Robbie Voloshin

, United Methodist Homes of New Jersey

United Methodist Homes of New Jersey has 10 Senior living campuses spread throughout the state. These include full service Independent & Assisted Living as well as Senior Housing Communities. Our Assisted Living Campus' offer a wide range of services. These include independent living (CCRC), assisted living, memory care, skilled 24/7 nursing, short term rehabilitation services, social and exercise programs, respite services, and hospice. For over 100 years, UMH's mission based approach has gone beyond traditional senior care. Our philosophy is based on the principle of ""abundant life"" and extends to include every aspect of support for seniors and their families. You will experience a different sense of community with us, as well as having your needs expertly and compassionately dealt with. We welcome individuals of every faith and every walk of life. Our mission is supported by the fellowship fund which continues to insure that residents will always have a home with us regardless of their future circumstances or ability to pay. At UMH we go beyond caregiving, to caring giving. Come and see what the UMH experience is all about. For more visit or call us @ 7329229800

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