qatar financial house for consultations w l l n.
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Qatar Financial House for Consultations W.L.L

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Qatar Financial House for Consultations W.L.L. Investment Driving License Program.

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qatar financial house for consultations w l l

Qatar Financial House for Consultations W.L.L

Investment Driving License Program


Our VisionTo become the " House " of "Trust" and "Choice" in the MENA Region for professional support, advice and guidance to success in the investment fieldOur MissionTo provide an excellent training experience for several finance certificates by bringing together a team of professionals with extensive experience in the different finance topics.


Introduction:Investment Driving License (IDL) is a program designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the investment basic fundamentals, with the aim of differentiating you from the rest of the crowd. The Program targets the youth generation, to develop their minds and create confident, knowledgeable and effective future leaders with great value to themselves and to their societies. With the IDL program, you can easily and effectively enable everyone in your organization to gain an essential understanding of the industry.The Investment Driving License program will be introduced throughout the MENA region, where it focuses on delivering material that satisfies the region it serves. By acquiring this License, people will have the potential of working for a well established company or it will serve as a base for further studies in the field of investment and Finance.


Target DemographicsThe IDL certificate has no prerequisites or requirements; it’s a simplified certificate that is intended to serve as an awareness and educational element to anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of Finance and investment. However Qatar Financial House is focusing on the Youth of Qatar particularly ages 17 through 20 to serve as the major age group to acquire this certificate.


Main Focus on Youth

The main purpose of this certificate is to serve as a support to those who graduated high school but are not intending on going to university. 2010 Statistics show that the overall population in Qatar was around 1,531,842, around 96% of the total population in Qatar is literate and from this 96% only 22% finish high school which would be around 323,526 people, and from those 22% only 45,293 or 14% go to universities. These statistics serves as a sample indicator of the educational levels in Qatar .

These statistics show that there is a big percent of the community, who have not attend universities and have no qualifications that support a working career. Introducing the IDL certificate to those youth unwilling to attend a secondary level education will be a step towards increasing their thoughts on acquiring a degree or give them the necessary key points they need to succeed and have a long flourishing career path.


Main Focus on Youth

Never the less does that mean that the IDL program is only applicable for the youth, it is a program initiated for anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of Finance and Investment. It can serve as a preliminary step to other advanced Certificates like the CMA and CFA.

To this end, we have designed the IDL Certificate. It is a comprehensive, global, and corporate wide education program designed to give all professional disciplines outside of investment roles a clear understanding of the essentials of the industry, their roles, and their professional and ethical responsibilities within it.

the core benefits

The Core Benefits

Sharing Understanding

IDL raises workforce competence by helping employees understand industry functions, relationships and their role and professional responsibilities, helping them see where they fit in the big picture.

Improving Performance

IDL provides a common global standard across all functions that will help your employees, your company, and ultimately the industry, perform better together.

Standing Out

IDL helps your organization stand out from the crowd by signaling an institutional commitment to ethics. It also helps your employees to gain knowledge over and above their peers.

the core benefits1

The Core Benefits

Building Confidence

IDL gives your organization and the general public greater confidence and trust in the decisions your employees make on behalf of the business, contributing to stronger morale, motivation and loyalty.

study guide
Study Guide

This program is designed by using a simplified version of the JIA (Junior Investment Analyst) program. This will be done through combining the necessary essential fundamentals and tools into one new book that will be authorized from Schweser as a professional Certificate.

The book will have both Arabic and English Languages to help guarantee the information is well understood by the students.

exam details
Exam Details

Financial Statement Analysis

Introduction to Financial Analysis

Provide information about financial positions, the performance and changes in financial position of an entity that could be useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions. It introduces the how to of using information in a company’s financial statement to make economic decisions using conceptual frameworks, external audits and internal controls, footnotes and management’s discussion and analysis as well as other information sources.

exam details1
Exam Details

Financial Statement Accounts and Relationships

This chapter illustrates the financial statement Elements and accounts, the steps to the flow of information through the accounting systems, and the basics to forming an account using equations. It also illustrates the importance of the balance sheet to a company’s financial statement position.

The Income Statement

This chapter includes components of the income statement, Revenue recognition methods, installment sales, Depreciation expense methods, and the effects of stock dividends and stock splits.

exam details2
Exam Details

The Balance Sheet

In this chapter different balance sheets formats are introduced and their components, tangible and intangible assets as well as the components of Owners’ Equity and their statements of changes.

Analysis Tools and Techniques

In this chapter ratios are introduced and what they allow. Different types of ratios and how each ratio indicates a firm’s standing position. This chapter also explains the common size financial statements along with the vertical common size.

exam details3
Exam Details

Analysis and Valuation of Equity Securities

Introduction to Equity Securities

In this chapter types of equity securities are introduced explaining shares which are the most common form of equity securities, public and private equities, foreign equity, Equity risk and return and the relative performance of equity securities.

Analysis of Equity Securities

Different analysis are illustrated in this chapter, industry and company analysis, peer groups, growth, defense and cyclical companies and the framework for industry analysis. That is done through the understanding of the external influences on industries, the industry’s life cycle, capacity, barrier to entry, and the industry’s competition.

exam details4
Exam Details

Valuation of Equity Securities

This chapter contains dividend discount Model Basics and how they are used for preferred stock. How to estimate the growth rate in dividends.

Portfolio Theory

Introduction to Portfolio Management

The portfolio perspective refers to evaluating individual investments by their contribution to the risk and return of an investor’s portfolio. This chapter explains the portfolio management process and the characteristics of different types of investors and a summary of the risk tolerance, investment horizon, liquidity needs, and income objectives.

exam details5
Exam Details

Portfolio Construction

In this chapter Measures of return are explained and the variance, covariance, and correlations of historical returns.

Modern Portfolio Theory

This chapter talks about the capital market line and the security market line and comparing both market lines. This chapter also discusses the systematic and nonsystematic risks and what causes each.

exam details6
Exam Details

Islamic Finance

In this chapter we learn about how Islamic finance is not based on currency bas but instead on exchange and ownership of assets. We will learn about the basic principles of Islamic finance and the reasons for the recent growth in Islamic finance. In addition to the more common instruments that are offered by Islamic finance which are used to undertake transactions and how different they are from western philosophies.

Course Curriculum duration – Total of 45 hours

founder and cofounders
Founder and Cofounders

Qatar Financial House

Qatar Financial House (QFH) is a company based in Qatar that offers a variety of Financial- Related Services including Training, Consultancy, as well as organization of conferences. Its key success factor is its highly experienced management team, and qualified instructors. Qatar Financial House conducts preparation courses for professional certificates as well as tailored courses. Qatar Financial House’ slogan is “Building on your ambitions” through a high quality financial training that involves both theory and practice. Qatar Financial House has partners in Egypt (Financial Brains) and The American University in Cairo.


Faculty of Islamic Studies

The faculty of Islamic studies is a member of Qatar Foundation. It’s an international center for Islamic thinking and dialogue and is committed to enhancing research into Islamic culture. It provides unique and challenging opportunities for individuals interested in enhancing their knowledge of Islam in both historical and contemporary context. It offers master’s degree or diplomas in Islamic studies as well as other programs that are highly relevant for the Muslim world and beyond.


7 City

A leading global provider Financial and Accounting Educational solutions. 7 City has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals leverage their careers in Finance and Accounting. It provides mock exams, study products, seminars and courses for CFA, CFP, CPA, CAIA and Corporate Training.

team role
Team Role

Qatar Financial House

- deliver the instructors

- Supervise the course

- Supervise the Exam

Faculty of Islamic Studies

- Provide the Venue

- Provide Academic and Financial support

- Because they are the cofounders, their logo will be initiated on the material

- Provide material for the Islamic Finance course

7 City

- Provide the written material for the program

- Authorize the certificate

- Supervise and deliver Exam days and dates

why qatar financial house
Why Qatar Financial House?

Qatar Financial House Certificate programs have been designed as a corporate solution to raise workforce effectiveness, competence, and industry standards across a broad variety of professional disciplines.

To help you and other employers make the most of this opportunity, we have created a number of features.


Contact Us:For Training and CoursesQatar Financial House for Consultations W.L.L.Al Sadd StreetBesides Food Palace,Gate No. 2, First FloorP.O. Box 11404Doha, QatarTel: +974 44130808Fax: +974 44130909Mob: +974 70650985


Contact Us:For Consultancy and SME'sQatar Financial House for Consultations W.L.L.Level 14,Commercialbank Plaza,West Bay Area,P.O. Box 27111Doha, QatarTel: +974 44528085Fax: +974 44528985Email : info@qatarfh.comwebsite: www.qatarfh.comAlso follow us on: