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A Modern Code . An Updated Look at the Old Code Andrea Morden. Medieval Knights followed the Code of Chivalry. Courage Justice Honor Loyalty Valor Defense Faith Largesse Prowess Humility Franchise Nobility. My top 4 important characteristics. Humility Honor Justice

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A modern code

A Modern Code

An Updated Look at the Old Code

Andrea Morden

Medieval knights followed the code of chivalry
Medieval Knights followed the Code of Chivalry

Courage Justice

Honor Loyalty

Valor Defense

Faith Largesse

Prowess Humility

Franchise Nobility

My top 4 important characteristics
My top 4 important characteristics





Has chivalry truly changed
Has Chivalry Truly Changed?

While there is no code today that people follow, we do find certain expectations that society does wish us to address.

How does the code compare
How does the code compare?

  • Modern Times

    • Humility-news reports told about good deeds.

    • Honor-Taking an oath in a courtroom to tell the truth.

  • Medieval Times

    • Humility-tales told of heroic deeds sung by others.

    • Honor-Keeping your word to the king by swearing oaths.

Comparison continued
Comparison continued….

  • Modern Times

    • Justice-Having an honor system with three branches, to check on one another.

    • Franchise-Doing one’s job well and not bragging about it, or expecting a prize in return for the work.

  • Medieval Times

    • Justice-Fighting for the weak and innocent, as well as the king.

    • Franchise-Saving the “damsel in distress” without accepting the reward for the job.


*News Reports-having stories told about a person’s good deeds.

*Awards-receiving an accomplishment for one’s performance without showboating.

*Putting friendships/family before one’s own needs.


*Not lying.

*Not betraying a friend.

*Stepping forth when you have committed a crime and turning yourself in.

*Giving your word and sticking to it.


*Having a fair trial.

*Having an attorney present (if needed).

*Law officials there to protect and serve all citizens.


*Doctor’s saving lives.

*Military branches protecting people’s freedoms.

*Teachers educating the youth.

*Babysitters taking care of other’s little ones.

*Parental units that go/help whenever a child is in trouble.

Which codes do i follow
Which codes do I follow?

*Justice-I do the right thing.

*Honor-I give my word and stick to it.

*Franchise-I help others whenever I can.

*Humility-I don’t brag.

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts

While chivalry has shifted throughout time, it still has a major emphasis in all we do. Daily life would not exist in its form today without the code of chivalry.

So who is my modern knight
So who is my modern knight?


*They are honor bound to always set a good example for students.

*They are empathetic towards students’ needs.

*They serve justice by helping all students determine right from wrong and providing good educational backgrounds.