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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry And Accessories

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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry And Accessories - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A simple dress can be made more exciting by a bling accessory, something like a statement piece that will completely change the type of the dress and make it grander.

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Article 3:

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry And Accessories

Accessories are a woman’s best friend, and most often, completely change the appearance of the


Choosing the right accessory

A simple dress can be made more exciting by a bling accessory, something like a statement piece

that will completely change the type of the dress and make it grander. A bright dress can be paired

with a simple accessory, in contrast, that will gel well with the outfit.

Making the best out of an outfit is about choosing the right accessory to go with it.

Mixing and matching accessories

A few standard handbags, evening bags, cheap clutch bags can be paired with cheap trendy jewelry,

trendy fashion jewelry and other such accessories to create an effect of using different sets. A few

simple accessories can be paired with each other in permutations and combinations to create

different combinations of outfits.

Pairing accessories with different dresses and outfits will create completely different looks.

Handbags and jewelry

Clutches and evening bags are paired with costume jewelry that is available wholesale in stores like

Ur Eternity, fast growing jewelry store chain based out of New York City. The combination between

handbags and jewelry is a crucial one, and pairing them right makes all the difference. A simple

handbag with statement jewelry piece, and if the focus is to be shifted on the clutch, the jewelry

needs to be kept simple.

Products available

Handbags: A variety of handbags, evening bags, clutch bags, and other accessories are available. The

varieties range from modern, simple, minimalistic, and bling.

Jewelry: Jewelry pieces can be sold individually, as in bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and other

pieces. Or as sets together that combine two or more such matching pieces that can be paired with

matching dresses. The latest fashion trends can include cheap priced chokers, gold plated jewelry

and silver plated, silver toned jewelry.

Store Supplies: The beauty of jewelry can be enhanced by using the right display and storing options.

This may include the convenient display boxes for each type of jewelry, and other gift boxes to gift

and offer jewelry.

Other accessories: Other exciting accessory options like masks and watches, or other memorabilia

pieces are available for sale in exciting deals.

Storage T Bars

Article 3:

Triple removal T Bars, two tier T Bars, single tier Round T Bars and artistic hand displays for storing

various types of jewelry like bangles and rings, and certain chains are also available. In addition to

storing, these can also be used to tastefully display the jewelry.

Purchase made easy

Purchasing jewelry is now made infinitely easier, with a single click. The online stores offer

convenient browsing options, and purchases can be made from the comfort of home. Purchases can

also be paired with reward points and the sale is 100% secure. The personal information of the

customer is kept secure. Ur Eternity also is customer friendly and offers a compelling range of

jewelry. The products include a wide range of jewelry and other accessories. The company operates

with the mission statement to provide best possible customer service and record shipping times,

with an impressive customer service


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