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EDU 2.0 For School. Simple, Powerful E-learning Platform. What is EDU 2.0?. EDU 2.0 is a cloud-hosted E-learning platform. It competes against products such as Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and Moodle.

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Edu 2 0 for school

EDU 2.0

For School

Simple, Powerful

E-learning Platform

What is edu 2 0
What is EDU 2.0?

EDU 2.0 is a cloud-hosted E-learning platform. It competes against products such as Blackboard, Desire2Learn, and Moodle.

It's beautiful, modern, easy to use, and because it's hosted in the cloud, there's nothing to download, install or maintain.


EDU 2.0 has a free plan for up to 2000 students that provide a rich set of basic features. The free plan also includes unlimited storage.

There are also premium plans for individual teachers and organizations that include support and a set of advanced features.

EDU 2.0 premium plans are low cost and provide the best value for money of any LMS.

Signing up
Signing up

You can sign up in less than a minute.

Site portal
Site Portal

Every site gets its own modern, fully customizable portal where users can log in and sign up. You can also choose your own URL such as


You can customize most aspects of your site, including:

  • URL

  • Logo

  • Color scheme

  • Terminology

  • Policies

  • Portal content

  • Footers

Home page
Home Page

When you log in, your home page is modeled on Facebook, and provides instant access to information such as your classes, groups, online friends, activities, and assignments due.

You can get to almost all areas of the site with just a single click.

Hover for more features
Hover for more features

Hover over a class to see its lessons and then jump straight to your current lesson

Hover over a user to see their basic information, and then send them a message or click Skype for a video conference or chat.

Class catalog
Class Catalog

The class catalog lists all the available classes, and can also be displayed on your site portal.

Classes can be organized by category for easy browsing.

Instructor led classes
Instructor-led Classes

Instructor-led classes typically use their home page for the class activity feed, and include tabs for lessons, calendar, forums, blogs, and wikis.

This keeps the focus on communications and collaboration.

Self paced classes
Self-Paced Classes

Self-Paced classes typically use their home page for the lessons themselves, and disable the calendar and collaboration tools.

This keeps the page very focused on the lessons.


You can use virtually any kind of resource when creating lessons, including:

  • text/HTML

  • images

  • videos (we provide video hosting)

  • audio

  • slideshows

  • SCORM modules

    EDU 2.0 includes features to make this very easy. For example, to embed a YouTube video, simply enter its URL and we do the rest.


EDU 2.0 has beautiful built-in collaboration tools, including:

  • Groups

  • Forums

  • Blogs

  • Chat rooms

  • Wikis

  • Video conferencing via Skype


A group has a layout similar to that of a class, with a home page, activity feed, calendar, resources area, and its own set of collaboration tools.


Forums are easy to follow, and all postings can be searched.

The forums are threaded and you can subscribe to any thread you like. You can even vote on postings if this is enabled.


Every user has a personal blog that others can subscribe to.

In addition, an instructor can enable class blogs for everyone in the class.

Last of all, each group has its own blog.

Chat rooms
Chat Rooms

Our chat rooms are seamlessly integrated into classes and groups. Chat rooms include optional audio alerts.

The chat room transcript is available later and is persistent for anyone who joins the room later.


Each class and group gets its own set of wiki pages that members can edit.

Each wiki page has full version control and can be locked or rolled back to a previous version.

It's easy to see who created/edited each version of a wiki page and jump to any version.

Skype video conferencing
Skype Video Conferencing

We include seamless integration with Skype for video conferencing. Skype is a free download and is the most popular conferencing software in the world.

To start a Skype call with someone, simply hover over their name and click the "Skype" icon.

You can also do this by visiting their profile page.

Curricula and proficiencies
Curricula and Proficiencies

Key Feature

You can easily create curricula that indicate a set of proficiencies that a student should master.

We include the full set of curricula for the US common core standards.

You can share curricula with other teachers in your school/district.

Coverage and tracking
Coverage and Tracking

Key Feature

If you associate a class with a curriculum, you can tag its lessons with the proficiencies they teach and tag its assignments with the proficiencies they assess.

Then you can do coverage analysis on your class to see how well it teaches/assesses the curriculum.

You can also track how students are doing on a per-proficiency basis.


We provide 9 different kinds of assignment, from traditional quizzes and essays to non-traditional assignments such as debates, discussions and team assignments that take full advantage of an online system.


Key Feature

We have full support for SCORM (the only standard for pluggable learning modules).

You can embed SCORM modules directly into lessons or have them pop-up in a separate window.

SCORM quizzes are seamlessly integrated with our assignment system for grading and tracking purposes.

Grade book
Grade book

Our grade book is fast and easy to use.

It auto-sizes to your screen and can operate in full-window mode.

Just click on a cell to edit its grade, or click on an assignment to jump right to the assignment details.

We even display the images for the lessons and assignments for clarity.

Assignment dashboard
Assignment dashboard

Every assignment has its own dashboard where you can instantly see how many submissions have been made and how many are due.

You can set the proficiencies associated with an assignment, associate a rubric with the assignment, and configure many other options.

Fast grading
Fast Grading

If you click "View grades", you can enter fast-grade mode, which allows you to click through student submissions, view their response directly into the window, and grade their submissions without leaving the page.

This feature makes grading much faster than traditional methods.


EDU 2.0 includes seamless support for rubrics.

You can easily create rubrics with our built-in rubric editor and then share them via our library system.

You can associate an assignment with a rubric to ensure rapid and consistent grading.

Grading options
Grading Options

Key Feature

We provide a wide variety of grading options, including:

  • 5 different weighting systems

  • Support for grading periods

  • Support for nested grading periods

  • Ability to individually adjust scores +/-

  • Ability to select best/latest score

  • Ability to specify max submissions

  • Ability to control late submissions


We provide a rich set of analytics for various aspects of the system.

This example shows student progress through the assignments in a class.


Key Feature

If you click on a student, you can see a timeline of all their activities in a class, as well as charts that show their progress and time spent on lessons and assignments.


We provide a wide range of built-in reports, including usage statistics, class enrollment, class status, and class completion.

We add new reports regularly based on user feedback.

Certificates and badges
Certificates and Badges

Key Feature

You can create certificates/badges and automatically award them when a class is completed. These certificates then show up in the user's profile.

You can also specify prerequisite certificates for a class.

You can also create PDF versions of certificates for students to print out.

Mobile devices
Mobile Devices

Key Feature

If a user visits your site via a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android phone, they will automatically see a beautiful mobile interface that allows them to access all the features of the site.

Our competitors typically provide a mobile interface that only allows access to a small fraction of their regular site's features.

Edu 2 0 for school

Our site is designed to look great when accessed via an iPad and other tablet devices!


We provide many ways to create and manage accounts, including self-registration, bulk import, form-based, and email invitations.

It's easy to import and export accounts, as well as defining account fields and custom avatars.

Account fields
Account Fields

We have comprehensive support for account fields, including the ability to add custom fields of your own.

You can define which fields can be entered during registration and which may be edited by students.

You can even define fields that are only associated with particular types of account.

Parent accounts
Parent Accounts

We provide full support for parent accounts.

A parent gets their own home page, as well as easy access to their children's classes, assignments and activities.

The information that a parent can access is fully configurable.

Profile pages
Profile Pages

Every user has a profile page that shows their basic information, certificates/badges earned, friends, and other related information.

Also, depending on permissions, you can also see which classes they are teaching/enrolled in, their groups, and photo album.

Sharing resources
Sharing Resources

Key Feature

Our library system allows you to easily create and share resources at the personal, school, campus, and community level.

Resources are automatically organized by subject and type, and are fully searchable.


Our built-in portfolio system allows students to collect their best work and organize it into folders.

This in turn allows them to easily share it with others and showcase their abilities.

Districts campus

Key Feature

It only takes a few clicks to network two or more schools into a district/campus.

This allows each school to have its own portal, while allowing the schools to easily share teachers, resources and be administered from a single location.


EDU 2.0 supports a wide range of languages.

Also, if you enable it, EDU 2.0 performs automatic translation on messages and forum postings so that users that speak different languages can easily communicate with each other!

E commerce

Our integrated E-commerce support allows you to set a price for each class and then sell them via your site.

Visitors can purchase classes using a credit card or PayPal, and we do not take any percentage of the transaction.

We provide multi-currency support, multiple discount codes, a shopping cart, and a full admin interface for seeing all the purchases.

Coming soon
Coming Soon

We release new features every week. For example, in March/April we will be releasing:

  • Google apps integration

  • Badge integration with Facebook & Twitter

  • Public home pages

  • Audio recording

  • Support for Teaching Assistants

  • Moodle Import

About the company
About the Company

EDU 2.0 was founded in 2006 by Graham Glass, a serial entrepreneur with a strong background in education and technology.

EDU 2.0 currently has 600,000 users, adding 10,000 users every week. It is a profitable company and has never needed any investors.

EDU 2.0 is headquartered in San Francisco.


EDU 2.0 is a simple, powerful E-Learning platform. It provides a rich set of features while always focusing on ease-of-use.

EDU 2.0 is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device without anything to download, install or maintain.

EDU 2.0 adds features every week, and is evolving fast. Visit us at