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Augustin Louis Cauchy was born in 21 Agust 1789 in Paris.He developed the theory of complex functions in 1814. Today, it is known as a famous theorem of Cauchy's theorem proved by expressing. In 1815, a theory proved Fermat. Containing the spread of the waves on the theory of liquids Academy in 1816and he receivedthe award for his work. In 1825 he analyze the teacher and became a professor atPolytechnique.


Developed by mathematicians from all over Europe came to learn.He electedpresident of the Academy in 1816. Since 1816 began teaching algebra and mechanics.Hewas appointed professor of mathematical astronomy in ParisFaculty of Scienceand continued in this position until 1852. Cauchy is the creator of the theory of functions of a complex variable.He described the curvilinear integral. it is proved that the basic features.


Firstly he described the curvilinear integral. it is proved that the basic features. The second group study series expansion of functions and complex concepts viewed.Cauchy organizedby the mathematical theory of elasticity in the direction of the mechanical.He facilitatedand developed the theory of errors in astronomical calculations.


Its functions include innovations in theory:

  • Cauchy - Riemannequations,
  • Cauchy'stheorem,
  • Cauchy's integral formula,
  • Cauchyprincipalvalue

This is quite useful inventions mentioned relations.


Finally,Cauchybroughtimportant theorems of mathematics into the world.He died in 23 May 1857.

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21 May 2013