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Tusculum College Greeneville, Tennessee PowerPoint Presentation
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Tusculum College Greeneville, Tennessee

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Tusculum College Greeneville, Tennessee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tusculum College Greeneville, Tennessee
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  1. Tusculum CollegeGreeneville, Tennessee Contributions to P-16 Education in East TennesseeJonathan Franz, ProvostRobin Fife,Director, Center for Service Learning

  2. Tusculum in Brief • Founded in 1794 • Presbyterian Heritage • 900 Traditional Students learning on a focused one-course-at-a-time calendar 1200 Working Adult Students Accelerated cohort schedule - Multiple sites including: Chattanooga, Knoxville, Morristown, Greeneville, and the Tri-Cities

  3. Tusculum in Partnership • Teacher Education Programs • Arts Outreach Programs • Museum Programs • Service-Learning Programs

  4. Service-Learning Center • Develops required Service-Learning courses • Teaches competencies: Civility Self-Knowledge Ethics of Social Responsibility • Helps students apply knowledge and skills into action for the common good • Helps the community to identify meaningful projects

  5. Partners in Education Master PartnershipsGreeneville and Greene County School Systems • Tutoring and mentoring • Providing people power for landscaping, building, and other projects • Assisting with projects in class • Sharing knowledge and resources

  6. Major Avenues of Cooperation Nettie McCormick Service Day

  7. Major Avenues of Cooperation Bonner Leader Program

  8. Major Avenues of Cooperation Local and Off-Campus Courses Navajo Doak Belize Reservation Elementary Central America

  9. America’s Promise Provides Youth with Five Promises • Ongoing Relationships with Caring Adults • Safe Places and Structured Activities • Healthy Start for a Healthy Community • Marketable Skills through Effective Education • Opportunities to Serve

  10. America’s Promise Develops and assesses services to youth via: K-16 Schools Non-profit Organizations Businesses Faith Communities Government Agencies Media Parents Youth

  11. Tusculum: a College of Promise Piloted the nation’s first college-led Power of Five Program in schools • Developed by America’s Promise & Weekly Reader • Educates elementary students about meaning and importance of five promises • Presented by Tusculum students to 6th graders

  12. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program Class divided into 4 groups: • Caring Adult – Be Somebody’s Buddy • Safe Places – Where to be After 3:00 p.m. • Healthy Start – Be Health Smart • Marketable Skills – Use What You Know

  13. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program For Fifth Promise: -- Opportunities to Serve – Make a Move – Tusculum students and 6th graders carried out a joint service project

  14. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program

  15. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program • Steps for Tusculum Students • Preparation • Class Assignments • Work with 6th Graders • Presentations • Final Service Project and Celebration

  16. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program • Outcomes • Teachers: Students were more deeply engaged in discussion • 6th Graders: “Educational,” “Fun,” “Awesome” • TC Students: Developed appreciation for issues faced by young people in local community

  17. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program Benefits to Tusculum Students “This has been a totally fulfilling experience. I have never been in a position in which I have been looked up to.” “Now I have a completely different outlook on civic service. Now I want to serve!”

  18. Tusculum: a College of Promise Power of Five Program Potential Long-Term Benefits to Elementary Students Judge Tom Wright: “Youth who volunteer just one hour a week are 50% less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, or engage in destructive behavior. Your class may be saving lives as some of these kids will choose not to abuse alcohol or drugs.”

  19. Tusculum College Fulfilling its Mission Through Service to Community “Tusculum College remains true to its origins as a church-related institution of higher learning in the civic republican tradition by developing educated citizens distinguished by academic excellence, public service, and qualities of Judeo-Christian character.”