Msc projects starting off pje60p mctpro
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MSc Projects – Starting Off PJE60P / MCTPRO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MSc Projects – Starting Off PJE60P / MCTPRO. Dr Matthew Poole [email protected] Contents. Project choice and allocation Clients and supervisors Project specifications Project assessment Starting off Technical facilities and advice.

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Msc projects starting off pje60p mctpro

MSc Projects – Starting OffPJE60P / MCTPRO

Dr Matthew [email protected]


  • Project choice and allocation

  • Clients and supervisors

  • Project specifications

  • Project assessment

  • Starting off

  • Technical facilities and advice

Choosing a project
Choosing a project

  • Browse the available project ideas held on PUMS:


    • Username: given in lecture

    • Password: given in lecture

      and make choices using link from that page.

  • You must select projects that are relevant to your particular course.

Project allocation
Project Allocation

  • The deadline for project choices is Wednesday 26th April.

  • All projects and supervisors will have been allocated (by me/Brett) shortly after this.

  • The first project deadline (specification) is Friday 19th May.

Clients and supervisors
Clients and Supervisors

  • All projects will have a client and a supervisor.

  • Client (the proposer of the project idea):

    • from an outside organisation; or

    • from another part of the University; or

    • from SoC or CT

  • Supervisor - a member of staff from:

    • SoC for PJE60P students

    • CT for MCTPRO students

    • (in some cases supervisor = client)

The client relationship
The client relationship

  • A professional approach towards clients is required.

  • You represent not only yourselves, but the course, the departments, and the University.

  • Establish good communications early and be sensitive to the client’s needs.

The supervisor relationship
The supervisor relationship

  • Establish contact and good communications early on.

  • Keep in touch regularly (meetings weekly / fortnightly; email/phone also)

  • Supervisors are your guides through the process of the project.

  • They may have specialist knowledge of your topic area, but they may not.

  • Establish with your supervisor when you and he/she will be unavailable over the summer (and plan accordingly).

Project specifications
Project specifications

  • One of the first tasks to complete.

  • Specification Template available on PUMS

  • Specification must be agreed by the Client, the Supervisor, the Student, and signed by all three!

  • The expectations and requirements of the client and the supervisor will be different!

Project specifications1
Project specifications

  • Clients want the job done

    • Clients should understand that artefacts and/or investigations may not be completed fully by the student.

  • Supervisor wants a project that meets the academic requirements of an Master’s degree.

Structure of the specification
Structure of the specification


  • Outline of the project environment

  • The problem to be solved

  • Breakdown of tasks

  • Project deliverables

  • Requirements

  • Project plan

Assessment of project
Assessment of project

  • Contents of final report (and presentation of artefact)

  • Marking scheme is public (projmark.htm)

  • Good artefact does not necessarily imply good report (and vice versa)

  • Marked by supervisor and moderator

  • Third marking if they cannot agree

Assessment categories

Statement of project's context, aims and objectives

Critical review of relevant literature

Methodological approach

Specification and discussion of the requirements

Analysis and discussion of the IT design

Discussion of implementation

Discussion of verification and validation

Evaluation against requirements

Evidence of project planning and management

Attributes of the solution

Summary, conclusions and recommendations

Structure and presentation

Overall understanding and reflection

Assessment categories

Assessment categories1
Assessment categories

  • Your final mark is a weighted average of these categories, except that:

  • You must pass all the bold categories (grey on marking forms). Failure in any will:

    • cause your final mark to be capped at 39% (PJE60P)

    • (the rule for MCTPRO marking is slightly different)

Time management and planning
Time Management and Planning

  • Be realistic!

  • Other than a week or two for holidays, we expect students to work full-time on the project.

  • Having a full-time job and doing a project is not realistic.

  • Start early.

  • Expect delays and problems so factor these in to any timescales.


  • Start early

  • Keep copies/notes and bibliographic details

  • Start broad and narrow down

  • Use as much up-to-date material as you can

  • Don't use WWW sources unless you have to

  • Use the literature critically

  • Cite references correctly

Quality of what you read

Good indications:

In a refereed journal

Widely-read source

Author is well known and respected

Referred to by other sources

Bad indications:

Self-published (e.g. on web) or unpublished

In an obscure publication

Little known author

Does not refer to other published work

Quality of what you read

Technical facilities

Our labs

General purpose PCs

Multimedia PCs

Comms lab

Linux lab

Servers (see Anglesea)

Web space

Apache, IIS

CGI/Perl, PHP, Java, ASP

MySQL, SQL Server

Remote access

Specialist software

Specialist facilities (see Mercantile House)

Comms lab

Set up a machine as you want it

Client’s facilities

If applicable

Understand what’s reasonable

Your facilities

Install free/licensed software

Technical facilities

Technical assistance
Technical assistance

  • Lecture notes

  • Textbooks

  • ISO support staff (especially about stuff they specialise in)

  • Supervisor

  • Other lecturers