Using data to make decisions
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Using Data to Make Decisions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OUTCOMES. SYSTEMS. DA T A. PRACTICES. Using Data to Make Decisions. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. Joan Ledvina Parr 410-887-1103. Objectives. Review the components of the STARS Discipline Module Office Discipline Referrals (Majors)

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Using data to make decisions





Using Data to Make Decisions

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Joan Ledvina Parr 410-887-1103


  • Review the components of the STARS Discipline Module

    • Office Discipline Referrals (Majors)

    • Teacher Referrals (Minors)

  • Discuss the importance of using data to make decisions

  • Learn how to create the PBIS Big 5 Reports

  • Learn how to construct a Variable Report

Data can be your friend
Data Can Be Your Friend

  • Key Features of Data Systems that Work:

    • Data are accurate

    • Data are easy to collect

    • Data are used for decision making

      • Data must be available when decisions need to be made

      • Difference between data needs at a school building vs. data needs for the school system

      • People who collect the data must see the information used for decision making

What data should be collected for decision making use what you have
What Data Should be Collected for Decision Making: Use What You Have

  • Office Discipline Referrals

    • Measure of overall environment—

    • Referrals are affected by:

      • Student behavior

      • Staff behavior

      • Administrative context

  • Teacher Referrals (Minors, Focus Room, etc.)

  • Attendance

  • Suspensions

Office discipline referral process form
Office Discipline Referral Process/Form You Have

  • Coherent system in place to collect office discipline referral data

  • Faculty and staff agree on categories

  • Faculty and staff agree on process

  • Office Discipline Referral Form should include needed information:

    • Name, Date, Time, Staff Referring

    • Problem Behavior, Location, Motivation

    • Others Involved, Detailed Information as needed

Stars for bcps
STARS for BCPS You Have

  • STARS begins third year of operation

  • All school use STARS as their data system

  • STARS discipline module is integrated with the Student Enrollment, Attendance, Grades, and Tienet components

  • Security clearance and permission to use component parts of STARS

Stars discipline module
STARS Discipline Module You Have

  • Data Entry

    • Office Discipline Referrals (Majors)

    • Teacher Referrals (Minors)

  • Reports

    • PBIS Reports: The Big 5

      • Location

      • Problem Behavior

      • Staff

      • Student

      • Time of Day

      • Referrals per Day by Month

    • Variable Reports

What systems are problematic
What systems are problematic? You Have

Referrals by location?

Are there specific problem locations?

Referrals by problem behavior?

What problem behaviors are most common?

Referrals by student?

Are there many students receiving referrals or only a small number of students with many referrals?

Referrals by time of day?

Are there specific times when problems occur?

What does the data tell us
What Does the Data Tell Us You Have

If many students are making same mistake, consider changing system….not students

Start by teaching, monitoring & rewarding…before increasing punishment


Stars big 5 reports

Location You Have

Problem Behavior

Staff (optional)

Time of Day

Date Range

From ……To

Referral Type

All (major and minor)



Show All Categories with _____ or more referrals

STARS—Big 5 Reports

Stars big 5 reports1

Student You Have

Date Range

Referral Type

Show All Students with _____ or more referrals

Sort on:

Student name






STARS—Big 5 Reports

Student report factors to sort on
Student Report—Factors to Sort on You Have

  • Student Name—Lists students alphabetically

  • Age—Lists by age of students

  • Grade—Lists by grade of students

  • Section—Lists by section of students

  • Majors—Lists students’ names in order according to their number of majors

  • Minors—Lists students’ names in order according to their number of minors

    ** You can limit your list by requesting only students with _____ or more referrals or by asking for only majors or only minors

Stars big 5 report
STARS—Big 5 Report You Have

  • Average Referrals per Day by Month

    • Provides a chart with the number of days school was in session, number of referrals (majors and/or minors), as well as the calculation of Referrals per Day by Month

Create graphs from excel or power point applications
Create Graphs from Excel or You HavePower Point Applications

Average Referrals to Support Room per Day per Month

Stars and variable reports
STARS and Variable Reports You Have

  • Create a Report Title

  • Create a Report Description to elaborate details

  • Portrait or Landscape



Add categories usually will be
Add Categories—Usually Will Be: You Have

Student Demographics

Discipline Details

Discipline Summary

Category student demographics includes
Category— Student Demographics Includes: You Have

  • First Last

  • Last First

  • Race

  • Grade

  • Gender

  • Etc……

Category discipline details includes

Action You Have

Action Type

Days Out

Incident Date

Incident Location

Incident Notes

Incident Time

Incident Type

Minutes Out


Offense Category

Offense Subcategory

Periods Out

Police Involved

Primary Charge

Student Charged

Category— Discipline Details Includes:

Category discipline summary includes
Category— Discipline Summary You Have Includes:

  • Major Incidents

  • Minor Incidents

  • Total Days/Suspensions

  • Total Incidents

Order the columns
Order the Columns You Have

  • Select the order in which you want the columns to appear

  • Consider the number of columns and their width when determining the importance of criteria for your report

Selection criteria and sort on
Selection Criteria and Sort On You Have

  • Determine the Selection Criteria

  • You can identify the criteria on which to sort— based on the fields you have identified

Word of warning
Word of Warning You Have

Be patient and think it through!!!!

For additional information
For additional information: You Have

Joan Ledvina Parr, Ph.D.