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University of Illinois College of Business OSBI Alumni Project PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Illinois College of Business OSBI Alumni Project

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University of Illinois College of Business OSBI Alumni Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of Illinois College of Business OSBI Alumni Project. Agenda. Project Background & Overview Project Approach General Conclusions Phase 1 – Alumni Survey Survey Approach Survey Results Survey Conclusions Phase 2 – CRM Software Research Approach CRM Results High Tier

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Presentation Transcript
  • Project Background & Overview
  • Project Approach
  • General Conclusions
  • Phase 1 – Alumni Survey
    • Survey Approach
    • Survey Results
    • Survey Conclusions
  • Phase 2 – CRM Software
    • Research Approach
    • CRM Results
      • High Tier
      • Middle Tier
      • Low Tier
    • Portals
    • CRM Conclusions
  • Appendices
project background overview

Project Background

OSBI Project Goal

  • The University of Illinois College of
  • Business required a better
  • understanding of how to better serve
  • alumni needs and improve alumni
  • participation with the university
  • addressing the following questions:
  • How do alumni currently prefer to communicate and network
  • What would it take to make the alumni college of business their home page
  • What type of CRM software should the alumni association use to best serve the alumni (and their) needs
  • To address the following questions
  • the OSBI team developed a two stage
  • approach:
  • Stage 1:
  • Develop a survey to analyze how alumni network & communicate and assess their level of interest in participating with the U of I College of Business
  • Identify interesting features that could tie in with the existing alumni webpage to enhance alumni participation
  • Stage 2:
  • Investigate CRM software usages and capabilities
  • Identify appropriate CRM software and vendors that would meet U of I College of Business needs
Project Background & Overview
project approach
Project Approach

Project Timeline








Await Survey Approval & Alumni Email Addresses

Map the Project Plan

Develop the Survey

Survey Release

Phase 1

Analysis & Evaluation

Identify Best Software Vendors

Phase 2

Secondary Research

Primary Research

Consistent client interaction & input

general conclusions
General Conclusions
  • Awareness of Alumni online resources is very low – there needs to be a focused effort to advertise these resources if any alumni web development is to be successful
  • The website needs to be simple, customizable and easy to access & use
  • Content needs to include:
    • links to business, financial and general news, sports, weather etc in order to attract alumni to use the resource – the resource can’t compete directly with yahoo or google but can provide the appropriate popular links
    • Alumni database for alumni contact info, bulletin board for job postings and alumni discussions threads for career development, business advice or personal networking
  • The university should investigate mid–tier CRM software vendors – specifically Microsoft CRM solutions
  • The university should also investigate the possibility of using high–tier providers such as Siebel & Oracle – they have unique flexibility in their products to potentially offer competitive solutions at competitive prices
  • There does not appear to be a single entity that can fulfill both the website and CRM software to manage the alumni system and monitor alumni utilization – a web portal designer and IT consultant would most likely be required to facilitate both efficiently

Phase 1

Alumni Survey

survey approach
Survey Approach
  • Using the web based survey tool surveymonkey, appropriate survey questions were developed to elicit responses for three separate categories:
  • General questions regarding alumni web habits and preferred mediums for communicating and networking
  • Alumni participation with the University of Illinois
  • Alumni participation with the College of Business

The survey was sent to 2000 randomly selected alumni email accounts and the results were collected after 2 weeks

For the data obtained from the survey, either the raw scores or a filtering function available on survey monkey was used to isolate the results needed

187 alumni responded to the survey ~ 9.4% response rate

survey results basic demographics
Survey Results – Basic Demographics

Of the 187 Respondents 122 individuals gave their date of graduation ~ 65%


The majority of respondents are graduates from 1970 to present day with an approximately equal spread of respondents over this period of time

We can conclude that the results obtained from the survey are fairly representative for most graduate groups and contain no significant bias towards any particular graduate class

Respondent Employer List

survey results alumni participation
Survey Results – Alumni Participation

Alumni Participation is Low:

  • 25% of the respondents have no involvement with the BUS after graduating
  • Only 32% of respondents make a donation to the BUS (57% of which were made within the last year)
  • 78% of respondents update their personal contact information when changing jobs, homes, etc but only 20% have updated their contact information with their BUS department
  • Over 60% never attend any alumni events
  • Almost 50% have stated that effectiveness of online resources for alumni (newsletters, job opportunities, etc) are average. Commentary for below average include:
    • There are no features that stand out
    • Awareness was low – many didn’t even know there were any alumni online resources
    • Difficult to use – poor interface
    • Many don’t see how they could use it to their advantage


Awareness of online resources, tools and efforts to improve the system is a key issue for the alumni association which must be addressed. Target message should revolve around the following issues:

Different – explain the unique features of the tools and resources

Ease of use – an easy to use interface system that allow alumni to pick and choose viewing material

Benefits – how will these tools help alumni further their personal and professional development

Alumni Resource Opinions

survey results alumni information sources

The 4 most popular information resources about U of I that are used by alumni are:

  • Alumni Association
  • BUS ‘Perspectives’
  • E-Newsletter
  • ‘Alumni Notes & News’
Survey Results – Alumni Information Sources

Survey responses indicated that most of the alumni respondents preferred electronic media as their preferred method of communicating and interacting with their peers and the university.


Alumni clearly prefer e-mail and the internet as their preferred method of contact. Many of the responses have included statements that ideal methods for news updates and new information should be sent via email.

The Alumni Association should use these 4 dominant information resources that alumni use to increase awareness and advertise the existence and benefits of using their online tools and resources.

survey results preferred content

Where do you get your news?

What would it take to get your news from us?

Survey Results – Preferred Content

Newspapers and online resources are the main sources for news and information

In either soft or hard copy the Wall Street Journal appears to be a significant source of business information for most alumni

Almost 21% of respondents would resist the notion that the alumni could provide access to the latest and best news & information available

However, many appear to be willing if provided with incentives or the promise of functional simplicity

  • Incentives desired by respondents include:
  • Ensure access is free
  • Allow for an email service & zero charge for email distribution
  • Areas of functional simplicity most desired by respondents include:
  • Easy access with the ability to sort by preference, subject or industry
  • Comprehensive with access to multiple online resources other than purely U of I or BUS news


Create links to popular business and financial websites (especially WSJ) as well as popular business journals

Create the ability for individuals to customize or sort by preference those which they check most frequently

Make it Easy Responses

survey results preferred content1
Survey Results – Preferred Content
  • Most popular content desired by respondents included:
  • Latest BUS News
  • Business News
  • Job Search
  • Alumni Search
  • Alumni Bulletin
  • General U of I News (Sports, President Addresses, etc)

72% of the respondents stated that they would use a contact database if offered on the alumni website. The spread of responses was almost equal for:

Networking – specifically for business purposes, hiring & assessing talent, networking in similar fields

Career Services/Advice – job search, advice for business/career solutions and referrals

Alumni Connections – Finding old college friends, making new friends, information sharing & counseling


An alumni database that offered contact information, job searching/posting and a bulletin board offering various threads from business questions to general advice would be highly desired

Respondents feel that these elements are what characterizes good alumni services

Suggestions for Improvements Responses

survey results
Survey Results

What would it take to make BUS Alumni page your homepage

Majority reasons for these specifics responses include:

Can do – Just Ask

  • Homepage isn’t an important issue for them – any webpage will do


  • Already have an established webpage they love
  • Don’t view any reason to change to BUS alumni – what’s the advantage?
  • Jobs require a certain homepage address and no other
  • No interest to change

Conditional – Make it Useful/Have what I need

  • Have key elements they rely on (news, financial info, WSJ, weather, sports, etc)
  • Customizable features – find what we need easily and quickly
  • Easy to access, CBA news & CBA email addresses
  • Similar options/features to Yahoo/ Google
  • Relevant and up-to-date


Simplicity is the key – If the tool is relevant, easy to use and customizable, while the tool might not become their homepage, it looks to definitely increase alumni level of interaction and involvement.

BUS homepage responses

survey conclusions
Survey Conclusions
  • Awareness of Alumni online resources is very low. The following information resources need to be targeted as key areas to increase awareness:
    • Alumni Association
    • BUS ‘Perspectives’
    • E-Newsletter
    • ‘Alumni Notes & News
  • E-mail is the preferred method of contact by alumni for any university updates and information (another key medium to increase online resource awareness)
  • The website needs to be simple, customizable and easy to access & use
  • Content needs to include:
    • Links to business, financial and general news, sports, weather etc in order to attract alumni to use the resource – the Wall Street Journal is a popular source for business information
    • Alumni database for alumni contact info, bulletin board for job postings and alumni discussions threads for career development, business advice or personal networking
  • Alumni interaction on personal development/networking non-business issues appears to be a highly desired interest that the alumni association could implement shortly given their already established database of alumni listings
  • Expectations for alumni to have the alumni resource as their homepage are unlikely. However, if the content is viewed as useful in their career aspirations, socially rewarding and interesting then utilization is likely to be much higher (assuming there are no lack of awareness issues)

Phase 2

CRM Software

research approach
Research Approach

Identify Appropriate Clients





  • Investigate what CRM encompasses
  • What are the traditional uses
  • How is CRM differentiated
  • Who are the customers that use CRM
  • Which CRM providers should be focused on
  • Look at CRM specific websites
  • Contact sales representatives
  • Identify past CRM examples which might apply and past customers that might apply
  • Identify appropriate CRM software companies
  • Examine necessary costs
  • Examine the range of features that are applicable to U of I BUS
defining crm
Defining CRM

CRM is an integrated approach to identifying, acquiring, and retaining customers. By enabling organizations to manage and coordinate customer interactions across multiple channels, departments, lines of business, and geographies, CRM helps organizations maximize the value of every customer interaction and drive superior corporate performance (

perceptual value map
Perceptual Value Map

Customer Analytics/ Customization


high tier crm summary
High – Tier CRM Summary
  • Having an established budget is important: Siebel and Oracle can provide almost any solution but NOT at any price
  • CRM “On-Demand” provides off-site hosting for data. This minimizes capital investment and IT requirements
    • Potential data ownership issues
  • Data migration and implementation requires a clear understanding of the technology, its capabilities and what you are willing to spend for it. Probably best accomplished by a dedicated IT professional
  • Both Siebel and Oracle provide solutions that could interface with the College’s web-page
  • At best, implementation costs would approach $25,000. At most, the College could invest up to $1,000,000 on a solution.


The analytic functions, IT requirements and price provided by these solutions probably exceed the College’s requirements and resources.

siebel crm systems
Siebel CRM Systems
  • On-demand solutions can be customized, hosted off-site
  • Data is accessible over web and can be updated via-web
  • Sales, marketing, service functionality, built in customer analytics
  • Real time insights for all users
  • No hardware installation or software installation
  • Price is typically $70 per user/ month plus installation consulting costs. These can run between $5,000 and $50,000.

Minimum projected implementation cost: $25,000.

oracle peoplesoft
  • Oracle Peoplesoft Campaign Contribution Database is the least expensive of Oracle’s solutions that were discussed with sales representative
  • Suited for organizations that raise $1 million or less: $40,000-$50,000 one time license $11,000 a year thereafter for updates
  • Marketing surveys. Contributions, etc. Cornell, Penn, U California use these systems for their entire alumni development program
  • Potential integration issues with University’s Banner system?
  • Delivered out of the box
  • Typically a consulting arrangement is sought. Can be as expensive as the software

Total implementation costs: $100,000 on low end to $1,000,000. These are required for configuring the system, migrating data, and identifying training requirements.

oracle sample of on demand capabilities
Oracle Sample of On-Demand Capabilities

Oracle provides 24/7 expert monitoring of your systems, to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime, and disaster-recovery services, to ensure that your systems are always up and running.

Enhanced Improved Availability

Oracle On Demand customers file 50 percent fewer support requests and have their requests resolved 50 percent faster. Oracle also proactively resolves more than 60 percent of problems without any customer involvement.

Better Problem Management

Oracle provides many upgrades automatically, reducing both time and complexity and allowing you to benefit from the latest software.

Smoother Change Management

Customers have access to Oracle experts who keep their systems performing above industry-standard levels. Oracle has helped customers improve transaction-processing times by ~ 40%.


Oracle takes a proactive approach to patch management, automatically testing and applying patches for all of our On Demand customers, helping prevent security breaches, viruses, and worms—and thus maintaining the highest level of performance.

Tightened Security

Oracle On Demand management processes and technology infrastructure can adapt to match your business requirements, preparing your organization for growth or fluctuations in business volume.

Business Scalability

Customers may choose the arrangement that works best for them. You can have your Oracle technology and applications hosted at Oracle’s data center, taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facility. Or you can leverage your existing hardware investments and have Oracle remotely manage the systems at your location or a third party’s. All Oracle On Demand environments can be used for implementation, testing, and live production.

Flexible Deployment Options

oracle crm on demand
Oracle CRM On-Demand
  • Administration Services
  • Oracle offers complete application, database, and hardware management services, which can help lower a customer's IT maintenance costs and increase support resolution time.
  • Administration Services are system administration, application technology management and monitoring activities provided remotely by Oracle for licensed Oracle programs. Administration Services are contracted on yearly terms; the billing is annual in advance.
  • Customers purchasing On Demand for either E-Business Suite or Technology Online must meet the minimum annual net fees for Administration Services of $48,000 USA (Dollar) and minimum monthly net fees of $4,000 USA (Dollar).
  • Customers purchasing On Demand for both E-Business Suite and Technology Online must meet the minimum annual net fees for Administration Services of $96,000 USA (Dollar) and minimum monthly net fees of $8,000 USA (Dollar). Prices shown on this price list are monthly fees and apply to both perpetual and term licenses.
key contact information

Mr. Mike Garrow, Oracle Sales

(708) 836-9157

Mr. Korlan Buxton (510) 788-4890

Key Contact Information
  • Key contacts are broadly familiar with the scope of the College’s project
  • They are friendly, earnest and work hard to try to earn business
  • They will want a clear idea of what the College wants to implement and how much money has been allocated for the project
mid tier crm summary
Mid – Tier CRM Summary
  • Mid–Tier products offer a wide range of features
  • Most involve a standard platform with the possibility to customize to personal needs
  • Costs for Mid-Tier products can vary greatly; but generally, more customization corresponds to higher costs
  • The two most attractive choices in the Mid-Tier are and Microsoft CRM
  • Microsoft CRM seems to be the leader due to their educational experience and discounts


The range of features and cost options appears to be more in range for the University’s needs. Microsoft CRM appears to be the most likely candidate.

salesforce com

“The proven leader in on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM), empowers customers to

stand out from the crowd. We do so by delivering the most innovative technology and making it as easy as possible to

share and manage business information. Our solutions combine award-winning functionality, proven integration, global

capabilities, and the best user experience - and the result is CRM success. That's why Salesforce has earned the trust

of its customers - and a customer satisfaction rate of over 95% - along with top industry honors. Get started using

Salesforce CRM today.”

  • Online server, no hardware is required at the university
  • Does not have search function available, would have to submit request
  • Data can be entered directly or via a website
  • Features:
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Contact Center Solutions
    • Analytics


Online server functionality similar to most other mid and high – tier CRM software. The main disadvantage is in submitting requests in place of automatic search options – a lengthy and inefficient process

Price: $780/user (Professional user)

microsoft crm
Microsoft CRM

“Microsoft CRM integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Business Solutions for Financial Management, and other

Business systems to give employees a complete view of customer information. The ease of integration with Microsoft

Office is of particular value—enabling staff to access Microsoft CRM information from Microsoft Office Outlook and work

online or offline with access to sales functionality.”

  • Offer substantial educational discounts (up to 70%)
  • Can perform search function
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office applications
  • Data entered directly, from Excel, or from linked website
  • Have implemented 4 CRM systems at University of Chicago – familiar with educational needs and purposes
  • Features:
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Customer Support
    • Mobility


Capabilities of linking with existing Microsoft programs and their familiarity with implementing university systems is a very beneficial aspect

Price: $5,000 - $50,000

key contact information1
Key Contact Information
  • Microsoft appears to be the best solution of the Mid – Tier CRM software choices that meets the university needs
  • Both companies have very experienced sales forces
  • Microsoft can give more specific details on price discounts, training and results of how their experience with Chicago University after more detailed information about U of I’s CRM needs

Caleb Adams


Jim Drumm

(708) 557-1449

low tier crm software

Low Tier CRM Software

ACT 2005

ACT2005 premium for groups Enterprise (Small Business CRM — Team Edition™)

SalesCenter Simple

low tier crm summary
Low – Tier CRM Summary
  • Not enough storage available for large amount of client data
  • Customer service is not satisfactory enough
  • Low-Tier software or online solutions are designed for small business with only basic CRM functions
act 2005
ACT 2005
  • The newest product among ACT CRM product family developed by Best Software
  • A software CRM product providing basic functions for customer information management
  • Retails for $229.99, can be purchased at popular software retailers, e-tailers and direct resellers including Office Depot, CompUSA, Staples, Best Buy,, OfficeMax

Key Feature Enhancements

ACT! 2005 strengthens the workflow and effectiveness of salespeople by integrating opportunity

forecasting tools around enhanced contact management features to help individuals and teams:

  • Track relationships with company records for effective account management
  • Manage their opportunity pipeline for an improved bottom line
  • Apply advanced group management for better customer segmentation
  • Customize their database with advanced field types and activity types
  • Directly integrate with office applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook
  • Manage relationships with an updated and more intuitive interface
  • Can be used up to 10 users


Simple CRM software available in most general computer software retailers. Has some useful features but functionality is too simple to cope with more complex relationship management or adjusting to evolving university needs

Price: $229.99

act2005 premium for groups
ACT2005 premium for groups
  • ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups is for sales teams, small business and corporate workgroups of up to 50 users sharing data, as well as those who require increased security and advanced workgroup scheduling
  • Provide similar functions of basic CRM tools as ACT 2005
  • 2005 Premium for Workgroups retails for $399.99, available for purchase now at or by calling 877-ACT-2005

Enhanced features for a large number of networked users:

    • Increased Scalability
    • SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition
    • Schedule Resources
    • View User Availability
    • Manage Resources (like conference rooms)
    • Send Meeting Invitations
    • Advanced Synchronization
    • Team Management
    • Contact Access


Similar to the basic ACT 2005 with enhanced features to link up to 50 users. Limitations of the basic version are still relevant to the premium product.

Price: $399.99

accpaccrm com enterprise Enterprise
  • ACCPAC CRM is web-based CRM solution, providing an integrated sales, marketing, customer support and call center automation solution
  • ACCPAC CRM is completely Internet and WAP enabled, providing users access anytime, anywhere via a Web browser or wireless device, such as a PocketPC or WAP enabled mobile phone
  • US$69 per month per named user

Sales Force Automation

  • ACCPAC CRM Sales provides a solution for management, forecasting and reporting throughout all phases of the sales cycle, discovering who, what, when, where and why do people purchase your companies goods and services. Using leading-edge technology sales teams and partner channels access critical real-time sales information anytime, from anywhere.

Account and Activity Management

  • “ACCPAC CRM provides the tools to manage and analyze all current and historical account details and activities. It can easily manage multiple accounts and opportunities, and automatically distribute leads to sales professionals around the world. Sophisticated workflow provides automated sales processes to guide sales people through proven selling methods. Automate business processes to automatically trigger literature fulfillment, follow-up appointments, callbacks, daily tasks and more. By analyzing the information available, you can recruit new clients and resell to existing ones.”

Forecast, Report and React Intelligently

  • ACCPAC CRM provides point-and-click reporting and graphs that allow sales teams access to data for on-the-spot analysis and evaluation. Start by assessing new leads, quoted clients, demographics and potential deals in the pipeline, then analyze your sales efforts and use that knowledge to refine your strategy.
  • Graphical forecasting allows you to filter and report data by account manager, region, opportunity, probability, any way you choose to do so. Use system default reports or easily create new reports with a reporting wizard that walks you through the process prompting you to select the data you would like to see and where you would like to see it.


This software is too focused on meeting on-field sales force – too advanced on some features and too simplistic for others

salesforce com small business crm team edition (Small Business CRM — Team Edition™)
  • A web-based CRM solution, $995 five users per year
  • Team Edition is for small business teams of up to five people to easily collaborate and manage customer relationships more effectively. Can be upgraded to Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition as your business grows.
  • Real-time access to all customer information across the team; higher employee productivity
  • Team members can work together and see all interactions other team members have had with customers
  • Instant management overview of sales opportunities, team activities, customers, and account status
  • Syncs with Palm and Outlook; integrates with Microsoft Word and Excel to add data from Salesforce into sales documents
  • Free basic phone, Web, and email customer support

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

  • Point-and-click customization for SFA that fits the way you sell
  • Real-time analytics empower your business to make better decisions
  • Instant global deployment for offline and online use
  • Award-winning ease of use results in widespread adoption

Marketing Automation

  • Integrated marketing and sales application with automated lead conversion
  • Real-time analytics to measure and optimize campaigns for best results .:
  • Multi-channel campaign management and analysis for a complete marketing solution
  • Rapid deployment and award-winning ease-of-use to get users working quickly


Appears to be the most advanced of the low – tier CRM software available. However, this also has the same limitations as it’s mid – tier counterpart with search features requiring requests.

Price: $995 for 5 users/year

salescenter simple
SalesCenter Simple
  • A web-based database CRM solution with basic functions
  • Available for unlimited users, charge per user

Key Advantages

    • Totally customizable
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Set-up and training plus support for all users
    • Web-lead system
    • Automated follow up system

Customized Sales Team Calculator

  • Simplistic layout and a wide variety of advanced features such as custom calendar, task reminder system, search engine and unlimited notes for each record

Role Management and Control

  • Provide managers control to create a pipeline that meets the goals of their sales organization. Additionally the manager has significant control over lead tracking, marketing, forecasting, role settings and the layout of the opportunity and contact management solution.


Appears to satisfy most of the university’s current needs but without the ability to adapt to more complex functions as the alumni resources develop

Price: Varies per number of users + variable set-up fees

web portals


  • Portals that are not fully used can cost the company up to 40% of the purchase price.
  • Leading software packages (i.e. IBM, Oracle, and Plumtree* cost anywhere from $20,000 per CPU - $75,000 per CPU.

Emerging Trends

  • Portal Management Software helps companies monitor and manage the third-party content fed into a portal
  • Portable internet capabilities help create efficiencies for users and agents

Possible Issues

  • Portals that are not customized, but instead are pre-packaged do not take full advantage of the capabilities portals can provide.
  • On average, 40% of portals are under-utilized because the technology is not being capitalized upon.


  • Customization helps companies ensure that each employee only has access to data they are authorized to see at any given time.
  • Effective portals provide an increase in customer and user satisfaction, agent effectiveness, collaboration, consistency, and can easily adapt to legacy systems.
Web Portals

Web Portal – A Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and on-line shopping malls. The first Web portals were online services, such as AOL, that provided access to the Web, but by now most of the traditional search engines have transformed themselves into Web portals to attract and keep a larger audience.

Plumtree was identified as a potential portal vendor to create, integrate and customize the alumni online resource tool:

Contact Information

Steve Turek

Plumtree Software

Area Sales Manager

2251 W. St. Paul Avenue Suite 4E

Chicago, IL. 60647

Office: 773-384-0189

Cell: 847-687-7619


web portal architecture example
Web Portal Architecture Example

The Plumtree Corporate Portal uses a Web services architecture to bring together search engines, documents, applications and users from diverse systems, and also provides a platform for securely managing these services

portals market leader comparison
Portals – Market Leader Comparison
  • Organizations waste over $7.5 billion a year due to difficulties accessing information.

Source: Keston, Geoff. Enterprise Portals: A Tutorial. Faulkner’s Advisory for IT Studies. 2005.

overall crm conclusions
Overall CRM Conclusions
  • Key factors that affect decisions for vendors are:
    • Functionality
    • Price
    • Training
    • Data ownership issues
    • Complexity in integrating existing data onto another platform
    • Adaptability to an expanding (and dynamic) change in university needs and demands
  • The university should investigate mid–tier CRM software vendors – specifically Microsoft CRM solutions
  • The university should also investigate the possibility of using high–tier providers such as Siebel & Oracle – they have unique flexibility in their products to potentially offer competitive solutions at competitive prices
  • Aside from the software package itself, implementation costs play an important factor in transferring existing data onto another platform as well as adding large variability in costs
  • There does not appear to be a single entity that can fulfill both the website and CRM software to manage the alumni system and monitor alumni utilization – a web portal designer and IT consultant would most likely be required to facilitate both efficiently

Phase 1

Survey Appendices

appendix respondent s employers
Appendix – Respondent’s Employers

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appendix bus homepage responses
Appendix – BUS Homepage Responses

Make it Useful/ Have what I need

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appendix bus homepage responses1
Appendix – BUS Homepage Responses

Make it Useful/ Have what I need continued..

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appendix bus homepage responses2
Appendix – BUS Homepage Responses

Can’t/Won’t Responses

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appendix bus homepage responses3
Appendix – BUS Homepage Responses

Can’t/Won’t Responses continued..

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appendix alumni resource opinions
Appendix – Alumni Resource Opinions

Below Average Responses

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appendix alumni resource opinions1
Appendix – Alumni Resource Opinions

Average Responses

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appendix alumni resource opinions2
Appendix – Alumni Resource Opinions

Above Average Responses

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appendix suggestions for improvement
Appendix – Suggestions for Improvement

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appendix suggestions for improvement1
Appendix – Suggestions for Improvement

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appendix suggestions for improvement2
Appendix – Suggestions for Improvement

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Phase 2

CRM Appendices