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Date : 18.03.2013

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Project Approval Board Meeting to consider AWP&B 2013-14 for SSA, Assam. Date : 18.03.2013. Action taken report. Continued…. Continued…. Continued…. Achievement Indicators. Progress towards Universal Access : (Child Population, In-school & out of School Children).

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Progress towards Universal Access :

(Child Population, In-school & out of School Children)


Enrolment, Retention, Dropout etc. :

Children With Special Needs (CWSN):

(Identified and addressed)

Equity :

Girls’ Share in Enrolment


Status of PTR, Single Teacher School etc.:

Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR)

Single Teacher School :

#1262 single Teachers schools are covered in BTAD Districts after 30th September


Few Major Initiatives taken during 2012-13:

Teacher Training:

  • 40756 New Teachers have been appointed so far under SSA, Assam.
  • Curriculum has been reviewed on the basis of NCF 2005 and Text books are modified accordingly for the academic year 2013 and orientation given to teachers on use of new Free Text Book.
  • Text Books printed in 10 (Ten) mediums [Assamese, English, Bengali, Bodo, Hindi, Nepali, Manipuri, Hmar, Garo & Karbi]
  • 6 days English Training in collaboration with British Council has been conducted covering 11200 LP Teachers.
  • NCTE gave approval to Krishna KantaHandique State Open University to conduct the 2 year D.EL.Edprogramme through ODL mode. The programme has been started from the month of August, 2012 through 101 Study centers covering 9706 teachers.
recruitment of teachers under ssa assam
Recruitment of Teachers under SSA, Assam
  • The State Rules for recruitment of Teachers amended and only the TET passed candidates with NCTE qualifications will be considered for selection of teachers and that will be only on merit basis.
  • The State has conducted TET-2012 for 6th Schedule districts on 19.012.2012. A Total of 5939 candidates in LP and 2978 in UP successfully passed out.
  • The Special TET for SikshaMitra/AddlSikshaMitra will be conducted on 23.03.2013.
  • A total of 40756 New Teachers have been appointed so far under SSA, Assam.
  • A total of 11, 500 vacancies in permanent posts of teachers in elementary department will be filled up within 31st March, 2013.
  • 4,300 posts under SSA in 6th Schedule districts will also be filled up within March, 2013. Engagement completed in two districts.
  • 5010 posts of Teachers are still vacant under SSA at Elementary level.

Few Major Initiatives taken during 2012-13:

  • Pre-service teachers training (D. El. Ed.) for prospective teachers in 18 DIETs is started with the revised National Curriculum Framework on Teacher Education-2009.
  • Computer Aided learning is extended to 215 Upper primary Schools. Total 2692 schools out of 5823 UP Schools covered till now.
  • Teacher Training conducted for 2760 Teachers (Upto Feb/2013) of CAL schools in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation and expected to cover another 2000 teachers by June/ 2013.
  • 15 schools of remote area are provided solar powered computer.
  • Under Siksha Ka HaqAbhiyan, 17 NGOs are engaged to conduct SikshaSambad in schools through 4350 Volunteers.
  • Two New Residential Schools (For boys) are established, one each in Guwahati City and Silchar town for Children without adult protection.

Few Major Initiatives taken during 2012-13:

  • 15 New KGBVs made functional covering 750 Girls at Upper primary level. Total 52 out of 57 KGBVs operational.
  • 26 new Residential Special Training centres (RSTC) have been approved for opening during the financial year, 2012-13 .
  • 2260 new Non-Residential Special Training centers made functional covering 48233 Children.
  • 99166 Out of Schools Children are enrolled in different Special Training Centers.
  • 105435 Children mainstreamed during the year from different Special training Centers.
  • Issues of 103590 Children with Special Need(CWSN) identified and addressed during the year 2012-13.
  • Grants (school, maintenance & teachers) for the year 2012-13 released to schools in June,2012 barring few new schools only.
  • The Annual Report for the year 2011-12 is submitted to Govt. of India
  • The Audited Expenditure for the year 2011-12 is submitted to Govt. of India

Financial Achievement :

In lakhs

Request for 3rd Instalment is already placed to MHRD for Central share.

Release of State Share till date

In lakhs


ACCESS: LP level new school

  • Distance Norm:-1 KM
  • Population Norm:- 25
  • School less Habitations identified through GIS: 3878
  • School proposed for LP level: 2118 [through common point system]
  • Coverage of children 146723
  • Proposed Teachers: 2 in each school

ACCESS: UP level new school

  • Distance Norm:-3 KM
  • Population Norm:- 25 Children(11-14 yrs) in plain area and at least 15 in Remote areas.
  • School-less Habitations identified through GIS: 5523
  • School proposed for UP level: 1088 [through common point system]
  • Coverage of children 125850
  • Proposed Teachers: 3 in each school

ACCESS: Area wise Analysis:

Lower Primary:

Upper Primary:


Liability under Computer Aided Learning & Library:

  • Charge for Annual Maintenance Cost for 2nd Year for 1154 Schools (3789 Equipments) is 75.199 Lakh
  • Annual Maintenance Grant of Rs.10000/- per school (Insurance, Electricity Bill, Cost of Fuel, Printer Toner, CDs, and other Consumables, etc.) for 2819 Schools is 281.9 Lakh
  • Teacher Training for 2000 Teachers from March to June, 2013 is 36.979 Lakh
  • Total Liability under CAL is 394.074 Lakh
  • Process has been initiated for procurement of books for Library. So grants for library may be considered.

Civil Works:

  • Construction of 6209 Head Master rooms amounting to Rs.18038.933 Lakhs could not be completed within the year 2012-13 due to non-release of 2nd instalment of central share, which may be sanctioned by PAB.
  • Fund for construction of 31 KGBVs which has not been sanctioned amounting to Rs.3621.11 lakh (@ Rs.116.81 ( 11 approved in the year 2010-11 and 20 in 2012-13) has not been sanctioned.
  • .


  • Salary for 57 nos. of KGBVs was sanctioned of @ Rs. 12.00 lakh per KGBV per annum . Due to engagement of TET qualified teachers in KGBVs the salary requirement per KGBV is of @ Rs. 17,52 Lakh per annum.
  • Difference of Rs. 314.64 lakh for 57 KGBVs ( Rs. 998.64 – Rs. 684.00 ) is a liability under salary head of KGBVs.

Innovation & NPEGEL:

  • Girls drop-out rate has considerably declined during last year (from 11.9% to 8.6 % in LP and from 14.3% to 9.2 % in UP).
  • Proposal of Rs. 405.00 lakh is made under Girls Education to carry out activities like awareness programme on child marriage, workshop on traditional folk culture, vocation education etc to zero down girls drop out.
  • Proposal for NPEGEL activities in 98 clusters of 15 Educationally Backward blocks is made of Rs.61.90 lakh to carry out activities like life skill education, self-defence, may be considered.
  • Proposals of Rs.404.975 Lakh for ST/SC & of Rs.129.4 lakh for Minority communities are made to carry out contextual area specific activities like Learning to Learn activity, micro-planning exercise and need based motivational activity, ma-jiyori (ma-beti), story-telling programme etc. Enhancement of retention rate, inclusion of all children in learning process etc will be the monitorable indicators for these activities.
  • Proposal of Rs 405.2 lakh is made to carry out the activities like drawing and colour book (activity book), thematic activity book, songs and rhymes book under ECCE, may be considered.


  • BRC level training on English subject in collaboration with British Council & training on new Text Book is to be continued. Atleast 7 days BRC level & 5 days CRC level monthly orientation (out of 10+10 days) of teachers to be allowed.
  • Process for engagement of Part –time instructor (6081) has already been initiated and their remuneration is to be included in the Financial allocation of 2013-14 .
  • Contingency grants to all 3416 CRCs to be considered.
  • Engagement of IE RT (30) & IE Volunteers (96) as per approved vacancy may be considered.
  • Under LEP, pre-writing skill (AkhorLikho Aha), children diary and Science & Maths awareness programme (GanitBigyanMela) are to be provided. Language Development Programme called “Learning to Learn” (Sadri) for Tea Garden Community is to be approved for expansion to 8 more districts where tea community are living.