8 ways to earn money as java developer n.
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Looking for the Best Java Training in Chennai to get educated in the latest technology? Join Besant Technologies– No.1 Java Training Institute In Chennai . Call 91 9962528293 / 9962528294 to know further. Register today for learning basic core Java Training to go for advanced Java Training in Chennai.

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as a java developer you might have thought about

As a Java developer, you might have thought about how to earn money.

  • It is not only you, but almost everyone  wants to maximize their income using their skills.
  • Also, many Java developers are looking to change their job for multiple reasons such as no skill development, low pay, etc.
java is one of the leading programming languages

Java is one of the leading programming languages among developers.

  • It is also used for teaching computer science to the beginners.
  • Furthermore, its authority and popularity can easily be gauged by the IEEE Spectrum's’ third interactive ranking.
  • It is currently 2nd in place. The same pattern can be seen on Livecoding.tv, where Java is one of the most popular language among broadcasters.
broadcast java development and become a freelancer
Broadcast Java development and become a freelancer
  • You have done tons of Java projects.
  • They all are cooked to perfection, but other than your GitHub repository, you don’t have much to showcase.
  • That’s very common for current generation of developers and is in no way a bad way to showcase your skills.
  • However, the art of hiring is now changing a lot, where managers are more interested to see the programmer in action, rather taking a look at what he has done in the past.
  • So, how do you get past this requirement and make yourself noticed?
build internet of things
Build internet of things
  • Just like any other programming language, you can work in different domains and make impact. So, what positions you can fill in with your Java skills? Let’s explore the different possibilities below.
  • IoT (internet of things) is the latest buzz in the industry. The ability to connect the surrounding devices is novel in nature.
  • A clever piece on Oracle discusses on the impact of Java on IoT. Clearly, there is a lot of scope if you decide to work on IoT. The market is growing and it will not slow down in near future.
do cloud computing
Do cloud computing
  • Just like IoT, cloud computing is a hot trade to dive into. Java with its portability feature helps you to develop and manage cloud computing solutions.
  • Also, Java is a multi-purpose programming language enabling you to work on mobile, desktop and cloud application.
  • Heroku, for example, provides a cloud platform that utilizes Java. Also, there are many PaaS that helps you to dive deep into the cloud computing.
  • Both Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure have provisions to host Java applications and manage them efficiently. Still confused? Read the simple article on Java Cloud Development to get started.
maintain a java blog
Maintain a Java blog
  • If you love Java programming language, you might want to convert your passion to blogging.
  • Blogging is a tough trade to get in as you will get minimal returns during the start of your blogging career.
  • So, it is advised to do something in conjunction with blogging.
  • By blogging, you can create a brand for others, enabling you to earn a hefty amount.
  • Not to mention there are multiple techniques you can use to monetize the blog content and create a passive income after some time. You can find some quality Java blogs here. 
best training institution for learning java
Best Training institution for learning Java:
  • Besant Technologies is one of the leading providers of Career Based training programs which also assists you for placements.
  • They have excellent staff committee because all staffs are developers so you will learn real time projects.
  • This extensive hands-on experience in Java training ensures that you absorb the knowledge and skills that you will need to apply at work after your placement in an MNC.
we have branches in chennai and bangalore
We have Branches in Chennai and Bangalore
  • Java training in chennai
  • Java training in bangalore
  • Java training in bangalore
  • Java training in chennai