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Tiles and Notifications PowerPoint Presentation
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Tiles and Notifications

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Tiles and Notifications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tiles and Notifications
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Tiles and Notifications Kevin Michael Woley Program Manager Microsoft

  2. Make your app alivewith activity using Tiles and Notifications

  3. demo Start Screen

  4. Tiles

  5. Basic Tiles Both sizes can have live updates Tap on tile to launch or switch to an app Static default tile specified in app manifest Two sizes: Wide (2x1) Square (1x1)

  6. Live Tiles Tiles updated using pre-defined templates Templates provide rich rendering options Text-only, image-only or combination Local, Scheduled, Periodic and Push updates JPEG, GIF, or PNG, max size 200 KB Optional “peek” animation

  7. demo Live Tiles

  8. Notification Queuing By default only last notification shown Opt-in to automatically cycle tile through last five notifications

  9. Secondary Tiles Tiles created by “pinning” content from app Pin initiated by app via simple runtime call User confirms pin operation via system UI Exposes a personalized surface for app Same capabilities as app tiles Launch leads to relevant content

  10. demo Secondary Tiles

  11. Toast Notifications

  12. Toast Notifications Allows quick navigation to a contextually relevant location in your app Toast notifications deliver transient messages outside the context of the app Use toast notifications to get the user’s attention immediately User is in control and can permanently turn off toast notifications from your app The best toast are personally relevant and time sensitive

  13. Toast Templates Toast notifications use the same template architecture as Live Tiles Rich set of rendering options available

  14. demo Toast Notifications

  15. Notification Delivery Mechanisms

  16. Notification Delivery Mechanisms Local Scheduled Periodic Push Update tiles and badges at a fixed time interval by polling a cloud service for new content. Notifications sent directly from a cloud server to an individual user, at a time of the server’s choosing. Send notifications while your app is running. Schedule a notification update in advance at the precise time you specify.

  17. Periodic Notifications

  18. demo Periodic Notifications

  19. Periodic Tile Updates // update the tile poll URL varpolledUri = new Windows.Foundation.Uri("http://www.contoso.com/tile.xml"); varrecurrence = Windows.UI.Notifications.PeriodicUpdateRecurrence.halfHour; vartileUpdater = Windows.UI.Notifications.TileUpdateManager.createTileUpdaterForApplication(); tileUpdater.startPeriodicUpdate(polledUri, recurrence);

  20. Windows Push Notification Service(WNS)

  21. Windows Push Notification Service Enables delivery of tile and toast notifications over the internet Tile updates and notifications shown to the user even if your app is not running WNS handles communication with your app Scales to millions of users WNS is a free service for your app to use

  22. Push Notification Overview Windows 8 Cloud Service Request Channel URI Register with your Cloud Service Authenticate &Push Notification Metro Style App 2 3 1 Notification Client Platform Windows Notification Service 3

  23. Register Your App http://manage.dev.live.com/build

  24. Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

  25. Push Notification Overview Building a Cloud Service with Window Azure • How do I do that with Windows Azure? • Windows Azure Compute • Windows Azure Websites • ASP.NET MVC with Web API • Windows Azure Storage • Table Storage • Blob Storage What a push service needs to support Secure, web based API for channel URI registration. Persistent storage of channel URI. Storage for tile and toast images. Windows 8 Cloud Service Request Channel URI Register with your Cloud Service Authenticate & Push Notification Metro Style App 2 3 1 Notification Client Platform Windows Notification Service 3

  26. demo Windows Push Notifications Service Using Windows Azure

  27. Tips

  28. When Should I Update my Tile or Toast? Push Personalized, real-time status e.g. a friend achieves a new high score within a game we share e.g. comments on my photo Subscribed tailored content updates Push e.g. ongoing sporting event scores e.g. breaking news Application launch/usage Local / Push e.g. update app tile to match more recent app content e.g. clearing the unread mail count when mail is opened Periodically for non-personalized content Periodic e.g. every 30 minutes for stock or weather updates Missed toast notifications Local / Push e.g. missed phone calls in a VOIP app

  29. How Should I Not Update My Tile? Avoid high frequency, streaming updates e.g. every minute to report a play-by-play sporting event e.g. real-time stock ticker on the tile Do not clear the tile when the app launches/exits Leave content on the tile to draw your user back to the app. It is okay to update the tile on app exit, however. Do not update to explicitly replace ‘old content’ Set the optional expirationon the tile at the time it is sent. Only send new updates if there is new data to show the user. Do not depend on tile ordering Notification queue tile display order is not guaranteed – “storyboards” will not work on tiles. Tile updates must be independent of one another.

  30. Recap

  31. Make your app alive with activityusing Tiles and NotificationsUse Periodic, Push or ScheduledNotifications when app is not runningLeverage Windows Azure to provide cloud service infrastructure

  32. Resources Windows 8 Developer Documentation Download the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 Register your app http://manage.dev.live.com/build http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps • http://watwindows8.codeplex.com

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