed from everywhere at the same time = DEATH
death rate
Death Rate
  • Mortality rate between 50% to 100%
the plague doctor
The Plague Doctor
  • People would call local physicians to treat family members
  • This is what the doctors would look like:
  • Concoctions of herbs – no known cure (at the time)
  • Use herbs and plants to relive symptoms
  • Main treatment was bloodletting
  • Many theories involving religion
  • Punishment from God
  • Pockets of bad air released by earthquakes
  • Jews poisoned the wells
  • Thousands of Jews were murdered all across Europe
affects on religion
Affects on Religion
  • Essential that people were given last rites and confessed their sins
  • Compared to the death rate there were not enough clergy
  • Church could not offer a reason for the plague; tested beliefs
  • People questioned religion
  • Prices and wages rose
  • Greater value placed on labor
  • Farming land was given over to pasturing; much less labor-intensive
  • Change in farming led to boost in cloth and wool industry
  • Peasants moved from country to town; responsible for decline in Feudalism
art and music
Art and Music
  • In paintings, artists portrayed dancing skeletons or symbols of death
  • Music was very low and dark, lower cords and bass instruments
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