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Team Foundation Server in Development

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Team Foundation Server in Development. Kambiz Saremi. Small Project easy to code LARGE Project... Many Employees HOW DO YOU CODE IT??. How many developers working on Android for Google? 100-170 How many employees at Google?

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Small Project easy to code

  • LARGE Project... Many Employees

  • How many developers working on Android for Google?
  • 100-170
  • How many employees at Google?
  • Total Employees Worldwide: 31,000
  • How many Computer Programmers?
  • About 2,000
  • How many employees at Apple?
  • Total: 33,000
  • How many Computer Programmers?
  • Claim to have 200,000 “developers”
  • Really about 1,500 developers


    • What is TFS?
      • How do we use it?
      • What does it offer?
      • Advantage of using TFS for any business
      • Alternatives for TFS
    • Conclusion – TFS or No TFS

What is TFS?

  • VS TFS 2010 Intro
  • How much?
  • Only for Visual Studio?
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010(TFS) is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft's application lifecycle management solution. TFS automates the software delivery process and gives you the tools you need to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

How do we use it?

  • Overview of TFS Capabilities
  • Version Control (Branching and Merging)
  • Work Items
  • Project Management
  • Reporting

Version Control

  • Simple and familiar interface
  • Can be secured and locked down with access controls and customizable check-in rules
  • Ties in Project Management by linking check-ins to Work Items
  • Simple and efficient branching and merging
  • Visually track changes across branches

Check-In and Check-Out

  • Undo Pending
  • Changes?
  • Shelve Pending
  • Changes?

Check-out but somebody messed up the file?

  • Method 2
  • Donut rule to help prevent
  • mess ups


Work Item Tracking

  • Work Items – What ties everything together and enables teams to collaborate with tasks they are all working on
  • Work items can be:
      • User Stories
    • Tasks
    • Bugs
    • Requirements
    • Many other options

Work Item Tracking

    • Why not use Excel? It works…


  • What is reporting?
  • Powerful reports and dashboards in Team Foundation Server 2010 help you analyze and track progress and quality in real-time. Project data is stored in a data warehouse and features an OLAP cube that allows for rich reporting using Microsoft Excel and SQL Report Designer. Dashboards are based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)/SharePoint Server as well as Windows SharePoint Services/SharePoint Foundation. Team Foundation Server 2010 ships with more than 30 reports out of the box and you can easily create custom reports.

Using Agile with TFS

  • What’s agile again?
  • Used with SCRUM

Using Agile with TFS

  • What does a realistic Burndown chart look like in industry?

Alternative development programs?

  • VisualSVN
  • Apache Subversion
  • Team Explorer Everywhere 2010


  • Single integrated solution that delivers version control, work item/bug tracking and a number of other features
  • Cross-functional, in-context collaboration – Project Managers, Architects, Developers, Testers, Designers
  • Powerful team management system integration lets you focus on your business, by automating repetitive or otherwise time-consuming tasks

Test Cases?

  • Test Case Management
    • Start at 3:55
  • Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010

Eclipse using Team Explorer Everywhere 2010

  • Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 Website

Looking for a job?

  • Analyst position


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