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2012-2013 Volunteer State Book Award Nominees PowerPoint Presentation
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2012-2013 Volunteer State Book Award Nominees

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2012-2013 Volunteer State Book Award Nominees
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2012-2013 Volunteer State Book Award Nominees

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  1. 2012-2013 Volunteer State Book Award Nominees Intermediate Division Grades 3-5

  2. Edgar Allan's Official Crime Investigation Notebook by Mary Amato • When someone takes a pet goldfish, then other items from Ms. Herschel's classroom, each time leaving a clue in the form of a poem, student Edgar Allan competes with a classmate to be first to solve the mystery.

  3. Dugout Rivalsby Fred Bowen • Twelve-year-old Jake, who was one of his mediocre baseball team's best players the previous season, unexpectedly finds himself overshadowed when a new player shows up and the team starts winning.

  4. School of Fearby GittyDaneshvari • Twelve-year-olds Madeleine, Theo, and Lulu, and thirteen-year-old Garrison, are sent to a remote Massachusetts school to overcome their phobias, but tragedy strikes and the quartet must work together--with no adult assistance--to face their fears.

  5. Out of My Mindby Sharon Draper • Considered by many to be mentally handicapped, a brilliant but impatient fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time.

  6. Haunted: The Ghost on the Stairsby Chris Eboch • Thirteen-year-old Jon and his eleven-year-old sister Tania accompany their parents, who host a popular ghost hunting television series, to a spooky old hotel, where Tania's special ability to communicate with ghosts comes to light.

  7. The Girl who Could Flyby Victoria Forester • Piper McCloud's ability to fly sets her apart from the other kids, so her mother sends her to an exclusive school for children with exceptional abilities, but even there she does not fit in with the other students.

  8. Storytellerby Patricia Reilly Giff • Forced to spend months at an aunt's house, Elizabeth feels a connection to her ancestor Zee, whose picture hangs on the wall. Zee reveals her story of hardships during the Revolutionary War as Elizabeth comes to terms with her own troubles.

  9. Turtle in Paradiseby Jennifer L. Holm • In 1935, when her mother gets a job housekeeping for a woman who does not like children, eleven-year-old Turtle is sent to stay with relatives she has never met in far away Key West, Florida.

  10. Word After Word After Wordby Patricia MacLachlan • A visiting poet, Ms. Mirabel, teaches five friends in grade school about the power of words and writing.

  11. Julia Gillian (And the Quest for Joy)by Alison McGhee • Ten-year-old Julia Gillian's best friend is keeping her secrets, but their beloved lunch lady has been replaced by a tyrant and her trumpet lessons are difficult. Maybe finding joy won’t be so easy after all?

  12. Emily’s Fortuneby Phyllis Reynolds Naylor • While traveling to her aunt's home in Redbud by train and stagecoach, quiet young Emily and her turtle, Rufus, team up with Jackson, fellow orphan and troublemaker extraordinaire, to outsmart mean Uncle Victor, who is after Emily's inheritance

  13. The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jesterby Barbara O’Connor • After Owen captures an enormous bullfrog, he has to release it. Then hee and two friends try to use a small submarine that fell from a passing train to search for the frog in the pond it came from.

  14. Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write a Poem by Jack Prelutsky • Jack Prelutsky explains to kids how to write poems about everyday subjects from their lives, such as experiences with their family, friends, and pets, providing tips, example poems, and exercises.

  15. The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912by Lauren Tarshis • Ten-year-old George Calder's life changes forever as he, his little sister, Phoebe, and their Aunt Daisy set out across the ocean on the Titanic in 1912.

  16. Wishworks, Inc.by Stephanie S. Tolan • When he is granted his wish for a dog from Wishworks, Inc., third-grader Max is disappointed to find that his new pet is nothing like the dog in his imagination.

  17. Lucky: Maris, Mantle, and My Best Summer Everby Wes Tooke • Louis, who loves baseball despite being the worst stickball player in White Plains, New York, sees his opportunity to be bat boy for the 1961 Yankees team as the perfect way to escape the problems of his father's remarriage and moving to the suburbs.

  18. The Rise and Fall of Mount Majesticby Jennifer Trafton • Ten-year-old Persimmony Smudge, who longs for heroic adventures, overhears a secret that thrusts her into the middle of a dangerous mission that could destroy the island on which she lives.

  19. Justin Case : school, drool, and other daily disasters by Rachel Vail • Justin is very nervous about starting third grade and must make the best of things when he does not get the teacher he wanted, his best friend is in another class, and his favorite stuffed animal disappears.

  20. Drizzleby Kathleen Van Cleve • When a drought threatens her family's magical rhubarb farm, eleven-year-old Polly tries to find a way to make it rain again.

  21. Young Fredleby Cynthia Voigt • Fredle, a young mouse cast out of his home, faces dangers and predators outside, makes some important discoveries and allies, and learns the meaning of freedom as he struggles to return home.