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The Great Gatsby Gala PowerPoint Presentation
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The Great Gatsby Gala

The Great Gatsby Gala

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The Great Gatsby Gala

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  1. The Great Gatsby Gala An AP English Webquest For “The Great Gatsby” By F. Scott Fitzgerald

  2. Web Quest Developed by: Stephanie Found on Zunal.comlocated at:

  3. OVERVIEW In the course of this project, students will learn about the unique and exciting era of the 1920’s. Students will need to have access to the internet, and multi-media software such as Power Point or Hyper Studio. Finished presentations can be burned to a CD and and shown to the rest of the class & parents.

  4. Title: The Great Gatsby Gala Description: Students will research the music, food, and high-profile personalities of the 1920's to plan a fabulous party Gatsby-style. Grade Level: 9-12 Curriculum: English / Language Arts Keywords: The Great Gatsby, Roaring 20's, Roaring Twenties, F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1920's, Jazz, flappers

  5. INTRODUCTION Ahh, the 1920’s… In an era of liberated women, crooked cops, and moonshine, there wasn’t much to be desired. Or was there? With your group of three, get into your jalopy (or car, that is), because you have people to meet and a party to plan!

  6. Upon completing this WebQuest, you’ll not only be responsible for throwing the swankiest shindig of the decade, but you’ll discover the 1920's was a time for frivolity and fun!

  7. TASKS Your task is to plan a gala for celebrities of the 1920’s complete with guest list, menu, and program for entertainment.

  8. In determining the details for each of these aspects of your gala, you will be using online and Microsoft Word resources to be sure that your event will be the talk of the decade.

  9. Your party-planning team is responsible for planning Gatsby's next big party. Each person or group is responsible for submitting one of the following: Cover Page Guest List Menu and Recipes Entertainment Program

  10. THE PROCESS 1) Students will be divided into groups of three people, and each student will be assigned one of three rolls. 2) Use the word documents in your handout packets, the internet resources suggested here, and any other resources you feel to be appropriate. 3) Remember, you are expected to cite your resources correctly, ( see your handout packet for details) and you must keep a list of all the websites you take pieces of information from.

  11. Your Rolls and Assignments The Bouncer: Your role is to create a guest list consisting of high-profile, A-list celebrities of the 1920's. The Chef: Your role is to create a five-course menu for your guests. MC (Music Coordinator): Your role is to choose and hire three acts that highlight the musical style of the 1920's.

  12. The Bouncer Your goal is to include five high-profile guests from the 1920's on your group's guest list.  2) Your guest list must include a politician, an actor, an author, an athlete, and any fifth person of your choice. 3)For each guest that you invite, you must write a short biography (8-10 sentences highlighting each person's accomplishments and reasons for fame. 4) Use the Word document "Bouncer Template“ to create your guest list and Party Program.

  13. The following resources will assist you in creating your A-List Guest List: Actors: Athletes: Politicians: Authors:

  14. Your goal is to create a five-coursemealfor your guests.  Courses include: appetizer, soup, salad, main entree, and dessert. You should specifically use ingredients that were available to the general public during the 1920's. Lucky for you, there is no budget to prepare your meal. Since Gatsby's parties are always extravagant, be sure to include at least 2 imported food items. 4) You must include a recipe for either your appetizer or dessert. Use the Word document "Chef Template" to create your menu and recipe. The Chef

  15. The following resources will assist you in creating your Menu: Background on 1920's food: Food timeline and recipes: (scroll down to 1920's) 1920's food and recipes:

  16. The Music Coordinator Your goal is to find three acts of entertainment for the night. Each act that you hire must be of a different style. For each act, you must provide a description of the musical style and instruments used within the ensemble. 4) Use the Word document "MC Template" to complete your program guide

  17. The following resources will assist you in creating your Music Program: 1920's Music: Jazz Artists: The Jazz Age: Music 1900-1950:

  18. EVALUATION Your group's party planning will be evaluated using the rubric . You will also receive an individual score according to your role. A copy of the Evaluation Rubric is in your handout packet. It is also available online at:

  19. CONCLUSION This flapper is ready to attend your party! She can't wait to meet your honored guests, sample your international cuisine, and dance the night away to your mix of 1920's entertainment. Since you've taken the time to plan your very own "Gatsby Gala," now it's time to see how Gatsby himself entertains the masses. 

  20. As you read The Great Gatsby, keep in mind the rich, frivolous culture of the 1920's. Enjoy the American Dream as you delve further into this decadent decade.

  21. Good Luck !