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LTI CONFERENCE University of Hertfordshire PowerPoint Presentation
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LTI CONFERENCE University of Hertfordshire

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LTI CONFERENCE University of Hertfordshire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LTI CONFERENCE University of Hertfordshire. MAY 6 TH 2010. Karen Clark and Sharon Korek. Context. Focus - Review of distance/campus engagement on graduate programme Today on feedback as key component of staff/student contact

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lti conference university of hertfordshire

LTI CONFERENCEUniversity of Hertfordshire

MAY 6TH 2010

Karen Clark and Sharon Korek

  • Focus - Review of distance/campus engagement on graduate programme
  • Today on feedback as key component of staff/student contact
  • Two new aspects: podcast feedback on coursework & written feedback on end-of-module summative assessment
podcast feedback student feedback
Podcast Feedback-student feedback

Podcast feedback gets a positive from me, much more personal ...’s specific and gives just the right amount of detail is easier to digest in sound form, I get the nuances of what you are trying to say..

You were able to go into more depth helps to see how we can make the best use of the word count...

staff feedback positives
Staff feedback- positives

Overall I found the marking more satisfying....

Where students have got things really wrong it is difficult to put them on the ‘right track’ with traditional marking methods.

I found it quicker in many ways and more active than just reading

Ideal for our Distance Learners

staff challenges
Staff Challenges
  • I found it difficult to review my feedback after I had marked it.
  • It takes a while to get used to it.
  • Uploading two files takes longer.
  • Consistency with big teams of markers.
external examiner comments
External Examiner Comments
  • “I liked your podcasts”
  • “They must have taken a lot of time”
  • “.....particularly good for the students .... find them useful”.
exam feedback sheets
Exam Feedback Sheets
  • Why? – 50% of the modules are assessed by exam only.
  • How? – Generic feedback designed to assist students in future assessments, rather than subject specific comments.
  • So the focus was on technique/timing, ability to structure essays, construct persuasive arguments, adopt a logical format and overall understanding and application of the law.
  • However, where a script was a fail then the feedback could highlight strengths and weaknesses in the particular module.
student feedback
Student feedback

“..all my feedback sheets said the same thing, this is clearly something I need to address...”

“..I can see now that I did not manage my exam timing very well...”

I must admit I didn’t plan my essays which you have picked up on.. I panicked, but I will make sure I built this into my timings

  • Consistency – did the comments of different markers match the grades awarded.
  • How to manage the expectations of students.
  • Time factor v benefit to students.