The construction of a set
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The Construction of a Set…. The University of Arizona’s Medea. Research Images. The Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland . Research Images.

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The construction of a set l.jpg

The Construction of a Set…

The University of Arizona’sMedea

Research images l.jpg
Research Images

The Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland

Research images3 l.jpg
Research Images

A dilapidated Irish cottage, one of many lasting reminders of the horrors of the Irish Potato Famine which halved the population of Ireland by death and emigration beginning in September of 1845. The Famine left a an indelible mark on the psyche of the nation and strengthened the hostilities between the Irish and English who, for the most part, did nothing to help.

Painting l.jpg

What will eventually be a cliff wall section, is painted in the scene shop

Construction l.jpg
Construction painted

Construction of the house is underway in the Tornabene Theatre where Medea will ultimately be performed

Slide8 l.jpg

The Cliffs have been finished and hoisted into place, construction of the platforms continues and other scenic rock pieces are being created and painted

Slide9 l.jpg

The house, now painted, is taken apart and moved piece by piece into position on the platforms. The size of the platform made it impossible to move ladders around the house to paint it in its final position, thus it was painted on the deck and moved into place later.

Slide11 l.jpg

The last piece of the house is moved to the platform needed to move each of the pieces.

The house is in place l.jpg
The house is in place needed to move each of the pieces.

The house is braced and installed on the platforms

Meanwhile overhead l.jpg
Meanwhile, overhead… needed to move each of the pieces.

The lighting designer, electricians and crew work to hang and eventually cable and focus the lighting instruments on the tension grid above the stage for Medea.

Floor and props l.jpg
Floor and Props needed to move each of the pieces.

Over the weekend, the floor pieces were painted and installed and large boulders were brought in from a local rock supplier. The prop master has also begun to load in some props.

Flying techies l.jpg
Flying Techies needed to move each of the pieces.

Techs are using a harness hung from the grid to add details to places that cannot be reached by ladders.

More paint l.jpg
More Paint needed to move each of the pieces.

Painting the rocks… to look like rocks…

(one can only assume in an effort to keep a cohesive color scheme and environment).

Keep on working l.jpg
Keep on working needed to move each of the pieces.


As the work goes on, more photos will be added!

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