esoteric views on death and rebirth related to after death communications n.
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Esoteric Views On Death And Rebirth Related To After Death Communications PowerPoint Presentation
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Esoteric Views On Death And Rebirth Related To After Death Communications

Esoteric Views On Death And Rebirth Related To After Death Communications

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Esoteric Views On Death And Rebirth Related To After Death Communications

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  1. Esoteric Views On DeathAnd Rebirth Related To After Death Communications

  2. The Esoteric Community And Its Wisdom • Wisdom arises from the Immortal Soul and is not communicated through the outer senses • It is checked and verified by countless Adepts, Seers, and initiates having experienced the same • It pertains to Subjective life, Law, the powers of the Soul, and the representation of formless spiritual truths here on earth.

  3. The Esoteric Community And Its Wisdom - II • The Great Souls studying Nature and Self are a global community of beings in dialogue • They are behind every genuine spiritual effort for the illumination of Mind and Soul in the world • They accumulate and preserve the timeless Wisdom of the Soul and dispense it according to the worlds cycles • In their own right, they approach “immortality” and whether in or out of bodies, work constantly for the welfare of humanity

  4. Spirit, ItsSub Principles And DerivativeSheaths

  5. Spiritual Triad, The Immortal • Perishable Quaternary

  6. The Immortal Essence Of Our Being • Atma - The Spirit, connected to the Universal Force and Energy • Buddhi - The Vehicle of Spirit; Spiritual Soul; The repository of all the accumulated Wisdom belonging to the immortal Being as Individual and Collective • These two together are the Spiritual Duad, devoid of personality, eternal throughout time

  7. The TransitionalIncorruptible / corruptible • Manas - Immortal energy of Mind and Incarnating Consciousness • The source of the reincarnating energy of mind • The Higher Mind, conscious and self reflective that comes in communication with Spirit and its vehicle Soul • The source of the incarnating ray which becomes the personality • The fountain of the minds energies

  8. Transitional MindCapable of Immortality or Mortal Corruption And Dissipation • This mind, incarnating, has the ability to return to its source, in its full integrity, with partial integrity, or lose itself fully to matter, hence becoming annihilated. • The former is also the basis for communion, meeting with one’s Angel, god, or Higher Immortal Spiritual Self

  9. The Perishable OrPurely Corruptible • Kama Manas, Mind wrapped in the fabric of volition, action and desire, the incarnating ego taking on form, enmeshed in subtle matter • Prana, life force, electricity • Astral matrix-design body-electro-magnetic form-organizational field • Physical body, electro-magnetic and organic matter precipitating within the organizational field

  10. Sheaths Or Vehicles Of The One Principle

  11. The sheaths are the compounded aspect of the various sub principles, making up organized bodies or forms having varying abilities, communicating and intermingling with the various planes of Nature. • The immortal being works through these for the accumulation and development of Intellect, Knowledge, Morals, Ethics and Wisdom

  12. Sheaths • Physical Body • Astral Body • Volitional, Desire Mind Body/Kama Rupa with astral • Purified Mind with the purified Tan-matric substance • Manas (integral and higher manas) • Buddhic Sheath • Pure Atma or Atmic perspective. Witness

  13. Perception And Volition • Physical perception, sensitivity and volition • Astral perception and sensitivity, ? volition • Etheric perception and sensitivity, ? volition • Manasic perception and sensitivity, ? Volition • Of the Higher Self, Angel, Twin, Inner god or Spiritual Ego • Without the development, training and stabilization of these states, self reflective awareness, reliable perception, and discrimination during them is limited. • States of influence from these realms are also possible

  14. Out Of Body Experiences Based On The Sub-Divisions Of The One Principle

  15. The astral, its cord and “bowl” • Kama rupic form based on desire and affinity • Mayavi rupa, thought form • Purified Ego with or without tan-matric elements, Point Of Consciousness • One with the Spiritual Ego/ Higher Self • Nirmanakaya, Sambhogakaya, Dharmakaya • Augoeides and Hiranyagarbha

  16. Near Death Experiences

  17. Not always associated with death and dying • The Experiences of life review, light, tunneling, being of light, “Angel”, guide, “Star”, presence of relatives, etc. are not limited to dying states but are related to states of “transition”. • End of karmic stream, karmic energy quanta heralded by an accident, and “birth” • Death and affiliation with another soul, due to the taking of a vow

  18. The Process Of Death And Dying

  19. Death • Death, when did you ever make me less of what I am? It has always and only been you that has made me more of what I truly am, and brought me back to a realization of my native nature. • Death is a stripping away of everything that is not from and of our true nature. The question is, whether there will be anything left, once all is stripped away?

  20. The key to death is related to a realization of what can and cannot die or undergo dissolution versus states of transition. • All compounded forms or states of organization, can undergo disorganization or dissolution. • Use of the seven fold constitution to understand the separation of “principles” • Immortality is unconditional for the spiritual duad and its assimilation, but conditional for the incarnating ego or ray.

  21. Transitional Stages And States In The Process Of Death, Dying, And Rebirth

  22. Death of the physical based on vital organ dissolution or dysfunction with loss of sensual consciousness and perception • Life review • Severance of the astral cord and bowl (1st and 2nd) • Presence of the astral body and ego • Purgatorial purging of the astral and release of the egoic soul from its influence (separated from lower triad) • Gradual dissolution of the astral form disconnected from the astral ego (Puts a limit on form)

  23. II • Pre gestational state - separation of the 4/5th from 6/7th (selection of experiences worthy of Devachanic state) • Discarding and dissolution of the Kama rupic form (mass of desires and lower volitional energies drawn by affinities) earthly consciousness as residue of ray saturated with all that cannot attach to the immortal (Puts a limit on time duration) • Gestational state - Devachan - place of the gods; Assimilation of spiritual elements; Experience of life’s highest by the spiritualized ego • Psycho spiritual exhaustion of the devachanic state

  24. III • Absorption into and Life Assimilation by the Spiritual (True reincarnating source) Ego • Preparation for another cycle of incarnation • View of the “skandhas” and selection according to karmic account (checks and balances) • Pre life vision • Parental conference • Birth

  25. Mode Of Death And Dying

  26. How a person dies impacts the post mortem states • Physical death is not complete death • Natural death, involving the physical, astral body and astral ego • Accidental death • Murdered • Suicides, sane versus insane at the time of death • Lost of soul due to the life lived

  27. Communications And Entities

  28. Entities Capable Of Presence During Communications • Deceased astral entities • Living astral entities (conscious and unconscious) • Classes of elementals and subjectivity of minds • Shells (devoid of spiritual and egoic element after pre gestation stage) • Shades (entities still associated with spiritual triad)/murdered or accidental death • Sane suicides

  29. Entities Capable Of Presence During Communication - II • Thought forms • Mayavi Rupas of the living • Entities from other planes - unconscious resonance • Elementaries (4 or 5 principled) conscious and willful for evil or personality • Resonance with the State of the Spiritual Ego in devachan / thought of as God, but is a god

  30. Forces Involved In Communications Arising From The Living • Astral ego, in/out or partially involved in body • Astral body or bodies of those involved • Unconscious mental forces • Psychic abilities • Elemental forces • Elementaries

  31. Forces Involved In Communications Arising From The Living - II • Astral, Etheric, and Akashic fields/lights • Entities existing in the various fields or planes • Images of the deceased or living in the photospheres • Aura acting as a focal lens for energies, beings, etc. • Mediums and sensitives present • Currents of information in the various fields • Rapport and assimilation of vibration

  32. Forces Involved In Communications Arising From The Living - III • The Higher Nature or Spiritual Ego • Resonance with the Spiritual Ego • Resonance with the deceased ego in devachan

  33. Examining The Different Types Of Communications/Encounters(Pseudo Differences) • Objective communications • Subjective communications • Combined communications

  34. Objective Communications • Ghosts / apparitions • Hauntings • Sensory based, sounds, voices touches,visions, smells • Automatic writings (sometimes) • Rappings, slate writings, poltergeists, • Manipulations of objects • Electronic voice, telephonic, computer based

  35. Subjective Communications • Visions with eyes closed (conscious/unconscious) • Trances • Hypnogogic, Hypnopompic states • Dreams, non ordinary states • Deeper transitional states (bardos) • Sense of obsession, possession, • Communication of information • Knowledge of personal nature • Sensing a Presence

  36. Combined Communications • Transfigurations • Speaking in the voice of another • Noted types of communications • Projected images “in the astral”

  37. Confounding Factors • Elements of personality that skew correct reception and interpretation • Accurate reception and recording of the vibrations • Differentiating mental creations, physical and psychic perceptions • Suspension of wishful thinking, memory and imagery

  38. Requirements • Naturally born pure sensitive • Morals and ethics, Patanjali’s universal duties • Perfecting the attention and concentration • Understanding of the theory and philosophy behind spiritual science and research • Purification of the senses and the mind • Ability to properly reflect, resonate, change states and planes, retain, and interpret, understand • Understanding of the planes, states, and functions • Proper suppression of one’s own mental states

  39. Conclusion