Battle of rivas day costa rica
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Battle of Rivas Day!! Costa Rica!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Battle of Rivas Day!! Costa Rica!!. The Celebration!.

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The celebration
The Celebration!

  • The Battle of Rivas is celebrated for an entire week in Costa Rica and also in Nicaragua. It is also called Juan Santamaria Day. During the celebration week they have parades, concerts, dancing, and plenty of food and drinks. The largest of the festivals is held in Alajuela which is we're Juan Santamaria was born. Also the participants in the parade will wear replicas of French army uniforms.

Juan santamaria
Juan Santamaria!

  • Juan Santamaria was born in Alajuela and a simple drummer boy in the Alajuela militia. At this time William Walker and his army was trying to take over Costa Rica so the president of Costa Rica, Juan Rafeal Maro, got all the peasants together to form an army. They found were William Walkers army was and decided to burn it down in a fort. Juan Santamaria was the brave soldier who ran at the fort with a torch to throw at the fort. Even though he was shot many times he was able to make his way close enough to throw the torch and burn down the fort, therefore winning the battle!

Si!! Santamaria

  • Si creo el celebracion de Battles de Rivas seria muy divertido. Que seria divertido porque creo que el desfile muy entretenido y colorido. Es un gran dia en Costa Rica con toda la gente bailando. Me gusta celebracción porque esta honrando un gran hombre. Personas disfrutar el celebracción y me gustaria a unirse a ellos!