become a show stopper with gorgeous net sarees n.
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Become a Show Stopper with Gorgeous Net Sarees PowerPoint Presentation
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Become a Show Stopper with Gorgeous Net Sarees

Become a Show Stopper with Gorgeous Net Sarees

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Become a Show Stopper with Gorgeous Net Sarees

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  1. Become a Show Stopper with Gorgeous Net Sarees Introduction The Net sarees are the way to go when you wish to wear something ethnic and modern in an event. It gives you a 'young and refreshing' look and mystically grabs all the attention for you. With so many innovations taking place in fashion, this saree has won many hearts in India and abroad. It has a distinct look and feels to it, which made it popular amongst women at a phenomenal rate. The net fabric was introduced to India by the western traders when they docked here. The net was first used to make dupattas but soon designers understood its potential and magic happened in the field of sarees. We don't know the exact origin of these net sarees but traces of them are found in the Pre-Mughal history.

  2. In this millennial era, fashion statement has become significantly important. Today, women wish to look good but also like to make a statement that says, 'I'm Unique'. The net sarees do exactly what they desire. The celebrities globally are embracing the beauty and charm of this apparel as well. You must have noticed many of them flaunting the designer sarees made of the net on their social media accounts. This has contributed immensely to the popularity of the net sarees online. You can don this attire on any occasion, be it a swanky party, traditional event or at a wedding. Designer sarees made of the net would be the ideal ones to wear as they bring in comfort and grace with them. This saree does not let you down while you are tripping the light fantastic in a wedding. As a matter, a fact, Lehenga cholis for a wedding are getting trumped by the sarees made of net. Isn’t it remarkable? These sarees come in many variations. It gives you numerous options to choose from for any special occasion. Here are a few famous types that are turning heads at the fashion walks. Check for yourself, if you fall in love with any of these. Types of Net Sarees: Zardosi - ●

  3. The sarees with beautiful designs on their base made of gold or silver look enchanting. Art of Zardosi when applied to the sarees made of net creates a fascinating combination of ethnic and modern features. The Zardosi saree is made by adding various kinds of artistic zari motifs to it. The borders are considerably thin and have intricate designs.

  4. Lace Work - ● This saree type has the simplest look of all net sarees but scores highest in the subject of elegance. It’s mostly plain net fabric of solid colours or sometimes even a blend of two or more complementing colours. Laces of various designs are sewed to the borders. The blouse contains the same lace at times to create

  5. a sense of belonging. These sarees look good when paired with accessories made of pearls or diamonds. Velvet - ● A saree with velvet borders or pallu looks astonishing. They are regular sarees made of net but with either borders or pallu designed or completely made of

  6. velvet. The gorgeously contrasting textures of the fabrics- net and velvet, makes this attire look exclusive and regal. The heaviness of velvet prevents the saree from being too wispy; offering a spruce appearance. Half-and-Half - ●

  7. It’s crafted in a manner that it looks continuous but have a striking difference between the pallu and pleats. These sarees are a combination of the net with other fabrics such as chiffon, silk or georgette. The artistry lies in bringing together two fabrics, designs or colours to blend in admirably. Millennials love

  8. this innovation. They showcase their unique personalities by wearing customized sarees on special occasions. Silk - ●

  9. The silk net sarees are made of tissue silk which is delicate and similar to the net fabric in look. Tissue silk is an exquisite material with a soft shine and translucent property. These sarees are slightly more opaque than the rest of the types. They are mostly plain with prints of floral designs and have laced borders. The embroidery on these sarees if any is light and the embellishments used are relatively modest.

  10. Embroidered - ● A designer saree made of net fabric and embroidered with breathtaking designs is the ultimate choice for your wedding. These sarees are embellished using stones, beads, pearls or sequins. Artisans also make sure that they are both

  11. comfortable to don and incredibly beautiful. You can sport heavy gold jewellery to enhance the appeal of this attire. Conclusion : So, are you looking for the best collection of net sarees online? Well, there’s an easy solution to it - Urban India . The online store has an awesome collection of net sarees below 1000 rupees. Buy your attire for that special occasion without worries as they maintain high standards for everything. From the basic fabric to the service you get, all of it is the best-in-business. Urban India makes sure that all of its net sarees online are fabricated with utmost care. This online store does not compromise on quality and has the most trending set of attires. Enjoy shopping!