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Seasonings and Spices Market to reach $30,412.8 million by 2023 PowerPoint Presentation
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Seasonings and Spices Market to reach $30,412.8 million by 2023

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Seasonings and Spices Market to reach $30,412.8 million by 2023 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seasonings and spices market is forecasted to reach $30,412.8 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.0% during 2018–2023. The growth in the market will be led by the increasing awareness on the medical benefits of spices, the rising demand for ethnic cuisines, and the growing popularity of convenience foods.

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seasonings and spices market

Seasonings and Spices Market

Seasonings and spices market is expected to reach $16,134 million by 2020, according to P&S Market Research

The study analysed that the overall seasonings and spices market saw an expansion by 11.9% and 14.1% in 2014 over 2011, in value and volume terms respectively. The market for seasonings and spices is relied upon to see an increment by 27.3% in values terms, in 2020 over 2015. The European region drove the seasonings and spices market in 2014 with a major lump of the overall industry in terms of value, while Asia-Pacific have the biggest market regarding volume.

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seasonings and spices market 1

Seasonings and Spices Market

Pepper and salt expected to dominate the product category

According to the report, the pepper category is relied upon to overwhelm the product classification of the worldwide seasonings and spices market amid the forecast time frame; and for volume consumption, salt is expected to maintain its lead in the market. In terms of volume, China is the leading producer of salt, while the largest producer of pepper is Vietnam, followed by India, Brazil, and Indonesia.

seasonings and spices market 2

Seasonings and Spices Market

Consumers attempting new and costly food items and changing food habits

With the expansion in wage levels, the food habits for people are additionally developing. Consumers are consistently endeavouring new and exorbitant food items, with an ultimate objective to experiment with new tastes and flavours. The utilization of spices and seasonings at home is likewise expanding, as consumers have access to ingredients and recipes of different dishes from the web or from the cookery based network shows. In this manner, the changing food habits of consumers, alongside inclination for new and costly food items is trending worldwide.

seasonings and spices market 3

Seasonings and Spices Market

Globalization and medicinal purpose leading to the growth of seasonings and spices market

Globalization is a central point driving the seasonings and spices market. With the world contracting step by step and an ever-increasing number of individuals traversing the globe, clearly the market for different seasonings and spices required to prepare distinctive cuisines will expand too. An ever-increasing number of nations are embracing the use of different spices for treatment, as a result extending the demand of seasonings and spices. Spices, for example, turmeric helps in mending cuts and wounds while the curcumin found in turmeric battles the Alzheimer's disease. As individuals are picking a sound, natural and eco-friendly way of life, the interest for seasonings and spices has expanded extensively.

seasonings and spices market 4

Seasonings and Spices Market

United States – the largest importers of Indian spices

Salt substitutes was the fastest developing product in the U.S. market, during the period 2011-2014; while as far as volume, dried herbs was the fastest growing product amid similar period. The salt category ruled the U.S. seasonings and spices in 2014. The U.S. is one of the largest importers of Indian spices such as red pepper, chili, and black pepper.

The market in India is divided with vast number of territorial players, the greater part of which are little provincial players, who deliver and offer just couple of sorts of spices. In India, pepper was the fastest developing product (in terms of value) in the seasonings and spices market, between 2011-2014. Regarding volume, pepper, blended spices, and salt substitutes witnessed faster growth amid a similar period. The seasonings and spices market of India was ruled by pepper in terms of value, and by salt in terms of volume.

seasonings and spices market 5

Seasonings and Spices Market

Government policies and uncertain climate in spice producing countries is a major obstacle

To expand domestic utilization, the government arrangements enforce reduction in trade excess. As the standards for quality are distinctive in various countries, there occurs rejection of consignments in different nations, which makes it troublesome for sellers and producers to maintain all the required standards. According to the report, seasonings and spices like other agricultural items are subject to positive climatic conditions. Seasonings and spices that are delivered in Asia-Pacific experience the ill effects of inconsistent climatic conditions and fundamental logistics, which is making real impediment for the business.

seasonings and spices market 6

Seasonings and Spices Market

Intensity of rivalry is moderate

The overall intensity of rivalry is medium in the seasonings and spices market. Attributable to extensive number of producers in the seasonings and spices showcase, the intensity of rivalry is high. The crude materials utilized as a part of the assembling of seasonings and spices can be utilized by several food and beverage product manufacturers. This makes it simple for the producers to exit from the seasonings and spices industry, by pitching the crude materials to different businesses, thus making the intensity of rivalry low. Since, the market for seasonings and spices showcase has medium development openings in future, there is less desire from makers to make new ventures and invent new products, in this way making low force of rivalry. As a large portion of the seasonings and spices organizations work all inclusive, this expands the level of rivalry and further builds the force of competition in the market.

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Seasonings and Spices Market

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