Blood glucose meters
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Blood Glucose Meters. Mihir Subash. Glucose Testing. Glucose Testing is a important and vital part of a diabetics daily health care. Without testing, a diabetic can become sick because their glucose levels are not where they need to be.

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Blood glucose meters

Blood Glucose Meters

Mihir Subash

Glucose testing
Glucose Testing

  • Glucose Testing is a important and vital part of a diabetics daily health care.

  • Without testing, a diabetic can become sick because their glucose levels are not where they need to be.

  • Glucose testing is done by using a glucose testing meter, which uses a glucose testing strip.

  • Glucose Testing Meter

Steps for testing glucose
Steps for Testing Glucose

  • To test for glucose one must drop a sample of blood by placing on the strip.

  • This is done by poking the skin with a needle called a lancet.

  • The lancet pricks the finger which allows the sample of blood to flow right onto the glucose strip.

  • Once the blood sample has made it on to the glucose strip, a device called a glucose meter is used to measure the glucose in the blood. In each test strip, there is a chemical called glucose oxidase.

  • This glucose oxidase reacts with the glucose in the blood sample and is created into a acid called gluconic acid.

  • This current is then able to read and determine how much glucose is in the sample of blood on the testing strip. The number is then relayed on the screen of the glucose testing meter.

Blood glucose meters1
Blood Glucose Meters

  • A glucose meter is used to determine the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood.

  • The glucose meter is a key element in monitoring diabetes can help test if the blood sugar is too high or low.

  • Glucose meters are small and are handheld, they can fit in the palm of a hand.

  • Glucose meters cost anywhere from $20 to the most advanced meters costing $500.

  • Examples

One touch verio glucose meter system
One Touch Verio Glucose Meter System

  • The One Touch Verio glucose meter is practical, reliable, and affordable.

  • This glucose meter provides instant notifications of high and low blood sugar trends, unsurpassed accuracy, and requires a very small blood sample size.

  • The Verio glucose meter is one of the more recent and efficient meters that have came out in the past couple years.

  • Specialized Glucose Meter

Invasive glucometer current
Invasive Glucometer (Current)

  • Present day – best way blood sugar level

    • The reason is accuracy

  • Problems:

    • Can be painful

    • Messy

    • Costly

    • Average number of tests a day is 1.6, compared to the recommend 4 times a day

Non invasive glucometer future
Non-Invasive Glucometer (Future)

  • How it works:

    • Finger or Earlobe goes into the slot

    • Uses near-infrared light to measure real-time blood glucose levels

    • Takes 20 seconds or less

  • What Separates This Device From

    • Other Non-Invasive Devices?

    • “Optical Bridge”

    • Measurements are taken directly from the blood not from interstitial fluid


  • Glucose meters are mostly accurate but biomedical engineers are constantly finding new problems with them which they are using to help to make the next glucose meter more innovative and useful.

  • The future for Glucose Meters is providing a device with precise accuracy, easy to use, affordable, and new software to detect any problems a diabetic may be having.

  • Grove’s Future Device

    • Passed International Standard for the last 2 years

    • Expected to be released during 2013 summer

    • Faster, cleaner, and pain free compared to invasive devises

    • Small and battery operated


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