presentation to the oregon association of cvbs l.
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Presentation to the Oregon Association of CVBs. June 4, 2007. G ARD & G ERBER. Gard & Gerber. Started in 1979 Advertising, public relations & public affairs Corporate communications Social marketing Services marketing PGE (1980),ODOT (1984),AAA(2000). The Agenda.

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gard gerber
Gard & Gerber
  • Started in 1979
  • Advertising, public relations & public affairs
  • Corporate communications
  • Social marketing
  • Services marketing
  • PGE (1980),ODOT (1984),AAA(2000)
the agenda
The Agenda
  • Communications & Behavior Theory
  • What is a Brand?
  • Creating, Evaluating & Changing a Brand
  • Brand Strategy
  • What to Expect
behavior change theory
Behavior Change Theory








(Rogers & Shoemaker)

if c then e
If C, then E

One way of defining "cause," then, is as sufficient condition: the cause of an event is the whole set of conditions sufficient for its occurrence — so that the fulfillment of these conditions is always followed by the occurrence of the event.

John Hospers

And in practice that particular condition is usually styled the cause whose share in the matter is superficially the most conspicuous…

John Stuart Mill

a sufficient set of conditions for high safety belt use
A Sufficient Set of Conditions for High Safety Belt Use

Public Support

A Good Law

Awareness of the Law

Enforcement of the Law

Perceived Risk of Apprehension

Committed Team

Sustained Publicity


Order, attract/etc., sufficient conditions, strategy

made visible, sustained publicity,repetition with …

the beethoven strategy
The Beethoven Strategy
  • Repetition with variation
  • Thematic (brand) development: “to unfold its latent energies, to search out its capacities for growth and bring them to fruition.”
      • Joseph Machlis
what is a brand
What is a Brand?
  • A logo?
  • A theme line?
  • A promise?
  • A way of doing business?
  • A relationship? With whom?
  • Advertising?
  • Or, is it simply reputation?
creating or evaluating your brand
Creating or Evaluating Your Brand
  • How do you do it?
    • Regular meetings over time -- discipline
    • Structured interviews, internally & externally, listen very carefully
    • Keep notes: organize them like an old-fashioned research paper
    • Formal research -- look for patterns
    • Analyze data -- look for patterns
    • Follow Judge Samuel Putnam’s rule
brand strategy
Brand Strategy
  • Brand Customer Internal
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Relationship
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Messages
  • Brand Promotion External
brand customer
Brand Customer
  • What does customer want?
  • What do you have to give customer?
  • Where is the profit?
  • Focus on area of overlap.
  • Understand customer
    • Age, sex, car, etc.
    • Emotional needs
    • Honor personas
brand identity
Brand Identity
  • Essence (DNA)
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Style
brand positioning unique selling proposition
Brand Positioning: Unique Selling Proposition
  • Real and perceived: OHSU & Nike
  • Does the positioning or USP matter to customers?
  • Does it matter to profit?
  • What is Les Schwab’s USP? Brand Positioning?
  • Robb High: Branding is the art of sacrifice.
  • Alternative is to be a commodity, which makes the effects of branding negligible
  • If you can substitute a competitor’s name for yours and the brand still makes sense, it is not a brand.
brand promise
Brand Promise
  • It is what it says: what are you promising your customer?
  • Do you deliver on the promise?
  • If you don’t, don’t promote the brand until you do.
  • The Achilles Heel of brand strategy.
brand relationship
Brand Relationship
  • Begins with keeping the first promise
  • Lasts until the promise is broken
  • In your personal life, how do you maintain relationships?
  • The brand payoff.

Question: When driving, how often do you wear a safety belt: always, almost always, sometimes or never?

brand architecture
Brand Architecture
  • Monolithic -- Shell
  • Endorsement -- United Technologies
  • Product -- Proctor & Gamble
  • Brand Oregon
brand messages
Brand Messages
  • Clarity
  • Control
  • Credible
  • Creative
  • Stay true to the brand
brand promotion
Brand Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Execution
brand evaluation
Brand Evaluation
  • What current customers say
  • What prospective customers say
  • What employees say
  • What you say
  • Analyze the spread between
  • Look for areas of intersection or disturbance
  • Would a brand change achieve the goal?
  • If not or not sure, default to sustained publicity and repetition with variation.
issues to consider
Issues to Consider
  • Brand Oregon: in my view, positioning is too internalized but execution saves it.
  • Relationship with Brand Oregon
  • Destinations as commodities
  • Resources
  • State Anniversary: Is there a way to come together?
in conclusion
In conclusion:
  • There are no tactical silver bullets.
  • But there are strategic silver bullets.
  • One of them is the Brand.