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高考英语情态动词与虚拟语气试题集锦 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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高考英语情态动词与虚拟语气试题集锦. Can you make it?. I have lost one of my gloves. I \_\_\_\_\_\_ it somewhere. A. must drop B. must have dropped C. must be dropping D. must have been dropped 2. Tom, you \_\_\_\_\_\_ leave all your clothes on the floor like this.

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Presentation Transcript
I have lost one of my gloves. I ______ it
  • somewhere.
  • A. must drop B. must have dropped
  • C. must be dropping D. must have been dropped
  • 2. Tom, you ______ leave all your clothes on the floor like this.
  • A. wouldn’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. may not
  • 3. John, look at the time. ______ you play the piano at such a late hour?
  • A. Must B. Can C. May D. Need
  • 4. He ______ have completed his work; otherwise, he wouldn’t be enjoying himself by the seaside.
  • A. should B. must C. wouldn’t D. can’t
5. I ______ have been more than six years old

when the accident happened.

A. shouldn’t B. couldn’t

C. mustn’t D. needn’t

6. There ______be any difficulty about passing

the road test since you have practiced a lot in

the driving school.

A. mustn’t B. shan’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t

7. I was on the highway when the car went

past followed by a police car. They ______ at

least 150 kilometers an hour.

A. should have been doing

B. must have been doing

C. could have done

D. would have done

8. ─I’ve taken someone else’s green sweater by


 ─ It ______Harry’s. He always wears green.

A. has to be B. will be C. mustn’t be D. could be

9. ─ Catherine, I have cleaned the room for you.

─ Thank you. You ______ it. I could manage it.

A. needn’t do B. needn’t have done

C. mustn’t do D. shouldn’t have done

10. ─Lucy doesn’t mind lending you her dictionary.

 ─She ______. I’ve already borrowed one.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

11.─Do you know where David is? I couldn’t find

him anywhere.

─Well. He ______ have gone far—his coat’s still


A. shouldn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t D. wouldn’t

12. If I ______ plan to do anything I wanted to, I’d like

to go to Tibet and travel through as much of it as


A. would B. could C. has to D. ought to

13. ─Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away?

─Thank you. ______.

A. It couldn’t be better B. Of course you can

C. If you like D. It’s up to you

14.─Tom is never late for work. Why is he absent


─Something ______ to him.

A. must happen B. should have happened

C. could have happened D. must have happened

15. The World Wide Web is sometimes jokingly

called the World Wide Wait because it ______

be very slow.

A. should B. must C. will D. can

16. Helen ______ go on the trip with us, but she

isn’t quite sure yet.

A. shall B. must C. may D. can

17. –The woman biologist stayed in Africa

studying wild animals for 13 years before

she returned.

– Oh, dear! She ______ a lot of difficulties.

A. may go through

B. might go through

C. ought to have gone through

D. must have gone through

18. He paid for a seat, when he ______ have entered


A. could B. would C. must D. need

19. This cake is very sweet. You ______ a lot of

sugar in it.

A. should put B. could have put

C. might put D. must have put

20. You ______ be tired—you’ve only been working

for an hour.

A. must not B. won’t C. can’t D. may not

21. Mr. White ______ at 8:30 for the meeting, but he

didn’t show up.

A. should have arrived B. should arrive

C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving

22. I often see lights in the empty house. Do

you think I ______ report it to the police?

A. should B. may C. will D. can

23. –Mum, I’ve been studying English since 8

o’clock. ______ I go out and play with Tom

for a while?

–No, I’m afraid not. Besides, it’s raining

outside now.

A. Can’t B. Wouldn’t C. May not D. Won’t

24. –Excuse me. Is this the right way to the

Summer Palace?

–Sorry, I’m not sure, but it ______ be.

A. might B. will C. must D. can

25. –Excuse me, but I want to use your

computer to type a report.

–You ______ have my computer if you don’t

take care of it.

A. shan’t B. might not C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

26. –I don’t mind telling you what I know.

–You ______. I’m not asking for it.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t

27. I ______ pay Tracy a visit, but I’m not sure

whether I will have time this Sunday.

A. should B. might C. would D. could28. –I’ll 28. –I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow.

–You ______ her last week.

A. ought to tell B. would have told

C. must tell D. should have told

29. “The interest ______ be divided into five parts, according to the agreement made by both sides,” declared the judge.
  • A. may B. should C. must D. shall
  • 30. Children under 12 years of age in that country ______ be under adult supervision when in a public library.
  • A. must B. may C. can D. need
  • 31. –Who is the girl standing over there?
  • –Well, if you ______ know, her name is Mabel.
  • may b. can C. must D. shall
  • 32. –Isn’t that Ann’s husband over there?
  • –No, it ______ be him—I’m sure he doesn’t wear
  • glasses.
  • A. can’t B. must not C. won’t D. may not
33. You might just as well tell the manufacturer that

male customers ______ not like the design of

the furniture.

A. must B. shall C. may D. need

34. How ____ you say you really understand the

whole story if you have covered only part of the


A. can B. must C. need D. may

35. Naturally, after I told her what to do, my

daughter ______ go and do the opposite.

A. may B. can C. must D. should

36. It has been announced that candidates ______

remain in their seats until all the papers have

been collected.

A. can B. will C. may D. shall

37. –What’s the matter with Peter?

–He was seen crying when he was coming out

of the teacher’s office. He ______ by the


A. may be scolded B. should have been scolded

C. must be scolded D. must have been scolded

38. –What’s the matter with the man hanging his

head there?

–Well, if you _____ know, he was caught

stealing my bike.

A. must B. may C. can d. shall

39. Lisa hasn’t lived here for long. She ______

know many people.

A. needn’t B. can’t C. shouldn’t D. didn’t

40. –There’s someone outside. Who ______ it be?

–It must be Mary. She promised to come over at


A. must B. can C. shall D. need

41. They must have been enjoying themselves there,

otherwise they ______ so long.

A. can’t have stayed B. wouldn’t have stayed

C. needn’t have stayed D. couldn’t stay

42. Recently quite a lot of experts ______ that

another law on wildlife protection ______ as soon

as possible.

A. suggested; must be passed

B. have suggested; be passed

C. were suggesting; was passed

D. suggested; being passed

43. –Why! I ______ get you on the phone.

–We ______ basketball on the playground

when you phoned.

A. didn’t; must be playing

B. couldn’t; must be playing

C. couldn’t; must have played

D. didn’t; must have been playing

44. Often, when he ______ something that

______ him, he wasted his time drawing

some little pictures.

A. should be doing; gave

B. should have been doing; was given

C. should do; was given

D. should have been doing; had given

45. If I ever decided to quit, then nothing my

parents or my coaches ______ say ______

change my mind. It’s my life, not theirs.

A. could; would B. could; should

C. would; must D. would; should