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Rick Nelson PhD Coordinator Richard_d_nelson Mike Olson Science Coordinator PowerPoint Presentation
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Rick Nelson PhD Coordinator Richard_d_nelson Mike Olson Science Coordinator

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Rick Nelson PhD Coordinator Richard_d_nelson Mike Olson Science Coordinator - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Needs --- Immediate Needs --- Future Needs. Rick Nelson PhD Coordinator Richard_d_nelson Mike Olson Science Coordinator Michael_olson Plains and Prairie Potholes.

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Presentation Transcript

Science Needs --- Immediate Needs --- Future Needs

Rick NelsonPhD


Mike Olson

Science Coordinator

plains and prairie potholes
Plains and Prairie Potholes

Our Fundamental Objective:Increase conservation delivery by reducing scientific uncertainty associated with landscape level stressors which are important to our partnership

Accomplishments - first 18 months

  • Funded 27 projects (over 5 rounds of funding)
  • Formed Steering & Technical Committees (more than 2 dozen active members)
  • Draft Charter - soon to be finalized
  • Conducted Science Needs Workshop
  • Sci Webinars, Website, Initial Op’s Plan
  • Working to develop a seamless national network
  • Our Initial List of Urgent Needs / Issues
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Regional Understanding of Habitat Condition
  • (spatial analysis)
  • Land and Water Management Planning
  • Water

We are ….“a work in progress”

from humble beginnings immediate needs in year two and preview of coming attractions
From humble beginnings…Immediate needs in year two…and preview of “coming attractions”


DA/Science Needs Workshop Two separate events Science Needs workshop

Early RFP’s Broad Broad RFP (Data, Fundamental 6 Specific RFA’s(Ecological flows,

Information, TEK, tools/training Aquatic habitat, Energy, Rare Endemics, for resource managers Climate Change, Terrestrial Landscapes)

Later RFP’s more specific 1st RFA

Combination of immediate needs Combination of immediate needs

and long-term issues and long-term issues

Technical Team review/rank Steering Committee review/rank Addresse common impacts/threats

Scientific rigor, link to needs, unique, Transportable/Scalable Enhances planning decision making

Scalability/transportability, short term, Add to conservation/adaptation decision making Supports adaptive management

Management tie, leverages resources Add to building of partnership Enhances risk management

Address cross-partnership need Leveraging Test promising proof of concept

Unique approach or opportunity

“Connections” workshop upcoming


Refining/Improving Planning – year 2

  • Decision analysis workshop

Main focus of workshop

Where we

left things

ppp lcc connections workshop
PPP-LCC “Connections” Workshop

Terrific idea “borrowed” from UMGLLCC…

Moving from individual projects to an even more comprehensive view of the landscape – Will discuss targets, objectives, gaps.

Oriented on 4 themes (potholes, rivers, sage-steppe, human dimensions)

Bringing PI’s, Technical and Executive committee members together for the first time.

lessons learned

LCC’s must embrace principles of adaptive management

– We’re a process of constant improvement

Need for well understood review criteria

Identify those willing to do some of the “heavy lifting” - sub-group approach was helpful

Time management vs. embracing a sense of urgency

Science needs must drive the RFP process not the other way around. PPP-LCC

Integration of fun and opportunity to be creative is important to the success of the group.

Collaboration across LCC network important to the landscape approach…