miniproject find color appeal to fly most n.
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Miniproject : Find color appeal to fly most PowerPoint Presentation
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Miniproject : Find color appeal to fly most

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Miniproject : Find color appeal to fly most - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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member. Miniproject : Find color appeal to fly most. Poptawun Palanupab No.19 4 / 1 Siwanut Udomsri No.22 4 / 1 Ohm sripongphankul No.24 4 / 1 . Out line. Introduction Objective Materials and Method Result and discussion Conclustion. Fly.

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miniproject find color appeal to fly most


Miniproject :Find color appeal to fly most

PoptawunPalanupab No.19 4/1

SiwanutUdomsri No.22 4/1

Ohm sripongphankul No.24 4/1

out line
Out line
  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Materials and Method
  • Result and discussion
  • Conclustion

Flies are insects of the order Diptera(containing an estimated 240,000 species of mosquitoes, gnats, midges) .

They possess a pair of wings on the mesothorax and a pair of halteres, derived from the hind wings, on the metathorax.

Compound eye

A compound eye may consist of thousands of individual photoreceptor units or ommatidia . Compared with simple eyes, compound eyes possess a very large view angle, and can detect fast movement.


Color vision

  • Some insects are able to appeal with colors. This requires twoor more pigments, each of which absorbs best at a different wavelength.

(Werner Backhaus,1990)

  • the remaining two respond best to ultraviolet light (344 nm)


  • Nowadays, in Thailand we can find fly in dirty places such as either restaurant or your house. What fly’s eye look like?
  • Fly’s eye is compound eye.[Roger Hardie,1988]
  • In market, If we observe sticky tape, we see it’s color is green. We have known that spectral length appeal to friefly and also dragonfly. Both of them have as same compound eye as fly[S.L. Swihart,1969]. We are interested what colors appeal to fly?
  • This project aims to investigate what colors appeal to fly?
  • Study about what the most color appeal to fly.
  • Paper
  • Syrup
  • Aquarium

Firstwe catch fly but we don’t made future board in aquarium then we found that fly can escape this.


First you catch the flies.In plastic bag and impound with rubber.


Build a box for impound fly.We divide this box in two section. First for impound fly during we place syrup.Secound we divide for place syrup.


Arrange paper color.(24 times)

Wait 30 secound.

Then do it again.

    • Then we use T-test ,F-test to compare different between color and position .
  • From T-test ,F-test (color)show that

the ability in appeal housefly.


  • From T-test ,f-test(position) show that


Position doesn’t affect to interesting of fly.

And color affect to interesting of fly .


From our result find that kind of color can appeal

Fly, but it still have many thing to study.

1.Light that reflecttocompound eye .IfI put color paper on sheet glass .Do you think paper can appeal fly?

2.Brightness of light If I do it in dark area ,can it appeal fly .And what period intensity of light that color can appeal fly.

3.Smell or kind of color that can appeal fly more.

If I put green color with syrup ,and put white color with shrimp .Green or white that can appeal fly most?

  • Andrew P. K.(2004,April 16). Photoreceptor Cells in Flies and Mammals: Crumby Homology?,development cell,2,253-254.
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  • Werner.B(1990,November 6). Color vision in honeybees,  Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews,1, 1-12
thank you
Thank you
  • Teacher in Sinosclass.
  • Biology department of MahidolWittayanusorn.