Historical thinking 2012
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Historical Thinking 2012. Prairie Spirit School Division. Goals for the day. To introduce teachers to a wealth of local primary and secondary sources to use in their MY and SY classrooms.

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Historical thinking 2012

Historical Thinking2012

Prairie Spirit School Division

Goals for the day
Goals for the day

  • To introduce teachers to a wealth of local primary and secondary sources to use in their MY and SY classrooms.

  • To demonstrate strategies to promote historical thinking about such sources, that is grade-level specific.


  • Al Thorleifson

    (Pembina Manitou Archive)

  • Bette Mueller

    (Nellie McClung Foundation)

  • Linda Connor

    (Manitoba Education)

    General Introductions …


  • Introduction

  • The Pembina-Manitou Archive (primary and secondary sources)

  • Promoting historical Thinking using the Archive

  • Vimy Ridge Tour

  • The McClung Foundation Website

  • Critical thinking using the lessons and primary sources

  • Social Studies update

  • The Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy

Using primary source evidence

Using Primary Source Evidence


(Think sheet page 8)

Grade 6


Grade 6 SS – Canada the Emerging Nation

KG-042 Describe Canada’s involvement in the Second World War

and identify its impact on Canadian individuals and communities.

Include: internment of ethnocultural groups; the Holocaust.

VG-014 Appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers and other Canadians

made during the World Wars.

Grade 9


  • Grade 6

  • KI-010 Describe various challenges faced by new immigrants to

  • Canada.

  • Examples: language, climate and environment, differing laws and

  • customs, discrimination, physical and cultural isolation...

Grade 11


Grade timeline?9 SS – Cluster 2

Democracy and Governance in Canada

KC-007 Describe the responsibilities and processes of the legislative,

executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.

KP-046 Give examples of ways in which people can individually and

collectively influence Canada’s political and social systems.

Examples: voting, political parties, labour organizations, civil disobedience,

NGOs, lobbying...

The nellie mcclung foundation

The Nellie McClung Foundation timeline?

Bette Mueller

The nellie mcclung foundation1
The Nellie McClung Foundation timeline?


Vimy ridge

Vimy timeline? Ridge

George Adams

Exerpts timeline? from the Begbie Contest

Social studies

Social Studies timeline?

Linda Connor

Teachers institute on parliamentary democracy

Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy timeline?

Marilyn Cullen

Ryan Steppler

Wrap up
Wrap-up timeline?

  • Thank you to all

  • Exit slip