Nga workshop bob greeves office of justice programs january 9 2004 annapolis md
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NGA Workshop Bob Greeves Office of Justice Programs January 9, 2004 Annapolis, MD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NGA Workshop Bob Greeves Office of Justice Programs January 9, 2004 Annapolis, MD. Global Justice Information Sharing Initiatives. Web Site: Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) GJXDM Listserv and Data Base of Users

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Nga workshop bob greeves office of justice programs january 9 2004 annapolis md

NGA Workshop

Bob Greeves

Office of Justice Programs

January 9, 2004 Annapolis, MD

Global justice information sharing initiatives
Global Justice Information Sharing Initiatives

  • Web Site:

    • Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM)

    • GJXDM Listserv and Data Base of Users

    • “Applying Security Practices to Justice Information Sharing”

    • “The National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan”

    • Technical Assistance Opportunities

Implementing the

Global Justice XML

Data Model


Early Initiatives

  • Washington Courts – Rap Sheet, Charging, Citation, and Disposition documents

  • Pennsylvania J-Net – Driver History

  • Criminal Information Sharing Alliance (CISANet: CA, NM, AZ, TX, ID, GA) – JXDD as target exchange format; explore potential for Justice Query Language (JQL)

  • Minnesota CriMNet – JXDD for external exchanges

More Key Initiatives

  • National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) – Driver History,Rap Sheet

  • CapWIN – integrated transportation and criminal justice information wireless network

  • DOJ Law Enforcement Information Sharing (LEIS) Initiative

  • Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department – Incident Report

  • Maine State Police – Driver History

  • FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)

Other users
Other Users

  • AAMVA – Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

  • AK – Department of Public Safety

  • AR – Prosecutor, Court, Jail Information Exchange

  • AZ – Administrative Office of the Courts

  • CA – Administrative Office of the Courts

Other users1
Other Users

  • CA – Department of Justice

  • EOUSA – Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys

  • FL – Orange County

  • MA – Integrated Justice Information System

  • NC – Criminal Justice Network

  • NH – Department of Public Safety

Other users2
Other Users

  • NY – Syracuse: Three Police Departments and a Prosecutor’s Office

  • RISS – Regional Information Sharing Systems

  • SW Alabama – Integrated Criminal Justice System

  • USPS – U.S. Postal Service

  • VT – Department of Innovation and Information


  • Need for Training and Documentation !!!

  • Good Model – Wide Domain Coverage, Object Based, Flexible Structure, Code Tables, Namespace Orientation

  • Challenges – Not Easy to Restrict, Some Common Elements Difficult to Locate, Validation Performance Challenges (XML SPY, etc.)

  • Use Market Generated Tools, Avoid Development when Possible

Operational capability release plans
Operational Capability Release Plans

  • Initial Operational Release of Version 3.0 – January 15, 2004

  • Periodic releases thru 2004 (Focus on Adds – not Change)

  • Major releases permanently available (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.)

  • Pre-releases stay available but won’t be updated

  • Preview of next Operational Release will be available (3.1x, 3.2x, 3.3x, etc.), but won’t be frozen until released)

  • Namespace access will be used for version releases and documentation: i.e.,

Operational capability release plans1
Operational Capability Release Plans

  • Forward compatibility (backward not guaranteed)

  • Bugzilla available for feedback and change suggestions

  • Changes will be reviewed and recommended by Global XML Structure Task Force (XSTF)

  • Approved changes will be included in next release

  • Cumulative change log will be published with each release (audit trail)

  • Changes will be linked to “Bugs” reported to Bugzilla

New capability
New Capability

  • GJXDM Search Tool

    • On-line, Browser-Based

    • Lookup and Navigation (focused on most current version)

    • Spiral development (evolving capabilities, enhancements, optimizations applied and available when tested)

    • Available with initial release of GJXDM 3.0

Upgraded capability
Upgraded Capability

  • JIEM Modeling Tool (Search Product)

    • Browser-Based

    • Models information exchange (AS-IS and TO-BE States)

    • Focus: Processes, Triggering Events, Exchanging Agencies, Conditions of Exchange, Definitions of Information Exchange

    • Capable of using GJXDM as information dimension for TO-BE Case

    • Available January 2004

Planned capability
Planned Capability

  • GJXDM Custom Subschema Generation Tool

    • On-line capability to identify required components (using Search Tool)

    • Arranges result in sequence, sets constraints, generates correct subset schema for specific applications

    • Use employs only those parts (subsets) required for a specific application

    • Absorbs Search Tool when full functionality achieved

    • Available 2nd Quarter of 2004

Planned capability1
Planned Capability

  • Context Search Capability

    • Provides capability to search Dictionary using “Common Names” (Context Elements) as arguments

    • Produces Data Model counterparts of “Common Names”

    • i.e., ArrestDate (not in Data Model); ActivityDate (Property of ActivityType) within Arrest (ArrestType) gives same result

    • Available Mid-Year 2004

Planned capability2
Planned Capability

  • Component Selection List Schema

    • An XML Schema for identifying GJXDM Components Required to generate a Subset

    • Shortcut for producing Subschema

    • Available Fall 2004

Envisioned capability
Envisioned Capability

  • Registry/Repository Capability

    • Standards-Based Server containing GJXDM, Supporting Tools, Documentation and Reference Document Schemas

    • Functions: Access, Navigation, Viewing, Retrieval

    • Multiple Interfaces: Browsers, Web Services, etc.

    • Convergence of Artifacts

    • Aimed at Internet environment for optimal connectivity and access

    • Availability (to be determined)

Planned capabilities
Planned Capabilities

  • Reference Document Schemas

    • Application-Oriented

    • Document “Instances”

Reference document schemas the short list 15


Arrest/Incident Report OASIS, LASD, NIBRS, MD

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) LASD, CAP

Inmate Record CriMNet

Criminal History (Rap Sheet) IL, WI, WA, MD

Arrest Warrant OASIS, WI

Charging Document OASIS, LASD, WA

Citation LASD, WA

Court Disposition / Disposition Rpt OASIS, WA

Court Filing / Document v1.1 OASIS (large spec)

Court Order has multiple types

Driver History AAMVA, PA JNet

Filed Motion has multiple types

Incident Status Summary (ICS-209) DHS, NIMS

Probation Report LASD

Protection Order OASIS

Sentence Order OASIS, WA

Reference Document SchemasThe Short List ~15

Reference Document SchemasThe Long List ~100+

  • The Ultimate List may be ~150.

  • Likely many more local schemas.


Common Alerting Protocol

Incident Status Sum (ICS209)

Court Filing and Document (v1.1)

What now
What Now?

  • Outreach

  • Structured Support (Education/Training/CBT)

    • January 20th Training Strategy Meeting (Plans, Strategies, Materials, Schedules)

  • Documentation – for Developers, Users and Executives

  • Tools – Critical to the Success of this Effort

  • Reference Documents

  • Registry/Repository Capability

  • Performance Testing (IJIS Institute/GWU)

Office of justice programs global justice information sharing program web site www it ojp gov
Office of Justice ProgramsGlobal Justice Information Sharing ProgramWeb Site: