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The Benefits of Space Exploration PowerPoint Presentation
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The Benefits of Space Exploration

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The Benefits of Space Exploration
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The Benefits of Space Exploration

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  1. The Benefits of Space Exploration By: Austin Brewer

  2. The benefits of space exploration affect the lives of every American. • There have been many advances in the medical field.

  3. Technology was used to create compact laboratory equipment for hospitals and ambulances.

  4. Smaller devises were made to quickly analyze blood and other tests. • The smaller devises made the tests available for ambulances.

  5. Advances in the Space Shuttle fuel pump led to the development of the heart pump. It is two inches long, one inch in diameter, and weighs less than four ounces.

  6. Kidney dialysis machines were developed as a result of a NASA-developed chemical process.

  7. Insulin pumps were bases on technology used on the Mars Viking spacecraft.

  8. Infrared sensors were developed to measure the temperature of distant stars and planets. • This led to the development of the hand-held thermometer. • When it is placed inside the ear canal, the thermometer provides an accurate reading in 2 seconds or less.

  9. Lighter artificial limbs are made from foam insulation used to protect the fuel tank. • This makes the artificial limb almost indestructible.

  10. Computer technology in space has led to improvements in imaging -- MRI, CATScans, and ultrasound. • This has helped Doctors to better treat their patients.

  11. NASA needed something to protect satellites from getting nicked by space debris. • This led to scratch-resistant lenses for eyeglasses and radiation blocking for sun glasses.

  12. Automatic blood pressure cuffs were developed to help monitor blood pressure for the astronauts. • Today you can find the device just about anywhere for an instant check of your blood pressure.

  13. Nitinol is used to make wearing dental braces just a little easier. • Nitinol is a medical alloy that has the ability to spring back into shape.

  14. Space based technology will continue to enrich a wide range of medical improvements over the years. • It can continue to improve our quality of life by showing us new ways to treat our sick and injured.

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