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Established in : March 2001 Total fixed-assets : HKD150,000,000 PowerPoint Presentation
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Established in : March 2001 Total fixed-assets : HKD150,000,000

Established in : March 2001 Total fixed-assets : HKD150,000,000

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Established in : March 2001 Total fixed-assets : HKD150,000,000

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  1. ●Company Group Established in:March 2001 Total fixed-assets:HKD150,000,000 Plant area :70,000 square meter Employees : 6920 Main products:Linear adapter, switch power supply, intelligent charger, electronics transformer • Turnover:HKD 1300 million in 2013

  2. ●Company History Key milestones Start the mass production of LED & Air cleaner 2012 Build Halogen Free production lines 2011 2010 The second phase has finished 2009 2008.7 KTEC(Beihai) Pass ISO9001/14001 2007 KTEC(Beihai) Pass ISO9001:2008/IECQ QC080000HSPM 2006.10 Lay foundation stoneThe BeiHai industry zone 1.Estabilish KTEC(Beihai) Techpark 2. Pass IECQ QC080000 Establish Kuanway (Beihai) Co., Ltd. 2006 .Enlarge ROHS production line 2005 Pass ISO14000 2004 2003 Pass ISO9001 Establish Kuanway (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. 2002 All the products have been approved by the safety organizations. 2001 Establish Kuantech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

  3. KuantechCO.,LTD KuanwayCO.,LTD KuantechCO.,LTD Kuanhao CO.,LTD NetBit CO.,LTD TaiYiie CO.,LTD Shanhai office Sales office Beihai Germany Shenzhen London Taipei Beihai ● Group Organization Kuantech Company CEO Mr. Herman Cheng

  4. ● Kuantech (ShenZhen) Established in:March 2001 Registered Capital: 4,000,000USD Factory area: 6048 square meter Main product:Linear adapter, Switch power supply, Intelligent charger Total workers: 300

  5. ●Kuantech (Beihai) Established in :JANUARY 2006 Registered Capital: 1,600,000USD Factory area:220,000 square meters Total workers: 6620 Main product: Linear adapter, switch power supply , DCcord,ironware fittings,plastic injection,transformer,inductance,connect wire ,rectifier, charger items

  6. Two sets of containers transported bisect a day; Shenzhen is responsible for purchasing materials and stores them in the ware house after IQC inspection then sends the aualified materials to Beihai to produce. The finished products made in Beihai will be sent to Shenzhen warehouse after OQC confirmation and the shipped to customers according to delivery time. The products for European customers will be shipped directly from Beihai port. ●The logistics conveyance 冠德科技(ShangHai) 冠豪科技 (Taipei) 冠德科技(Shenzhen) 北海冠德科技园

  7. ●Turnover of the company UNIT:HKD/million

  8. ●Market distribution

  9. ●Main Customer List

  10. ●Trend Linear adapter trend unit:10k Unit:10k Switch power supply trend

  11. ●Main Product 欧洲EU 美国UL 澳洲AU 英国UK 中国CCC 活动脚 桌上型 笔记本电脑电源 特点:1. Widely opitional products, 3.5W-300W; 2. Easy to carry with smart appearance;3. Utilizing the most advarced power electronics technology;(零电压,零电流谐振开关,软驱动, 频率抖动等)4. Access to a number of appearance and external circuit patent; (平面变压器,已获得美国发明专利及全球多国和地区专利) 开放型电源供应器 Excellence by dedication, in China and worldwide:

  12. ●Certificates 中国 德国 欧洲 英国 美国 日本 新加坡 俄罗斯 墨西哥 阿根廷 韩国 马来西亚 北欧四国 台湾 澳洲 以色列 巴西 香港 Ktec – Working for a safe world

  13. ●HR

  14. Training 新员工 岗前培训 在岗培训及 转岗培训 上岗培训 外聘顾问师授课

  15. Sales &Marketing Admin Dept Operation Dept. Financial Dept. EngineeringDept. QA PMC MFG 刘士昌 吕承助 王建军 李聪德 周松平 孙冬青 李志瑜 ●Organization chart CEO Mr. Hermen Cheng R/D 郑淳正 王淑惠 PE/IE:张伟业 SPS R/D: 宋军/张世碧 Logistic DEP 陈英 Plastics: 吴华坤 IQC:刘春明 Transformer:李茂芳 IPQC:严庆云 Logistics 黄拥军 SMT:邓必先 SAFTY:周芬 TE/ME: 杨南生 FQA:王军辉 Line materia: 沈键 ME:李超爽 mold 卢德生 ROHS实验室:彭建文 HR:范小英 ASM:梁如梅 CQE:梁永涛 ERP:谭文峰 QE:梁明锦 QS:贺容

  16. Quality Activity Structure ROHS

  17. Quality Activity Interactive SQM Customer Quality Service • IQC ①Incoming Material Inspection. ②•VCAR ③•Vendor Ranking & Audit ④•Supplier Quality Management. ⑤•Store FIFO Audit • IPQC ① First Article Inspection. ② •BOM/Spec. audit. ③ •Tools and equipment Audit. ④ •Close Loop Corrective Action (CLCA). ⑤ •ECR/ECN Phase-in Control. • OQC ① •Finished Goods Inspection. ② •Open Box Audit/ Z D Control. ③ •On Going Reliability Test • QS ①Safety and Regulation ② ISO 9001, 14001,QC080000 Quality/Environment Management Activity and Maintenance. Green Partner Program ③ Calibration ④ Document Control • ROHS ①The analysis of hazardous products inspection; (ROHS,PAHS,6P,NP,REACH,POHS) ② The conveyor regulations ③ ROHS technology profile management • QE ①The analysis for products reliability test ②The client complaints handling ③The designs for inspection standards ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004 IECQ(HSPM)QC080000:2012 FAE Failure Analysis

  18. Quality Practice & Goal Practice Focus Goal 2014 Goal • IQC lot accept rate ≥ 99.2% • ADT Process Capability ≥ 99.3% • SPS Process Capability ≥ 99% • Air Cleaner & LED Process Capability ≥ 91% • ADT OQC ≤ 100PPM • SPS OQC ≤ 200PPM • Air Cleaner & LED OQC ≤ 2000PPM Process Management Plan Close Loop Corrective Action Activity Statistic Process Control 100% Components’ Test 100% Celibration 100% Functional Test 100% Safety Test 100% Burn-in Test Projects developments of CWT should be managed and controlled by PDP

  19. ●ISO9001:2008 ADD1:1st Building,Block C,shongbai Industrial Park, Guangming New Zone,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province China. ADD 2:N0.8 Beihai industrial park, GuangXi Zhuang Autonmous Region.China.

  20. 通过IQNeT、CQC认证

  21. ●Hazardous Substance Process Management System certificate Kuantech(Beihai)Co.,Ltd Beihai Kuanway Tech Co.,Ltd。 2010年3月首次通过IECQ/SGS认证审核

  22. Audit KTEC PASSt

  23. integrated manufacturing DC wire DC Core interconnect wire AC inlet X’F SMT Molding tool

  24. integrated manufacturing interconnect wire Molding tool Heat-sink DC wire AC inlet Transformer X’F

  25. ●R/D

  26. ●Project Management >90W 5% <10W 14% According to the requirement of the clients to meet ROHS,WEEE regulations, we design green products and make full use of materials re –cycling percentage. 根据客户的需求和符合ROHS,WEEE指令及其他法律法规要求, 进行绿色产品设计,充分提高产品物料的利用率及可回收率。

  27. X’former DC CORD SMT Inductor Heat-sink Plastics parts Metal parts Wave soldering Functional test ICT Soldering PCBA Case Welding Excellence by integrated approach for high quality, low cost and on-time delivery Visual inspection Knocking Functional test Hi-pot test Noise test Burn in test storage reliability verification OQC inspection ROHS testing

  28. ●Factory Tour Mould Workshop Injection Lines The hardware hurtles to press

  29. ●Factory Tour Wires and cables 绞线 Lines Lead wire production workshop 镭射 Laser

  30. ●Factory Tour 电感(X’F)生产 Auto-winding SMT AI

  31. ●Factory Tour Wave soldering PCBA Lines ICT ICT Parts assembly

  32. ●Factory Tour Burn -in room ATE OQC inspection

  33. ●RoHS & PAHs Implementation Specimen preparing UV GC/MS EDX-LE

  34. ●Reliability testing equipments EMI testing EMC testing Surge testing ON/OFF testing 静电放电 ESD testing 智能老化Intelligent burn-in testing

  35. ●Reliability testing equipments High and low temperature testing Salt fog testing Drop into testing heating transform testing Combustion testing

  36. ●Reliability testing equipments DC plug inserting & pulling out testing Rolling drop testing Pull the dint testing Bending testing Vibration testing

  37. ●Competitive Advantages : Complete Product design Comprehensive product range Competitive price Add: 深圳市光明新区松白工业园C区1栋 Tel:+86-755-27160388 0779-3182501 Fax:+ 86-755-27160145 27103010 0779-3182500 Website: 台北:台北县新店市宝高116号10F 香港:香港九龙九龙湾临兴街21号美罗二期8015-8016室 北海-冠德科技园:广西壮族自治区北海市北海大道工业园区8号

  38. 2F:SMT 3F:PCBA 3F:组装/全检 4F:高频变压器 20500平方米 注塑 ADT IQC 仓库 二期主厂房 QE 模具 引线加工 冲压 抽线车间

  39. Thanks for choosing Ktec • The End