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We will begin at 11:00AM Pacific/2:00PM Eastern PowerPoint Presentation
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We will begin at 11:00AM Pacific/2:00PM Eastern

We will begin at 11:00AM Pacific/2:00PM Eastern

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We will begin at 11:00AM Pacific/2:00PM Eastern

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  1. Welcome to the Computer Science Collaboration Project WebinarCSTA: Services and Resources to Engage Youth in Computer Science We will begin at 11:00AM Pacific/2:00PM Eastern

  2. Webinar Agenda • Computer Science Collaboration Project Overview • Presenters: Dr. Chris Stephenson, Executive Director, Computer Science Teachers Association & Pat Phillips, CSTA Voice Editor, Computer Science Teachers Association • Questions & Answers

  3. Project Overview The Computer Science Collaboration Project aims to efficiently increase participation of underrepresented groups in computer science opportunities and activities by effectively building collaborations between K-12, community-based organizations, higher education and industry.

  4. Project Goals Build collaborations between CSCP participants from K-12 settings, community-based organizations, higher education, and industry Maximize access to shared resources among representatives from K-12 settings, community-based organizations, higher education, and industry that are interested in expanding and broadening participation in computer science. Strengthen the capacity of existing and evolving K-12 formal and informal programs in computer science by supporting the use of exemplary practices.

  5. Project Activities • Project website: • Program Directory • Webinars • Quarterly newsletter • Leadership Teams • Engaging Hispanic/Latino(a) Youth in Computer Science • Engaging Youth with Disabilities in Computer Science • Mini-grants • Conference presentations

  6. CSTA Services and Resources:Supporting Computer ScienceEducation ContinuumDr. Chris Stephenson Patricia Phillips

  7. An Introduction to CSTA Systemic Issues Why computer science is crucial for students Current challenges Transformation is underway Agenda

  8. CSTA was founded in 2004 in response to growing concern about the state of computer science in secondary schools. There is a substantial body of research pointing to the key role of professional associations in systemic educational improvement. Teachers are too isolated in their schools and too rarely offered real support by the post-secondary institutions or government. Why CSTA?

  9. CSTA is an international membership organization of 10,000 members in 102 countries. CSTA is a learning community CSTA is an advocacy organization CSTA is a provider of professional development for teachers CSTA is a research body CSTA is a provider of resources CSTA Today

  10. CSTA’s Mission

  11. CSTA’s Structure

  12. CSTA’s Goals and Objectives

  13. CSTA Regional Chapters

  14. Systemic Issues

  15. Why?

  16. Privileged Knowledge

  17. Very Scary Numbers

  18. Jobs and Graduates

  19. Computer Science is Distinct from Literacy

  20. Tool Users vs Tool Builders

  21. Which Courses Count and Who Can Take Them

  22. Chic vs. Geek

  23. CS Teacher Certification is a Total Mess

  24. Standards: Running on Empty

  25. New K-12 Computer Science Standards

  26. Why CS: New Educational Imperative

  27. Equity: Addressing Core Equity Issues

  28. Posters and Brochures

  29. CSTA Publications

  30. How Can We Work Better Together

  31. Chris Stephenson Executive Director, CSTA Phone: 1-541-687-1840 Fax: 1-541-687-1840 Pat Phillips CSTA Voice, Editor Phone: 1-928-505-5220 Fax: 1-928-855-4258 CSTA website: THANK YOU!

  32. CSC Project Information • Visit the CSC Project website: • Enter your program in the Program Directory • Sign up for quarterly newsletter • Next Webinar: June 5, 2012, 10:00AM Pacific/1:00PM Eastern Is Your Website Accessible? How Do You Find Out?