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Easter traditions

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Easter traditions. Chisinau eduard. Origin of Easter celebrations.

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easter traditions

Easter traditions

Chisinau eduard

origin of easter celebrations
Origin of Eastercelebrations

Since the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the sign of His victory and guarantee our salvation , it was natural that from the beginning commemorate the resurrection is one of the most important celebrations of Christianity . A few days after His solemn entry into Jerusalem , Jesus was tried and crucified , died on the cross and laid in the tomb. After three days, ie Sunday early in the morning , He rose as victor , with the power of His deity , to plineasca Scripture and those determined by divine dispensation for the salvation of the human race.Christian worship , especially the Orthodox , celebrating it as " the Empress and Mrs. Saturdays , the feast of feasts and celebration of the holidays " not a mere historical commemoration , but the whole drama relives shocking death and resurrection of Christ , thereby Christians to acquire the teaching of God and the redemptive work of the Son of God incarnate . The special character of the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ be seen very well in jobs related to this event.In the opinion of most exegetes and historians church , the resurrection of the Lord took place on the first Sunday after Easter the Jews in the year 33 of the Christian era . It is known that Jews Tablets ( Pascha ) was celebrated on the evening of 14 Nisan . Nisan or Abib the first month of the Hebrew year , beginning on the new moon after the spring equinox , on 14 Nisan coincided so the first month after equinox

easter eggs
Easter eggs
  • Easter eggs, according to tradition, were collected from nests in Wednesday of the fourth week of Lent, called "Paresimilor Wednesday." It is customary to Shrove Tuesday and to this day, housewives do not gather eggs. Was the belief that eggs chosen this day to be corrupted Easter. ago gleaned Easter eggs for food and eggs that would be red. Even if they were collected on this day, their painting take place Thursday in the week before Easter, but never on Good Friday. Egg painting is a symbol of the Savior, which leaves the tomb and returns to life as chicken out of the egg. Red eggs are called Bukovina cranberries, and the ornaments are called painted, inchistrite or impistrite.
passing under the table on good friday
Passing under the table, on Good Friday
  • Every year on Good Friday , in the grave , along with Christ, that , then , was also raised with Him . This lowering and lifting of the pit of death is done symbolically by passing under the table located in the middle of the church , which is lying dead body of Jesus Christ imprinted on the Holy Shroud .The Holy Shroud is a cult object made ​​of linen , silk or velvet , which is printed or painted icon commissioning tomb of Jesus Christ . Epitaph is a name composed of two Greek words " " which means " the grave " . It represents a kind of seal placed on the Holy Sepulchre of the Lord . So even imagine passing under him entry into the life-giving Holy Sepulchre .Passing under the table , on Good FridayThe Holy and Great Friday is remembrance " and frightening Holy Passion of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ" , ie: spitting , flicks the face , palms , insults , taunts , clothing porphyry, reed , sponge , vinegar , nails , the spear , the cross and death .
feast palm
Feast Palm
  • Palm Festival is known as the Sunday Stalparilor Bucovina . Saviour celebrated Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem . Flowers Habits - Habit LazaritelorBefore entering into Jerusalem , Christ raised Lazarus . Resurrection of Lazarus resurrection symbolizes the future of the human race . The people believed that Lazarus was a young boy , the girl's brother who married Valentine's Day , Spring Cap . According to tradition, a Saturday Lazar left the sheep , leaving his mother to make pies . Climbing a tree to take buds animal remembers pies . Hurry to descend, falls and dies. According to legend that Lazarus would die of longing pie , it was customary for this Saturday , the women of the country to make an offering of remembrance of the dead dividing pies post . Professor Ion Ghinoiu said that on the eve of Palm Sunday or Saturday , it made ​​a ceremonial complex , named Lazarus , which was modeled after the carols . Ion Ghinoiu said that he had a ceremony which involved only girls . " One of the girls , named Lazarus , dressed in bride and wander along the front windows of the house where they were received. Lazarus steps appease ride back and forth in the circle formed by colindatoarele the story, a simple melody , drama 's Lazarus Lazarus : Lazarus leaving home to sheep , climbing the tree to give animals leaf unexpected death by falling from the tree , searching and finding the lifeless body of his sisters , bringing home fresh milk ritual bathing , dressing dead walnut leaves , throwing dead drenched in nut " .
habits of lent
Habits of Lent
  • Spiritual preparation for Easter begins the last week of winter Caslegilor called the people and White Week . In this time do not eat cams allowed to consume eggs, milk and milk products obtained but are weddings or other parties with music.Week ends with Sunday Alba Sec left which once was a true celebration family and even the community , since the eve of this Sunday , women preparing food for the table night in which all family members and their guests : neighbors, relatives , friends. The party was called Shrove Tuesday night and continues until the midnight , at which each mesean ritually eat an egg saying " Ouşor , Ouşor , be my job easier ."On Sunday the girls and the boys left for Sec caslegile remaining unmarried in winter were derided in a village commonly called cry over . Lads gathered in bands, is climbing the heights of the village from which lowered the large wheels of straw burning and satirized him by shouting in the form of dialogue, the remaining unmarried .The first day after Shrove Tuesday called Clean Monday , the day when women did not work nothing but ritual washing of dishes that , later, they climbed into the attic . Also on this day , after spending the night bacchius one of the family members got up most morning, take to the table with the remaining crumbs from the feast , came out with her outside and throw scraps of food the birds in the yard saying "Come to birds and give to you the pieces that catch my job , and I post to catch the pieces of summer " . This ritual had prophylactic and apotropaic , defense attack future crops of birds .

Tuesday of the first week of Lent was called crooked or Spolocania Tuesdays . On this day women taking distaff and go to the village pub to " rinse " the food of frupt brandy ( sweet ) . Here , they drink brandy boiled with pepper will increase the belief that large hemp and to be safe from this success throwing the drink in the glass ceiling saying " so to grow hemp in the summer ."On this day only eat unleavened bread and drink sauerkraut dies .On the first Saturday of Lent is celebrated by San - Toader, saint who was canonized by the Orthodox Church because of his gift that keeps fear Traditionally punishments for all those who respect him . San - Toader and horses that accompany it broke , according to tradition , the chain of Sant - Ion free to let warm season . They guarded the sun to prevent its escape to the north side - night and thus save humanity from the night eternal .Horses of San - Toader they were established from five to twelve days beginning Monday Cleanse , Week Alba is known as the Horse Week 's San - Toader . According to popular belief, horses of San- Toader are mythical beings hipomorfe -looking lads but have tail hidden ITAR and hoofs hidden in his shoes . They enthrones order at the beginning of Lent , closing sezatorile and parties . Horses of San nights - Toader, girls were not going to bee , close to houses and flip upside down all vessels to prevent these terrible spirits hide in them.


Another custom of the day , kept up late in Bucovina , was that of the calves and foals trimming mane and tails of mares ( known as costrujire share ) resulting hair is put in ant mounds that " animals in the household to multiply like ants " .In Saturday San - Toader was made wheat cage ( Cage 's San - Toader ) who went to church where saints and children splits or poor people . From this Saturday began special jobs dead, jobs that took place every Saturday of Lent and ends on Holy Thursday .In Saturday 's San - Toader unfolded thus a complex scenario symbols renewal time calendar , celebrated another time , especially in the pastoral , the beginning of spring.In March after Shrove Tuesday Lent itself begins , which lasts seven weeks , phase calendar not eat meat , milk , cheese and eggs, eating relying entirely on vegetable products . During this period traditional households are engaged in intense activity in the domestic textile industry . It purred busily , weave and sew their young women and girls , secretly lovely shirts they wore on Easter .


ABOUT EASTER  Easter is one of the most important celebrations of Christianity.   Easter - the celebration of life - marks the miracle of the Resurrection and purification of Bright Week acts bring back balance and harmony Christians.   The object of the Christian holidays is the living memory of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   Easter, the celebration of light and joy, and so far has kept the charm and significance, being a time of peace of mind and family nearby.   Charm is particularly so given religious significance as well as the traditions and symbols of Easter: egg painting, bunny, Easter dinner with traditional dishes - cake, bread, lamb, and job Saturday night in the grain Christians receive holy light.   In 2013 we celebrate Easter on May 5.   We wish you a Happy Easter!