accelerate your cloud career path in 2018 n.
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Accelerate your Cloud Career Path in 2018

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Accelerate your Cloud Career Path in 2018 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud Computing is the futuristic way companies are adopting to deliver technology to their consumers. This newfangled way has entirely transformed the way businesses perform these days. As per IDC, cloud has been adopted by 26% of the businesses for improving the storage capacity, and various cloud resources and services are used by 17% of the business already. Gartner also predicts that IT spending on the data centres systems would grow to $181 billion through 2020. A Forrester report predicts that AWS, Google, and Microsoft will capture a huge 76% of all cloud platform revenue in 2018 and which will reach 80% by 2020. Download the full Whitepaper here-

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accelerate your cloud career path in 2018


AccelerAteyourcloudcAreer PAthin2018


Cloud Computing is the ultramodern way to deliver technology to the consumers using internet allowing them to use IT services, infrastructures and development platforms. Cloud computing offers various on-demand computing resources including data centers and applications on “pay as you go” basis. This innovative way of computing allows enormous users to share the resources despite investing largely on the hardware and software. Cloud computing also contributes to enhanced flexibility, performance, scalability, and security while addressing the specific business requirements irrespective of type and size. Cloud computing allows companies can focus on their business productivity by relieving them from addressing diverse issues pertaining to data storage, data backup, high-availability of the system, services, andresources.

the MajorShift in numbers

As per a survey done by Gartner Group, in year 2016, total public cloud market was valued around $209.2 billion. As per a recent report, between 2015 and 2020, IaaS adoption is reflecting a growth of 36%, PaaS is following the growth trend at 31.3% and SaaS reflect 19.3% growth in allsectors.


An IDC survey states that for effective IT management, 26% of the businesses are using the cloud, 15% companies use the cloud to boost the storage capacity, and 17% companies are using various cloud services and resources to develop and deploy theapplications.



Categorized as PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service), cloud computing has enabled organizations ranging from startups to established enterprises to adopt the futuristic and ultra- saving way to reduce development and operational costs. Cloud computing has enabled consumers including organizations and individuals to access and use applications and resources remotely as and when required. The compelling characteristics of cloud computing such as on-demand access to networks, scalability, flexibility, greater security and much more form the base for businesses to shift from conventional IT spending to adopt cloud computingswiftly. |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path



Cloud computing allows companies to deploy their services as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS thereby allowing them to focus more of business productivity and relieving from investing effort, time and finances in hardware and software resources, data storage, security andapplications.

More integratedSystems

As a centralized system, the Cloud allows you to leverage from various small systems integrated into the main system. System integration helps companies to other systems for enhanced and flawless functioning with uninterrupted data access.


3 infrastructurereliability

The Cloud offers centralized resources featuring specialized software and hardware that helps companies not to rely on their on-premise devices and workstations. The Cloud contributes to provide the most reliable infrastructure and best hardware and software components without investing repeatedly in managing theresources.


The Gartner report shows that annual cost to own and manage the software applications is estimated to equate four times the initial purchase cost. The Cloud adoption enables companies to save significantly on hardware, software, data storage, server maintenance, electricity, and much more while accelerating the performance. The other maintenance costs including data security, software & hardware maintenance, server installation & deployment, and networking equipment among others can be immenselyreduced.


5 Data Storage &Security

With extended capacity to store data and compelling data management and access capabilities, Clouds are becoming first choice for the companies. The centralized and ease of access allows companies to achieve utmost data management. Moreover, breaching the Cloud security is not that easy as that of system security locate on-premise. Exquisite data storage and security is also one of the major reasons companies preferto shift to the Clouds. |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path 1


cloud computing Skills indemand

theMOStreCeNtrepOrtDateD11thJaN2018ONLiNKeDiN DatareVeaLSthatCLOUDaNDDiStriBUteDCOMpUtiNGtOpS theLiStOFSKiLLSCOMpaNieSNeeDMOSt.


Cloud Computing predictions from Forrester evaluates that in 2018 the total global public cloud market toreach

$178B that expects a compound annual growth rate of 22%(CAGR).


An IBM report shows that around 85% of the applications are developed using various Cloud technologies which indicates an explosive growth in job opportunities for Cloudprofessionals.


With the businesses shifting to the Cloud excessively, the demand of Cloud professionals with adept skills and trainings is skyrocketing. The companies are striving to find the technically skilled workforce having hands-on expertise and across the board understanding of cloud computing essentials. Several organizations are also investing to train their existing workforce to upgrade their skills to work efficiently in cloud environments such as Azure, AWS, Google and other cloudecosystems.

career Path &Salaries

The suggested career path to master the cloud technologies can be definedas:

With immensely growing cloud adoption by the companies, the career opportunities are rising abruptly. As per the search on, more than 25,000 positions related to AWS alone remain unfilled in the U.S. Companies are striving to employ highly skilled cloud professionals that fit into various job roles. Career path in the Cloud Computing can take you through the followingtracks:

Software/ ApplicationDevelopment Cloud Administration

CloudArchitecture DataStorage |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path 2


Choosing one of your preferred track in cloud computing, you can learn Cloud skills to get hiredas:

Cloud SolutionsArchitect

Cloud Development Operations (DevOps)Engineer

Senior Cloud Systems Engineer (Computer Networking /IT)

Senior Cloud SolutionsArchitect Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud Information Technology (IT)Architect

Cloud Enterprise Architect, IT Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Information SecurityAnalyst

The average salaries for various job roles as per Pay Scale Human Capitalare:


Getting Proficient with CloudCertifications

The professionals seeking a successful Cloud career and looking for optimized opportunities must learn thetechnical

skills with hands-on implementation of the cloud fundamentals and concepts. Certified professionals in various Cloud technologies and domains are have better opportunities and get hired by the companies much quickly than those not having certified understanding as the certification exams validate the technical know-how and proficiency in the technical skills. A range of certifications courses to help you master diverse Cloud domains are available in US and across theglobe.

Cloud computing trends are expected to focus the mentioned domains in2018: |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path 3



Cloud Storage &Database CloudSecurity

Cloud Development &Deployment Virtualization

Mobility &Collaboration Big Data &analytics


Top Cloud technologies and certification trainings that are being considered to deliver the most sought-after skills invarious

Cloud areasinclude:

1 ComptiaCloud+

Defined and provided by CompTIA, the CompTIA Cloud+ certification helps you gain essential skills and expertise to implement and maintain cloud technologies. Cloud+ renders comprehensive understanding of the most recent Cloud technologies to keep pace with today’s dynamic cloudenvironment.

Microsoft MCSa: Cloudplatform

MCSA: Cloud Platform (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Certification: Cloud) is all-embracing certification training program that help you gain and demonstrate the expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies that help in reducing IT costs while contributing to enhanced business value for thecompanies.


3 Microsoft MCSe: Cloud platform andinfrastructure

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure) certification training describes to manage the modern data centres efficiently and makes you acquire the expertise in the recent cloud technologies, systems management, identity management, storage, networking andvirtualization.

Microsoft MCSa: Linux onazure

This Microsoft Azure certification equips you with extended ability in designing, architecting, implementing and maintaining the simple to complex cloud supported Linux solutions to leverage from Microsoft Azure open source capabilities. This all-encompassing certification also evaluates the skills in Linux system administration to exhibit your fluency in the cloud nativeecosystem.


5 AWSCertifications

Among a range of AWS certification courses, the eminent certifications that are identified for the skills in Cloud architecture, development, operations and other specializationsare:

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator AWS Certified DevOps Engineer AWS Certified BigData

AWS Certified Solutions Architect AWS Certified Solutions Architect AWS CertifiedDeveloper

AWS Certified DevOpsEngineer |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path 4


6 CCNaCloud

CCNA Cloud (Cisco Certified Network Associate- Cloud) is an extensive program that explain the Cloud essentials with hands on implementation of entry level Cloud skills to provision and support Cisco Cloud solutions. This certification also validates the skills of Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, and Network Engineers to be recognized and accepted worldwide.


CCNP Cloud (Cisco Certified Network Professional- Cloud) is the globally accepted and recognized credentials for Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, Cloud Designers, and Architects that instills and validates advanced Cloud know-how and skillset.


8 Google professional Cloudarchitect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification helps you master leveraging Google Cloud technologies with hands-on expertise on the Google Cloud Platform and cloud architecture. This cutting-edge certification enables you to learn the designing, development, and management of the secure, robust, and scalable dynamic solutions that drive the business objectives thesedays.


CCSP is a premier cloud security certification from (ISC)² that imbibes in-depth understanding and hands-on proficiency in designing and implementing the foolproof cloud security architecture, design and operations along with service orchestration.

9 |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path 5



Cloud Computing provides a robust, scalable and secure platform offering on-demand computing services with shared resources including networking infrastructure, hardware, software, servers, storage and applications that enables businesses to focus on more productive areas despite infrastructure, software and platform installation, deployment and management. Cloudcomputingistheforcethatisdrivingbusinessesto transformtowardsagilityandhelpingthemachievehigherROIs.

Companies are aggressively seeking professionally skilled and certified workforce having adept skills in Cloud architecture, development, security, networking, IOT, storage, management and many more. To stay ahead of the curve, we recommend you acquire exquisite skills in diverse cloud domains and adopt the most promisingcareer.

test yourSkills

Before you begin with any of the mentioned Cloud certification trainings, we can help you assess your understanding of the subject. Our free self-assessment test lets you understand where you stand and which certification would best work for you as per the trending technologies in 2018. Since Cloud has certifications for different levels, determining yours would be in the bestinterest.

Take the free self-assessment to evaluate yourabilities.

About netcom learningSolutions

Netcom Learning is a leader in Cloud trainings and certifications with a proven track record to help you with the expert skills in the most recent Cloud technologies, platforms and components with hands-on lab sessions. With a pool of industry expert and highly-certified trainers, Netcom Learning brings the most in-demand Cloud certification trainings at your doorstep in custom schedules and learningmodes.

CONtaCt NetCOM LearNiNG |

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whitepaper accelerate your cloud career path 6


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