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…. ING. THE HIDDEN PLACE IN THE PICTURE’S IS:. Apprentice Induction. Tutor – Michael Holt. Before we begin. No expected fire drills Fire exits at main entrance and in the Engineering workshop First Aid officers: . Rhuana Begum (Reception). Gareth Ellison (Plumbing 1 st floor).

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Apprentice induction



Tutor – Michael Holt

Before we begin
Before we begin

  • No expected fire drills

  • Fire exits at main entrance and in the Engineering workshop

  • First Aid officers:

Rhuana Begum


Gareth Ellison

(Plumbing 1st floor)

Dave Hilton

(Engineering ground floor)

Day one


  • Introduction: - register , safety boot size, and chest size for coveralls.

  • Quick tour of Engineering.

  • Quality Policy/Mission Statement of RTA

  • Health & Safety Policy/Practice

  • Workshop/ Training Centre Rules

  • Centre Layout – map activity


  • First Aid

  • Fire Precautions

  • Hours of work

  • Sickness

  • Discipline.......................

  • RTA family tree.


  • Foot, eye, and hand safety DVD’s (questions and answers)

Day one

Day two
Day two

NVQ Framework

City & Guilds 2850 Tech Cert. Framework

Types of Programmes run by RTA

Placement Training

Explanation of Functional Skills

Equality and Diversity Awareness Induction


Housekeeping and Lifting & Carrying videos

Day three
Day three

(morning only)

Equality and Diversity Awareness Induction


Housekeeping and Lifting & Carrying DVD’s

Make sure all learners have their PPE

(coveralls, safety boots & glasses).


Every one onto their section



OR LIKE practice


OR EVEN practice



P p e
P.P.E . practice

Personal Protective Equipment

Short Hair

Safety Glasses

No sharp tools in pocket

Sleeves rolled up

Correctly fitting overalls

Safety boots

Dress/Safety Equipment. (PPE)

RTA operates a practice


policy in all of its buildings and car park.

(Use the smoking shelter)

Just so we can get to know each other… practice

We should LIEto each other!

STEP 1: First introduce yourself, however you feel comfortable

STEP 2: Think of 1 really good LIE to fool the group

STEP 3: Add 2 tablespoons of TRUTH and you’ve made a really great soup

The rest of us have to guess the lie from the truth

Course tutors assessors
Course Tutors & Assessors practice

Will be delivering:

NVQ. Electrical Wiring & Testing

N.V.Q Electronic assembly and wiring.

Will be delivering:

2850 C&G L2 Tech. Cert.

Principles of Manufacture, Turning & Milling.

Plus N.V.Q Diploma-

Turning & Milling.

Gary Horne

David Hilton

Will be delivering:

2850 C &G L2 Tech. Cert.

Sheet Metal, TIG & Principles of welding & NVQ Diploma.

David Simpson

Course tutors assesors
Course Tutors & practiceAssesors

Will be delivering:

Tech Cert. 2850. C.A.D. and Functional Skills

Will be delivering:

Tech Cert. 2850. Fitting & Mandatory Units

Plus NVQ Diploma in Fitting

Bob Lord

Colin Bates

Michael Holt – Chief Instructor / Assessor & Tutor

Will be helping in the delivery of:

NVQ. Electrical Wiring & Testing

N.V.Q Electronic assembly

Attendance rules
Attendance rules: practice

  • Please ensure you arrive BEFORE 8:00 am

  • If you can NOT attend or are running late please call reception on the following telephone number:

01706 631 417

Ask for Michael Holt

Ground rules
Ground Rules practice

  • You decide and I’ll write – one rule from each person

  • I’ll put it on the wall

Attendance rules start and finishing times for
Attendance rules practiceStart and Finishing times for:


Start and Finish Times:

  • Start timeMonday to Friday…………………....8.00am

  • Finish time Monday & Wednesday..................4.30pm

  • Finish time Tuesday & Thursday.......................5.30pm (2850 Tech.Cert. Only)

  • Finish time Friday………………………………....3.30pm

    Official / Mandatory Break times:

  • Dinner break……………………………………...12.30 - 1.00pm

    The following breaks are allowed at the discretion

    of the Chief Instructor :-

  • Morning break 10.00am - 10.15am (15min)

  • Afternoon break 2.45pm - 3.00pm (15min)

Attendance rules1
Attendance rules: practice

Time keeping

  • Any trainee who is late 6 times or more in ONE MONTH, (four weeks training), will, in the first instance be given a verbal warning by the workshop Manager.

  • If a second occasion arises, a formal written warning will be given by the Workshop Manager, with copies forwarded to parent’s, and company, and the trainee will be suspended from the training Workshop for a period of three days.

  • If a third occasion arises, a written request to withdraw the trainee from the course will be sent by the Workshop Manager to the Company employing the trainee.

Attendance rules2
Attendance rules: practice

Work Commencement.

The bell ringing at 8.00 am and 1.00 pm indicates that work will commence :

Anyone having to be told repeatedly to commence work will be subject to the disciplinary procedure, mentioned before.


Health safety
Health & Safety practice

  • Whatever sort of business you are, there is always the possibility of an accident or damage to someone’s health.

  • All work exposes people to hazards, be it:

    • loads which have to be manually handled

    • dangerous machinery

    • toxic substances

    • Electricity

    • working with Display Screen Equipment

    • psychological hazards such as stress

5 Minutes

At Rochdale Training we take our Colleagues and Learners H&S very seriously! From our Health checks when signing learners up or to DSE checks on our staff… we are always vigilant.

Individually – research an article, website or story about an accident or injury occurring in the workplace

Feedback to the group

Equality diversity
Equality & Diversity practice

  • Equality- treating people with respect and dignity regardless of differences

  • Diversity - The more diverse our staff and students populations are, the more we will all benefit due to the  rich mix of backgrounds, heritages, ages, experiences and skills.

  • You will all be taking an E & D

    course soon.

In pairs – spend a few minutes discussing certain discrimination you have either witnessed or have been a victim of – discuss whether you feel it had been dealt with appropriately

Safeguarding practice

Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect.

  • Safeguarding Officers

  • CCTV

  • Visitor badges

  • Talking to Tutors

  • Ground rules

  • CEOPS (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre)

  • Policies and procedures




Get some lunch 45 min break
Get some lunch!!! practice45 min. break

The famous person is
The Famous person is: famous person?

Safetycare famous person?

  • Foot, eye, and hand safety DVD’s

    (questions and answers)

Course components famous person?


The course components of your Apprenticeship


Course components
Course components famous person?

Socrative famous person? is a tool used in our sessions to complete tests/quizzes/evaluations.

As this is an interactive web application you have the choice to either log on using the computer or your mobile/ipad.

PC: Log on now using the following web address:

Mobile: You will need to download the app:

Socrative student

Please complete the evaluation Quiz on famous person?Socrative

Thank you very much & GOOD LUCK with your Assignment!