hill murray pioneer girls lacrosse 2012 n.
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Hill-Murray Pioneer Girls Lacrosse 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Hill-Murray Pioneer Girls Lacrosse 2012

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Hill-Murray Pioneer Girls Lacrosse 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hill-Murray Pioneer Girls Lacrosse 2012. Coaching Staff & Captains. Coaches: Theresa Boyd Allison Kier Taylor Zarembinski Captains: Mikayla Curtis Rachel Gott Carly Schwieters. Coaches’ Expectations. Attend all practices and games Be prompt Stay focused Have a positive attitude

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coaching staff captains
Coaching Staff & Captains
  • Coaches:
    • Theresa Boyd
    • Allison Kier
    • Taylor Zarembinski
  • Captains:
    • Mikayla Curtis
    • Rachel Gott
    • Carly Schwieters
coaches expectations
Coaches’ Expectations
  • Attend all practices and games
    • Be prompt
    • Stay focused
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Display good sportsmanship on/off field
  • Maintain good grades
    • Student first, athlete second
  • Have fun!!!
student eligibility
Student Eligibility
  • The following must be completed no later than Friday, March 9th
    • Player must sign up in Mrs. Soutor’s office
      • Sign-up sheet will be available February 28th
    • Player must complete (signed by both player and parent/guardian) the following forms and submit to Mrs. Soutor
      • MSHSL Annual Sports Health Questionnaire Form
        • Signature required on both sides of the form
      • Hill-Murray School Athletic Eligibility Rules
      • 2011-2012 MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Form
      • 2011-2012 MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical History Form
      • Athletic Trainer Authorization
      • 2011-2012 MSHSL Eligibility Brochure Concussion Management Addendum
    • Student must be considered eligible by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) concerning chemicals, academics, age requirements, or transfer status, etc.
player fees
Player Fees
  • Each player who makes the JV/Varsity girls lacrosse teams will be assessed a $345 player fee
    • This fee will appear on your tuition statement
hill murray policy attendance
Hill-Murray Policy: Attendance
  • Students participating in any form of co-curricular activities must be in school the entire day in order to be eligible to participate.
  • A student who misses any portion of a school day may not participate in any co-curricular activity (practice, performance, games, scrimmage, etc.) on that day, unless the absence has been approved, in advance, through the Office of Student Life.
  • If a student is absent on a Friday or part of a Friday, the absence carries over to any weekend event.
coaches policy attendance
Coaches’ Policy: Attendance
  • Players are expected to attend all practices and games
  • Unexcused absences will result in the player being ineligible to play for the first half of the next game.
    • Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to: tardy arrival at school the day of or prior to a game, missing or late to game/practice, detention during practice, etc.
academic eligibility
Academic Eligibility
  • In order for students to be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities, they must maintain a current grade point average of 2.0 and must pass all their classes. This is not a cumulative grade point average; it is the grade point average for the current grading period. The 2.0 grade point average can only be determined using semester grades. Students must be passing each of their classes at the end of 1st quarter and 3rd quarter. Students must be passing all their classes and have a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average at the end of 1st semester and 2nd semester.
  • A student may become ineligible on the basis of quarter or semester grades. The student is automatically ineligible for a period of three weeks. After three weeks, a student will regain their eligibility if he meets the appropriate criteria. Those who do not bring their grades up remain ineligible until the next grading period. In order to restore eligibility at the end of the three week period, a student must turn in a progress report signed by each of his teachers to the athletic office on the day that is listed as the end of the three week period.
chemical use policy
Chemical Use Policy
  • The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol or any drug or controlled substance not prescribed for the student by a doctor, or the possession of anything that may be defined or construed as drug paraphernalia is not permitted. No student is to be present in a bar, tavern, restaurant or residence where alcohol is served unless accompanied by his parents or guardians. Students are expected to immediately leave any situation where alcohol or other controlled substances are present.
  • Out of Season Incident:
    • Suspension from participation in interscholastic contests for three weeks or three contests, whichever is longer. This consequences applies to violation during the school year when the student is not participating in a school-sanctioned activity or to violations that occur during the summer months. Chemical violations occurring when a student is not in season will automatically carry over to the student’s next season. Therefore, the three-contest rule will be in effect for the non-season athlete.
  • In season Incident:
    • Any violation during the lacrosse season will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the team
mshsl policies
MSHSL Policies
  • Racial / Religious / Sexual Harassment / Violence & Hazing
    • During the school year, a student shall not violate the racial / religious / sexual harassment and racial / religious / sexual violence and hazing bylaws of the Minnesota State High School League.
    • Interpretation: The MSHSL bylaw applies to the entire school year including any portion of the activity season that occurs prior to the start of the school year or after the close of the school year.
  • Transfer Policy
    • The Minnesota State High School League Transfer Policy governing students that transfer from one high school to another may be found on the High School League website, www.mshsl.org or in the High School League Policy Manual.
      • MSHSL Bylaw 111
  • Non School Participation Policy
    • No student may participate on another lacrosse team other than the Hill-Murray lacrosse team during the high school lacrosse season
      • This includes trying out for a college lacrosse team or a summer travel lacrosse team
additional policies
Additional Policies
  • Parking at School
    • Players cannot park in the following areas

(This includes evenings and Saturdays)

      • The coaches lot
      • Around the curb of the coaches lot
  • Food in the Field House
    • Players cannot eat in the lobby of the Field House
    • The cafeteria is open until 5:00 PM for players

bringing food before a practice or game

  • Sticks in School
    • Under NO circumstances, should a player have her stick or ball out during the school day
    • Under NO circumstances, should a player practice, play catch or wall ball near the school
  • Mud in and around the Field House
    • Players must remove their cleats prior to using the sidewalks leading to the Field House and before entering the Field House
policies continued
Policies Continued
  • Detention
    • It is expected that all lacrosse players will behave and abide by all school rules
    • In the event that a player receives detention during a scheduled practice or game, the player’s absence will be considered unexcused
  • Cell Phones
    • Texting and use of your cell phone during school hours is a violation of Hill-Murray Policy
    • Cell Phones should be put away during practice/games
  • Buses
    • Players are required to ride the bus to all away games – go as a team, leave as a team
  • Home Games
    • Varsity will watch the first half of the JV Game and then get ready for the Varsity game
    • JV will watch the first half of the Varsity Game
team communication
Team Communication
  • Team website will include all team information
    • www.hmgirlslax.com
    • Please check daily for updates regarding games and practices
  • Email will be my main form of communication
    • Player and parent email needed for each player
    • Coach T’s email: hmgirlslax@hotmail.com
communication with coaches
Communication with Coaches
  • Order of communication to resolve any issues
    • Player and Coach
    • Player, Coach, and Parents
    • If issue still is not resolved, the Athletic Director and President may get involved
    • Questions after tryouts – We expect to be contacted by theplayer, not the parent
  • JV and Varsity
    • JV- Equal playing time based on position; emphasis placed on development of skills
    • Varsity-No equal playing time; play to win
  • Being on Varsity last year does not guarantee a Varsity spot this year
  • Seniors who do not make varsity will have the option to play JV
  • Varsity players are eligible to letter
required equipment for tryouts
Required Equipment for Tryouts
  • Legal stick with legal pocket
  • Eye goggles
  • Mouth guard (cannot be clear or white)
  • Shoes
    • Cleats or tennis shoes for dome
    • Non-marking tennis shoes for Fieldhouse
  • Water or sports drink (no colored liquids in field house)
tryout criteria
Tryout Criteria
  • Conditioning
  • Stick skills (both dominant and non-dominant)
  • Field sense
  • Work ethic
  • Teamwork
  • Willingness to learn




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important dates
Important Dates
  • Tryouts: March 26th– 30th
    • Team rosters will be announced the evening of March 30th
  • Practices are mandatory during Spring Break(March 30th – April 6th)
  • NOTE: Some tryout/practice dates March 26th- April 6th are two-a-day practices!
before you leave
Before you leave….
  • Sign in
  • Hand in completed paper work
    • Player Code of Conduct
    • Emergency Card
  • Questions?