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Human Trafficking Section

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Human Trafficking Section - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Trafficking Section. Jason Sherman – Spring 2012. Logistics. Office Hours 5-6pm in Greenhouse Café (by appt ) DQ’s and Hypos. Why Definitions?.

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Human Trafficking Section

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human trafficking section

Human Trafficking Section

Jason Sherman – Spring 2012

  • Office Hours
    • 5-6pm in Greenhouse Café (by appt)
  • DQ’s and Hypos
why definitions
Why Definitions?
  • Why do we spend so much time trying to flesh out a definition for forced labor and slavery? What purpose does it serve in actually combatting the issue?
    • Yariel
sexual trafficking
Sexual Trafficking

Causes, Apparatus, and Prostitution

sex trafficking
Sex Trafficking
  • How are sex slaves acquired?
      • Siddharth Kara
    • Deceit
    • Sale By Family
    • Abduction
    • Seduction or romance
    • Recruitment by former slaves
      • When women are dehumanized and forced to sell their bodies, is it a sign of strength or acceptance that they decide to remain sex workers?
        • Jazly
  • What makes individuals vulnerable to sex trafficking?
    • Poverty
    • Gender
    • Weak State Apparatus
    • Migration for-work programs
    • Conflict
    • Race/Ethnicity and Discriminiation
areas for trafficking
Areas for Trafficking
  • What structural factors make a particular region more or less likely to be targeted by traffickers?
    • Poverty
    • Globalization
    • Views on Prostitution
    • Attitudes of Gender
    • Cultural Norms
sexual trafficking views
Sexual Trafficking Views
  • 4.5M is Conservative Estimate
  • Radical feminists and Liberalfeminists
    • Michelle (4-5pm)
  • How can a liberal feminist justify regulating prostitution?
    • What about eliminating it?
prostitution and trafficking
Prostitution and Trafficking
  • Sex work vs. Prostitution
  • What positive reasons do women state for choosing to work in the sex industry?
  • Should voluntary adult prostitution be considered trafficking?
    • Where do we draw the line between the two?
      • Brecka and Mubeen
effects of prostitution
Effects of Prostitution
  • 65% - 95% in prostitution sexually assaulted as children
  • 70-95% physically assaulted in prostitution
  • 60-75% were raped
  • 75% have been homeless at some point
  • 89% wanted to escape prostitution
  • Chronic Health and Psychological Problems

Melissa Farley et al. Prostitution and Trafficking in Nine Countries

policy responses to sex industry
Policy Responses to Sex Industry
  • Criminalization and Prohibition
    • Should prostitution everywhere be made illegal? Would the abolishment of prostitution hamper sex slavery or would owners find an even less visible way to trade female flesh, making it harder to detect and control?
      • Madison
  • Legalization and Licensing
  • Decriminilization
moral crusade
Moral Crusade
  • Critics argue that the “moral crusade” against trafficking overlooks other factors which are really causing the problem. What are those factors?
  • Does it matter what motives they have in combating slavery as long as they are contributing?
    • Elliot
govt approaches to human trafficking
Govt Approaches to Human Trafficking
  • As a problem of migration
  • As a problem of organized crime
  • As a problem of prostitution
  • As a problem of human rights abuse
  • As a problem of labor rights
  • As a problem of modern slavery