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The threats of being online . By Tommy Clark. An introduction .

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an introduction
An introduction
  • Nearly everyone in this modern world uses a computer, a smartphone or any form of being on the internet. Because of this it means that is also a massive scene of crime, in 2012 there were more then 280,000 Complaints of Online Criminal Activity has increased massively over the years and for some it is a easy way to earn money. There are many ways to execute internet crime this PowerPoint will cover all of them
  • Viruses are very dangerous and can permanently crash a computer. They work by when you download a file, if its on a bad website there is a viruses in the download that will then be on your computer, they can delete important/ all files and can crash a computer.
  • These are people that can physically go on your computer and exchange personal information so they will have it al they will use this information to drain your credit card and use your personal details. They do this by when you leave your computer unattended if only for a minute, they will go on it quickly find all your information and hen leave and you wont suspect a thing until you go to pay and then your credit card will be empty.
  • This is where people imitate big company's such as banks or they pretend to be your find and say there in trouble and need money. They try to scare you Then they ask your personal details and they will take these and use them to get money

My audience is teenagers (13-18)

  • I chose this layout because it is simple and I could have a point a slide so I have a lot of space and there isn't a massive clump of text or a full poaster.