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Kee’s character

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Kee’s character - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kee’s character. “A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the hand of a poet .” Orson Welles . Aims for today. What are we doing? Looking at Kee’s character and how it is developed in the film. Why are we doing it?

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kee s character


“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the hand of a poet.” Orson Welles.

aims for today
Aims for today
  • What are we doing?

Looking at Kee’scharacter and how it is developed in the film.

  • Why are we doing it?

Developing awareness of director’s choices when creating character. To write an awesome film essay in the exam.

  • How are we doing it?

Working individually an in mixed number groups

  • What should we achieve?

Notes on Kee and links to techniques.

shape activity
Shape activity
  • Draw a shape that represents the number of people in your group and use the majority of the paper. Each side should be approximately the same length. Now draw a slightly smaller shape inside. Each side is owned by one person in your group. The middle is shared space.
  • In the space closest to you, brainstorm all of Kee’s qualities shown in the film. Do this individually.
  • Now share your responses, orally. In the middle of the shape, list Kee’s qualities, starting with the most important. You must all agree what this is.
techniques to develop kee s character
Techniques to develop kee’s character

What do we learn about Kee at the school when she is sitting on the swing? Shot type?

on film
On film

“The drama, the attraction, of film lies not so much in what is shot – that's the drama of subject – but in how it is shot and how it is presented through editing.”

James Monaco, How to Read a Film


What scene is important for Kee’s character?

  • We will watch this scene and consider editing techniques used. Remember that editing techniques include:
    • Cut
    • Jump cut
    • Juxtaposition/ match cut
    • Shot/reverse shot
    • Insert
    • cutaway
    • Fade
    • Dissolve
    • Montage
kee and religious images
Kee and religious images
  • What other religious images link with Kee?
making connections
Making connections
  • What does this dialogue tell you about Kee? Consider her vocabulary and how this contrasts with the religious iconography that surrounds her.
making connections1
Making connections
  • How does this shot and camera movement (tracking) develop Kee’s point of view for the viewer?
techniques to develop kee s character1
Techniques to develop kee’s character
  • How is lighting used in this shot to develop Kee’s character?
making connections2
Making connections
  • How does the shot of a small kitten clinging to Theo’s leg relate to Kee? This happens when Theo is at the house with Luke and has to rescue Kee and Miriam.
  • You are now going to write a paragraph about Kee’scharacter, using the information you have discussed. Pick out her most important characteristic, reasons for this quality and what film techniques are used to display the quality.
  • Quality
  • Reasons for this quality
  • Film technique(s) used to show this quality
  • Analysis of how the technique is used.