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  2. Serving Customers Needs • Universal Nets Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of development in net design, cage and systems for Tuna capture and farming. Universal also specialize in the protection of people and stock against ocean predators such as Shark and Seal attack. • In the interest of customer satisfaction Universal have made many changes over the past ten years, these changes have augmented Universals’ ability to supply good service and state of the art equipment. A development over the past three years is the combining of two other major suppliers in specialized fields. Fusion Marine of Scotland and King Chou Marine of Taiwan. Combined, this group can now supply the best in quality equipment, design and service. • This multiple arrangement retains each company’s identity while being able to present swift service, at any time either company may be the lead identity on given projects. • By not trying to be the biggest in all fields by trying to produce everything as one company our arrangement reduces overall costs to the customer by restricting overhead costs.

  3. Stock and Personnel Security

  4. Universal Nets Pty Ltd King Marine Technology • Universal Nets Pty Ltd and King Marine Technology have teamed up to become one of the largest producers of Aquaculture, Purse Seine and general fish net suppliers in the world. • The largest factory is in Shanghai where many hundreds of modern machines produce massive amounts of product each year. Raschel (knotless), Knotted and braided netting from Nylon, Polyester and Multifilament material is produced. • A separate new factory of the King Marine Technology (King DA) produces rope needs and long line supplies.

  5. Universal Cages • Universal Nets Pty Ltd also specialize in tuna farm cages and towing cages. Since the original development was undertaken by Universal nets in Australia the tuna industry world wide uses the concept of Universals’ design.

  6. The beginning of the worlds largest cage for tuna. Construction was undertaken by Universal Nets in Malta. • Pipe size of 630 mm weighing 27 tons for the complete circle. • 1 x 42 ton, 1 x 32 ton and 1 x 10 ton earth moving machines were required to drag and turn into a circle. • The net used some 18,000 square meters of netting and several kilometers of rope. • A capacity of almost 50,000 cubic meters

  7. Salmon Farms in Tasmania • Over the past 20 years the Salmon industry in Tasmania has grown from small beginnings to a point of producing some of the world’s best product. This is achieved through pristine water conditions and a need to be inventive in developing purpose built equipment that suits the local conditions.

  8. Tuna Harvesting in Mexico

  9. Stingray anchors designed and developed for Aquaculture, unmatched holding power of 88-1

  10. Extremely robust mooring floats and bar buoys.

  11. Top left: “Set and Forget” mooring lines PU protection coatedTop right: Semi enclosed thimbles avoid rope damageBottom left: 90 mm grade 4 chain used on offshore oil project ThailandBottom right: 146 mm grade 4 stud less chain for the world deepest Spar mooring in the Gulf of Mexico.

  12. Universal Nets Hong Kong • Universal nets won a tender with the Hong Kong Government in 1995 to design, manufacture and install shark protection net barriers on several Urban bathing beaches. Universal went on to win the contract for maintenance of these systems and is still continuing this service some ten years later.