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Retail Marketing Subcommittee

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Retail Marketing Subcommittee. TAC Update April 4, 2002. Presentation Objectives. Seek TAC Approval of SCR 715 Seek TAC Approval on two RMS documents Update Non-PTB Reconciliation and Seek TAC Approval of a RMS Motion Discuss PTB Synchronization. SCR 715.

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Presentation Transcript
retail marketing subcommittee

Retail Marketing Subcommittee

TAC Update

April 4, 2002

presentation objectives
Presentation Objectives
  • Seek TAC Approval of SCR 715
  • Seek TAC Approval on two RMS documents
  • Update Non-PTB Reconciliation and Seek TAC Approval of a RMS Motion
  • Discuss PTB Synchronization
scr 715
SCR 715
  • Scope: Inform CR of a TDSP rejection of a switch so they can cancel and/or resend with correction. TDSP’s rejection would electronically flow to the CR. ERCOT would generate a transaction from TDSP’s rejection transaction.
  • Today, this is a manual intensive effort, manual effort increases overall time into switch process and Retail Market already has too many manual processes to support.
  • RMS seeks TAC approval to include SCR 715 in prioritization process for V1.5, and RMS deems this SCR as High Priority.
rms procedure changes
RMS Procedure Changes
  • Working Groups would elect their Chair & Vice Chair and RMS confirms
  • Updated Working Group list
  • RMS seeks TAC approval of these updated Procedures
rms retesting guidelines
RMS Retesting Guidelines
  • New document establishing guidelines when retesting should be conducted when a company makes changes to its systems or service providers.
  • Identified 10 scenarios and the level of retesting and how that would be coordinated in the market place.
  • RMS seeks TAC approval of the Retesting Guidelines
non ptb reconciliation
Non-PTB Reconciliation
  • Working Group has identified switches not fully completed resulting in different CR’s of record.
  • Non-PTB either switched to the Gaining CR or received AREP’s standard offer which in many cases is a higher price.
  • Focusing only on switches between 12/17/01 and 01/19/02.
  • Number is around 300 ESI Ids.

Non-PTB Reconciliation

  • RMS March 13, 2002 meeting approved the following motion which needs to be approved by TAC.
rms motion
RMS Motion
  • The following processes (1) were agreed to on March 13, 2002 with following TDSPs; AEP, Reliant HL&P, OnCor, and TNMP (2) will be implemented immediately by TDSPs under interim approval;(3) will be taken to the next TAC meeting for approval.
  • IF:
  • ESI ID is on the CR list submitted to ERCOT and the TDSP under the Ad Hoc working group direction, and
  • No valid 867_04 has been processed by ERCOT, and
  • ESI ID is > or equal to 1 MW
  • THEN:
  • TDSP backdates 867_04 to original 814_01 request date.
rms motion continued
RMS Motion,continued
  • IF:
  • ERCOT shows the TDSP as the LSE past the original 814_01 request date
  • THEN:
  • TDSP backdates 867_04 to original request date on the 814_01.
  • (Note: TNMP has a couple of customers where this IF/THEN may be a problem. Affected CR or CRs will work with TNMP to address.)
rms motion continued1
RMS Motion,continued


  • ESI ID is on the CR list submitted to ERCOT and the TDSP under the Ad Hoc working group direction.
  • Valid 867_04 has been processed by ERCOT
  • ESI ID > or equal to 1MW


  • Those switches will effectively be backdated to original 814_01 request date.

Non-PTB Reconciliation

  • Working Group will continue to monitor the reconciliation process through closure.
  • Working Group’s scope was not expanded to PTB switch problems. Another effort is being considered to address synchronization of PTB ESI Ids.
ptb synchronization
PTB Synchronization
  • Currently, the market as a whole has a large number of discrepancies in retail status.
  • Discrepancies include:
    • Which CR is responsible for an ESI ID
    • What the status is of an ESI ID
    • What date did that status or ownership change
  • RMS with support from ERCOT is developing a technical & business plan to address this market wide issue. Plan will be reviewed at RMS’ May meeting.