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CRM solutions for Public Sector: taking good care of your citizens Richard Lefebvre – Moscow, April 7 th 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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CRM solutions for Public Sector: taking good care of your citizens Richard Lefebvre – Moscow, April 7 th 2011

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CRM solutions for Public Sector: taking good care of your citizens Richard Lefebvre – Moscow, April 7 th 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CRM solutions for Public Sector: taking good care of your citizens Richard Lefebvre – Moscow, April 7 th 2011

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  1. CRM solutions for Public Sector: taking good care of your citizens Richard Lefebvre – Moscow, April 7th 2011

  2. Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2 Oracle Confidential: Not for Distribution

  3. The World Bank in Russia Russian Economic Report 1 - March 2010 • Fifth, in Russia, the crisis has provided an opportunity and impetus to rethink and accelerate public sector (…) reforms; it is important that these lessons are not lost in the return to business-as-usual after the crisis (see chapter 2 of this report). Even with the nascent recovery, Russia faces significant long-term public sector (…) challenges. (…) Also, facing a tighter budget constraint, the government is preparing a program of improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditures and is rethinking the concept of the public sector.

  4. Public Sector today’s Challenges “How can we provide services to citizens and businesses in a more cost effective way, including Shared Services, and integrate information to support critical decisions?” Operational Effectiveness Burgeoning consumer and citizen internet access in developed economies fuel commercial and government technology upgrade and refresh initiatives - Gartner, Forecast: Global Industries WW 2010-2015 “How can we improve the citizen experience of government services by integrating programs and systems across departments and levels of government?” eGovernment Initiatives With a projected CAGR of 7%, the global government market will surpass $200B in 2012, driven mainly by eGovernment and security initiatives across all regions – IDC WW IT Spending 2008-2013 “How can my government maximize revenue collections and optimize benefit payments without increasing budgets?” Fiscal Management Increased security and compliance initiatives that have evolved over the past several years are pervasive in their impact on both government and commercial industries -Gartner, Forecast: Global Industries WW 2009-2014

  5. Russian Public Sector’s strategies Operational Effectiveness Electronic Portal for State Purchases eGovernment Initiatives e-Government Innovation & Modernization Control over Budget Fiscal Management

  6. Traditional obstacles for Public Sector Organizations Modernization • Organize around internal divisions • Measure success by process, not by outcomes • Limit information sharing with other government entities • Place little emphasis on customer service • Develop/buy expensive one-off systems to meet requirements

  7. Oracle Public Sector CRM – Solution Map Siebel Call Center E-Mail Phone Fax Person Siebel Public Sector Partner Portal Siebel Public Sector Siebel Public Sector eService Oracle Business Intelligence Browse Screening Intake Apply For Benefits Case Update Update Documents Update Notes Update Activity Register Manage Orders Manage Profile Manage Assets Screening Intake Eligibility Case Mgmt Service Planning Appeals Provider Mgmt PS Case Analytics Service Analytics Financials Analytics Projects Analytics Procurement Analytics HCM Analytics Health & Human Services Justice & Public Safety Tax & Revenue Immigration Oracle SOA Suite Oracle Policy Automation DMV 311 Pensions Rules Administration Rules Modeling Siebel OPA Connector Web Determinations Oracle Master Data Management Oracle Identity Management Enterprise Content Management Oracle Spatial Oracle E-Business Suite & PeopleSoft Financials Procurement HCM Projects Asset Management Payroll GRC Grants Domain area where we support basic case management process Pre-built integration exists Integration to be built as needed

  8. Citizens Better Service Outcomes Better & Consistent Service Access Dept A Dept B Dept C Better Understanding Social Services Finance Housing Environment Revs Bens HR HR HR Leisure Education Education Education Taxes Finance Citizen Service Issues and Aims • Hard to access • Inconsistent quality • Variable perception • Duplication • Hard to transform

  9. Better Understanding Better Service Outcomes Better & Consistent Service Access Dimensions of Citizen Service

  10. Channel Management Better & Consistent Service Access Better Service Outcomes The Scope of Citizen Management Make an Enquiry Request a Service Make a booking Contact Management Street Crime, Social Services Environmental Processes, Corporate Correspondence & Complaints Business Process and Case Management Information Management Customer Master Process Analytics Better Understanding Customer Insight Management Profiling Segmentation Outreach & Campaigns

  11. Better and Consistent Service Access Better & Consistent Service Access Field Case Worker Mobile Online Local Office Community Call Center • Supports a Wide Range of Channels • Self Service, Partner Agency Access, Mobile Staff • Supports Wide Range of Users • Same Business Process and Rules used for each channel

  12. Better & Consistent Service Access Better and Consistent Service Access • Making effective contact • Capturing the need • Effective Notification • Giving confidence it will get done • Using the right channel • Providing updates & feedback • Providing access to the right parties Acknowledgements Web Self Service Internal Partners

  13. Better Service Outcomes Siebel Case Management Capabilities • End to End Case Management • Case Stage and Status, • Assessments & Eligibility • Notes & Documents – Form Creation • Relationships • Programmes & Benefits • Process Management; • Case Routing & Assignment • Workflow, • Activity Plans • Schedule Management & KPI Tracking • Secured Team Access • Data Validation and Data Quality • Full Application audit trail • Pre-built Case Analytics

  14. Better Service Outcomes Managing Better Outcomes Example: Temporary Foster Care Assess Need Schedule Visit Review Child’s Care History Create and Assign Case Monitor Service Delivery Submit for Approval Plan Care

  15. Better Service Outcomes Better Service Outcomes • More Reliable and Consistent • Assessing the right information • Assigning the right resources • Driving consistent processes • Joined up across the organisation • Managing and tracking through to the end of the process • More Transparent • Able to explain decisions • Outcomes seen from the Citizen’s viewpoint • Supporting management control • Supporting service levels

  16. Oracle Policy Automation: Rapid Rule Deployment Better Service Outcomes Source legislation or policy Copy source material, paste into Word & mark-up Executable document in natural language which business users understand and modify Executable Rules Source Document • Policy Documents are easily transformed into executable form • Business analysts and policy experts are empowered to write rules in natural language in Microsoft Word, directly from source legislation • Rules are harvested from documents to create an executable model – but all rule maintenance is performed in the documents

  17. Better Understanding Service Information Citizen Information Better Understanding - The Citizen, The Service Delivered Performance Management Profile / Outreach

  18. Better Understanding Citizen Information EDUCATION ENVIRONMENTAL CLAIMS CLAIMS CLAIMS BENEFITS HOUSING Mastering Data Around the Individual All of your information is in front of me and I can see the issue has been resolved. Citizen data: • Relationship History • Service History • Past and pending Activities • Citizen Profile

  19. Better Understanding Oracle Public Sector AnalyticsActionable Insight Across All Roles Agent / Case Worker Manager Department Head • Investigate root-cause analysis of case management processes issues • Mid-course corrections are enabled through early warning for potential bottlenecks and backlog • Real-time environment automatically prioritizes the agent’s workload • Performance indicators measure individuals performance against organizational targets • Track customer and organisation activities • Executive dashboards provide organizational performance overview in a single glance • Pre-built index metrics provide quick performance indicator of teams’ or individuals’ performance against other teams, divisions or organizational targets

  20. Oracle Local Government Customers

  21. New York 311

  22. Agency Call Centers and Offices Agency Call Centers and Offices New York City 311 Vision ‘As part of “Open Government,” we will create a “Citizen Service Center” that will allow New Yorkers to reach all services by calling one phone number, “311.” … It will take time, but eventually New Yorkers will have only two numbers to reach government: 911 for emergencies and 311 for everything else.’ Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, January 2002 Today - ‘One contact does it all’ Yesterday - ‘Who do I call?’ • 8+ Million Citizens • Over 40 call centers/hotlines • 120+ agencies • 14 pages of phone numbers • Varied level of customer service Consistent and integrated service across all access channels Resolution / Feedback FAQs, Agency Directory Assistance, General Inquiries, Service Requests ? ? ? Completion Confirmation ? 311 Citizen Service Center

  23. Customer Intake: Unclear Jurisdiction I have a maintenance problem in my building…. Depends on… • Type of Complaint • Location of Building • Ownership of Building • Time of Day Loft Board I want to complain about rodents…. Center for Animal Care and Control • Depends on… • Location of Building • Ownership of Building • Dead or Alive • Size of Rodent

  24. New York City 311 Transformational Environment ‘Customer Intake’ ‘Agency Operations’ Citizen Service Center Contact Channel Agencies Phone Generalist Agents Siebel Service Requests Citizen, Business, Tourist Knowledge Base Web Service Request Mgmt Citizen / Account History Email GIS Telephony Applications/CTI Legacy Systems Mail/Fax Pager/PDA Agency Field Offices Specialist Agents Mobile field force Face-to-face

  25. New York City 311 Operations On February 24th 2003 the CSMS application was launched and on March 9th the 311 telephone number was activated to the public • Began by consolidating 11 Agencies • 311 has maintained a 95% of Calls answered within 3 rings Service Level • Projected Call Volume: 8-10 Million calls annually • Call volume as of Between 2/27/03 and 12/28/03:

  26. New York City 311 Recognition Select NYC 311 Media Coverage New Yorkers Love to Complain, and Hotline Is Making the Most of It New York Times, 12/1/03 Winnie Hu 311: Making a better city - Hotline becomes tool for solving problems NY Daily News, 9/21/03 David Saltonstall New Yorkers Dial 311 for Routine Info Government Computer News, 6/2/03 Trudy Walsh Dial 311 For Real Help – “IT is a Ready Pawn …” Information Week, 6/2/03 Eileen Colkin Cuneo New York Has a Number to Call: 311 New York Times, 4/23/03 Jennifer Steinhauer City Quietly Starts New ‘311’ Number The New York Sun, 3/11/03 Benjamin Smith 311 A Go For All The City Info New York Post, 3/11/03 Frankie Edozien ‘"It's not just a citizen service hot line, it is the most powerful management tool ever developed for New York City government," he said. "I can't imagine running the city without it. "’ Michael R. Bloomberg, New Yorkers Love to Complain, and Hotline Is Making the Most of It New York Times, 12/1/03 ‘… Mr. Bloomberg’s top technology aide, Gino Menchini, touted the service as a "Rosetta stone" and "by far the most far-reaching and radical change in applying technology to government" that he had seen in two decades.’ City Quietly Starts New ‘311’ Number The New York Sun, 3/11/03

  27. Oracle helps building the vertical of the Power Provide a seamless, unified citizen experience for all interactions regardless of internal organization Transform citizen data into actionable information by providing the right informationto the right person at the right time Extend citizen understanding throughoutthe administration thus enabling all functional areas to make informed, customer-based decisions