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Senior Clinical Scheduling. Basic Terminology. Required Rotation – graduation requirement Acting Internship (AI) - General Categories M,A,I,S - 4 weeks each - Phase I Electives total of 16 weeks - Phase II Scholars’ Week two 1 week each - SWISH SW 5 scheduling found on web

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Basic terminology
Basic Terminology

  • Required Rotation– graduation requirement

    • Acting Internship (AI) -General Categories

      M,A,I,S - 4 weeks each - Phase I

    • Electives total of 16 weeks - Phase II

    • Scholars’ Week two 1 week each-SWISH

      • SW 5 scheduling found on web

        • Huntsville - Medicine & Surgery in Ia or Vb - SW attached

        • Birmingham –28-404 through 28-411 in Ia or Vb - SW attached

    • OFF– Oin Phase I indicates non AI activity

  • Courses -Approved rotations listed in Senior Course Catalog. Research & visiting electives require special approvals and scheduling.

Sub blocks

Ia July Ib Aug

IIa Sept IIb Oct

IIIa Nov IIIb Dec

IVa Jan IVb Feb

Va Mar Vb April

VIa May Graduation!

F ourth y ear s cheduling h elper fysh
Fourth Year Scheduling HelperFYSH

  • Similar to, but not the same as WISH.

  • A computer program designed to assist in planning a “career goal oriented” 4th yr.

  • Approved Career Advisors in each discipline are required for your planning.

  • Review:

    • catalog for campus / hospital site

    • catalog for prerequisites.

    • decide times needed OFF for interviews and study

  • Completeentire worksheet.

  • Obtain Career Advisor’s signature – turn in to Scheduler – your entry will not be recognized by FYSH without this information

Career advisor
Career Advisor

  • Meet with Approved Career Advisor

  • Take Academic Summary & Advisor Approval

  • Discuss Lottery, AIs & Electives

  • List in order of preference

  • Ranksub-blocks in order of preference


  • Looks at specific course preferences (multiple categories) requested for ranked sub-block

  • Lottery does not affect other Phase I entries

  • Difference in Phase I & II ? they look at ranked times and then attempt scheduling in prioritized category lists

Phase i
Phase I

  • AI scheduling and “reserving” time for electives and time off by using O

  • Listmultiple courses for each category

  • Rank sub-blocks in order of priority

Phase i entry
Phase I Entry

Changesmay be made to entry until deadline

First 7 requests for OFF are guaranteed

Each sub-block - you must prioritize and list

all 5 categories in order of preference

(example MISAO, OSIAM)

Phase i1
Phase I

Signed approval has to be given to your

scheduler before FYSH Phase I deadline.

Retain a copy of Career Advisor Approval


Home Campus & B’ham Scheduler

will retain a copy and refer to it during the


Phase ii
Phase II

Replace OFFwith electives, interview time, time off, & SW5


Do not schedule a course during interviews.BIG Mistake!

Reminder – a maximum 2 days “time off” (with departmental approval!) allowed during a 4 week rotation

Scholars week 5
Scholars’ Week 5

  • Go to SWISH entry screen to schedule

    • Separate from FYSH

    • June 11,2004 firm deadline for student designs

  • Don’t forget!

    B’ham 28-404 through 28-411 in Ia or Vb automatically schedules a SW in 5th week

    Huntsville’s Medicine & Surgery AIs in Ia or Vb automatically schedules a SW in 5th week

Visiting electives
Visiting Electives

  • FYSHreserves time for an away elective

  • Applicationsare processed by your scheduler, who obtains signatures, seal, etc. & retains a copy

  • Acceptance Letteris given to your scheduler - who manually enters the course into the system

    • Do not assume it is scheduled because you have acceptance!

  • International with no Exchange Student Affiliation Agreement, andnon-LCME domestic rotations require an approval request procedure. Allow 4 to 6 weeks after you have submitted the paperwork.


  • Prior to scheduling any research, your scheduler and April Boyd, [email protected], must have received departmental CHAIR approval, with name of preceptor, short title of work, and dates.

  • This can be done via e-mail.

  • Entry is manual.

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts

  • During the academic year:

    • Career changes can be facilitated

    • Approved Career Advisor can be changed

    • Schedule adjustments can be made when needed

    • Do not request schedule changes less than 60 days from the begin date

      • Less than 60 days incurs a fee drop = $30 add = $15

  • Questions:

    • on course ranking ask your advisor

    • other questions ask your campus scheduler

    • Entry problems with FYSH program or screen - call MEIS