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Castles. Castles were built throughout Europe by Kings and nobility to preserve their power over the land. Primary purpose: military (defending the region) It was also the residences of nobles who were in charge of the region. . Features of a Castle. The Keep.

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Features of a castle
Features of a Castle to preserve their power over the land.

The keep
The Keep to preserve their power over the land.

The castle’s keep is easy to find. The largest building standing in the heart of the castle. It was built higher than the rest of the castle so people inside could see out.

Often the keep would be whitened with lime to dazzle the eyes of attackers.

Thick walls
Thick walls to preserve their power over the land.

Castles had thick, stone walls. Why do you think this was?

The walls would have parapets on top, where the defending soldiers would patrol.

Murder holes
Murder Holes to preserve their power over the land.

Most castles had murder holes above the main entrance. Defending soldiers would throw different things down the holes at the attacking soldiers to put them off. Attackers had to get close to the castle to get in so they had to get under the murder holes to attack the main entrance.

  • Items that would be used include:

  • boiling oil, tar

  • hot ashes

  • parts of dead bodies

Moat to preserve their power over the land.

The moat of a castle is a large ditch, filled with water to keep the enemy at a distance.

Drawbridge to preserve their power over the land.

The drawbridge was often made of wood and would swing up and down like a see-saw to let people in or out of the castle entrance.

Gatehouse to preserve their power over the land.

The gatehouse guarded the entrance of the castle or its town. The portcullis inside the gatehouse was extremely heavy and was used to seal off the entrance. Behind the portcullis would usually be a thick, heavy wooden door.