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Search an undesirable effect . Does this effect exist in business process?. No. Yes. Destroy this effect . " SUBVERSIVE ANALYSIS“METHOD APPLICATION. Bushuev Roman Higher School Of Economics. Conclusions Poll Results:

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Search an undesirable effect

Does this effect exist in business process?



Destroy this effect


Bushuev RomanHigher School Of Economics


Poll Results:

61 Business Informatics students were interviewed and we received 497 ideas how to improve the quality of education, all the ideas were grouped in the final result 158 “How to organize educational process at the High School Of Economics, that students get the best qualifications, according to employers?“.

The results obtained are interesting as they will allow to improve the work of the faculty, as results reflect a real picture. Considering ideas, we note that some ideas are constantly encountered by students of each year. Therefore, if some ideas have been proposed by each course, it is necessary to check whether this idea is in a business process.Some ideas are offered by few students, it might be supposed if a survey conducted next year, it is possible to get additional data. Using data mining techniques, we can reveal hidden patterns in the results.

Table 1.”Organisation of studding”


Every business process (producing cars, baking cupcakes , managing enterprise) has internal problems, and the results of these business processes leave much to be desired. Problems in business processes are usually hidden, unfortunately, they are difficult to detect . Search problems might lead to an impasse. We decided to use a method of “Subversive analysis" of the theory of inventive problem solving. Studying at Higher School of Economics - is a business process, so we have decided to apply the method for finding problems in training. This method was applied to "Business Informatics" students of Perm campus. Students were asked: "How to organize educational process at HSE, to give students the best qualifications, according to employers?“.


Using the law of Pareto (20 /80) the most important ideas suggested by participants were selected. Table 1 shows the results of 2014 under each course a number of students supporting the idea is given, the number of ideas in the sum (Σ).

To can see the general problem of education reducing the number of practical hours include be included. All people who were interviewed decided that it is a very serious problem. So we can conclude that students lack practice for fixing theoretical material.

The second place is “No homework” 19 interviewees understand that homework is a way to force students to read notes and apply the theory in practice. Almost all fourth year students have jobs, so they decided homework is not useful.

The third place is “The teacher does not have to advise students” 17 interviewees seemed this effect is important for process of studying at high school of economics, because a part of students didn't understand all the information that is obtained by pairs, and they should clarify something from their professor.

110 items were suggested by one or two students . 16 items were suggested by three students. 8 items were suggested by four students. 7 items were suggested by four students. 5 items were suggested by 6 or 9 students. 12 items were suggested by ten or sixty students.

Materials and methods

An undesirable effect - something has a negative influence on quality of production of business process.

Destroy this effect – searching solution in which we can work without using this effect .


Michael A. Plaksin, Svetlana A. Strinyuk


Злотин Б.Л., Зусман А.В. Решение исследовательских задач. Кишинев: МНТЦ «Прогресс»,1991. 204 с.